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Kirby Planet Robobot

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planet robobot

Kirby and his pals have been in a plethora of games for many different Nintendo system, each time a new adventure with the same fun Kirby flavor. In his newest adventure, Kirby sports some kick butt robot armor to save his world from a resource-eating robot-based enemy.

The game Kirby Planet Robobot is a side scrolling platforming game where you control the cute pink fan-favorite Kirby. In this game, he has the ability to suck up and eat his enemies and absorb their powers or shoot them out as stars at others.

The game play is simple to master and makes for some fun puzzles and level designs which change Kirby into a fire wielding robot, a blade and saw slicing robot, and even a car or rocket ship.

Each level introduces a new play dynamic while keeping the player in a light hearted, fun adventure.  The game itself is easy to play, but there are tons of collectibles to grab along the way. These include stickers to customize your robot and digital cubes which open up secret levels in each land.  Each land has a general theme like water or desert, and take Kirby on a whirl-wind adventure culminating in a boss battle.  The boss battles can be difficult, but of course once the boss’s pattern is figured out they become easier.

Personally, Kirby has always been a favorite in our house, and with this game is no different. It is fun for the little guy and a challenge to collect all the perks for dad.  Included in the game are 5 game modes including the main story, Meta Knightmare Returns, The Arena, Team Kirby Clash, and Kirby 3D Rumble.  Each a separate and different game, the main story is a blast to play through.  Meta Knightmare lets you take on the role of one of Kirby nemesis Mata Knight, The Arena is a rush game where scores can be shared via street pass, Team Kirby is a light RPG game which is unsurprisingly a blast, while Kirby 3D Rumble brings Kirby game play into a 3D arena.

Kirby Planet Robobot also supports amiibo power ups which are activated when the amiibo is tapped on the 3DS. According to Nintendo, “Four new amiibo figures will be available in stores at a suggested retail price of $12.99 each. These include fun new models for Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight, as well as the lovable Waddle Dee, who makes his amiibo debut. While playing, tapping these new amiibo figures gives Kirby new looks and/or abilities. In fact, players can tap any amiibo figure to trigger something in the game. When using the Kirby, King Dedede or Meta Knight amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series, Kirby will receive the Smash Bros., Hammer and Sword abilities, respectively, as well as a special body color. When tapping any nonKirby character amiibo like Mario, Kirby will receive a random Copy Ability that is already in the game. Some of these abilities even relate to the amiibo itself, such as earning the Sword ability when tapping Link or the Poison ability when tapping Ganondorf.”

Kirby Planet Robobot is available now on both the eShop, retail stores nationwide, and at at a suggested retail price of $39.99. For more information about the game, visit



  1. That looks like a fun game

  2. This is adorable and an affordable price. I’d love to give this as a holiday gift!

  3. i love that cute puffy guy!
    i would, I mean my kids would love this game!

  4. I remember that character from when my younger brother had a Nintendo.

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