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Metroid Prime Federation Force for the Nintendo 3DS

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metroid federation force

Metroid has long been a favorite among Nintendo fans.  Amid quite a bit of controversy when first announced, Federation Force is an interesting spin on a familiar game setting and characters.  The controversy surrounded Nintendo’s decision to work on a release of this game instead of continuing the Samus saga in the Metroid Prime universe.  If you are looking for a continuation of the Samus story line, this is not the title you are looking for.  Instead, this title is a spin off of the federation force, which picks up after the events in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.  This game follows the federation force in their pursuit to clean up the galaxy by battling Metroids and Space Pirates as well as various other alien creatures, causing problems across 3 familiar planets.  Each planet consists of various missions, totaling about 60 in all.  Each mission takes place in a different setting, some of which include ice and desert areas.  But fear not Samus fans, the familiar armored maiden does make an appearance as a non-playable character in the game.

This game also differs from other Metroid Prime installments in its emphasis on team work and group based shooting instead of exploration, as well as the removal of the touch screen based elements of Metroid Prim Hunters, and the scanning ability of Metroid Prime.  Players can be a few different specialties based on the choosing of their weapon load out before each mission, including a healer weapon and heavy fire missiles.

Federation Force also includes and arena style combat soccer mode called Blast Ball.  Players using their mechs and working as a team of three must shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal, while defending your own goal from offenders.

Both game modes are available now with the purchase of Metroid Prime Federation Force which is available now in both retail stores and the eShop for 39.99.


  1. This sounds awesome! Thanks for the grest info. We’ll have to check it out.

  2. oh neat a spin off of metroid!
    very cool

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