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New Summer Toys

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Looking for some fun new toys this summer?  Here are a few new items we think your kids will love.


Hamsters In A House by ZURU might bring to mind another toy craze from a few years ago, and we admit there are likenesses.  These little hamsters are small (though not so small your kids can swallow them) and and soft and furry. They buzz and scoot around any smooth, flat surface, as well as in their own little “ecosystems”.  There are several houses, like the luxurious “Ultimate Hamster House”, that has a bed, slide, and even a toilet that makes flushing sounds.  Every kid loves that best, potty humor goes a long way. Put the hamsters on any hotspot, and the phrases are activated. ($30) There are also Hamster and Accessory Packs that range from styling studios, to cars, and more parts for their runs (think train tracks for the hamsters). The cars are cute, and come in blue and pink. 9$ and up.
Available exclusively at Toys”R”Us. /

Micro Boats are so much fun for summer (and will be great year round as well).  They are water-
activated (put them in water and they go) and once dry they stop. These self-steering, fully motorized speed boats are lots of fun in tiny size. There are six individual boats available. $10

There is also the Micro Boats Shark Attack Challenge Playset that lets you put the boats into a set with a water filled track, and race to stay away from each other and a shark.  There is also a real working crane. One boat comes with the set.  $25 /

Finding Dory Toys

Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory Robo Fish Collection is out just in time for the Finding Dory movie.  If your kids are Nemo fans, they will love this movie as well. Dory and Nemo (and all their friends, as well as some new ones) are back and having some summer fun.  The Disney•Pixar Finding Dory Coffee Pot Playset is my son’s favorite, because he can carry Dory around in a Coffee Pot Playset just like in the movie.  Of course, it works with any other character you’d like to put into it as well, but it only comes with Dory.  $19.99  The additional Disney•Pixar Finding Dory Small Characters are also available as
RoboFish, which move as soon as they are in the water. Your kids can recreate all the Dory fun from the movie, and make up new scenes all their own.  They can also “just keep swimming” with them in the bath, pool, wherever. Dory, Nemo, Marlin and more are available. There is a  “power save” mode that automatically switches off after one minute in the water. $11.99 each. Available in Walmart, Toys R Us, and more.

If your kids can’t get enough Angry Birds, you are in for a treat. Spin Master has released everything from playsets, to collectable figures, to zooming toys, and more are available. Launch your bird at the pigs to save your eggs in the Angry Birds Pig City Strike Playset, which comes with launcher, bird, pigs, and stackable city (just like in the app!).  Victory is yours as the city comes crashing down. Small collectable figures can add to sets, or be played with solo (my son does both).  The large vinyl figures are great for launching or using as a ball- they are just the right size.  Angry birds come to life as you throw them into your blocks, playsets, and more. They do bounce, so they can go off walls and such as well. Angry Birds Speedsters are fun as well, and ready to roll on any flat surface. Wind them back, and let them go- and they are off and ready to crash into whatever you launched them into. Prices vary- available at Toys R Us, Amazon, and more.


  1. Maryann D. says

    Hamsters In A House by ZURU seems like a wonderful and entertaining summer toy. My daughter would have been thrilled with that when she was young.

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