How to handle Valentine’s Day in a BRAND NEW relationship

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It’s Valentine’s Day; that special time of year dedicated to all things heart shaped, loved up and ohh la la!

Deciphering how you should spend the 14th of February is usually pretty easy; if you’re in a relationship you go on a date, share gifts and so forth, and if you’re single you rock out your singledom with friends and have fun… or you try not to text your ex and watch any romantic 90s Hugh Grant classics and cry in the bath.

But what about if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a NEW boyfriend? You’ve both been dating for 2 months, a month, a couple of weeks… what are the rules here? How far do you go? Do you celebrate it all at?

Don’t panic, we’re here to help point you in the right direction!

1. Feel whether the time is right

It can be ‘too soon’ to celebrate Valentine’s Day with each other. If you’ve only gone a few dates with one another, then we’d suggest that it’d be best to ignore Valentine’s Day this year. Follow your gut, if you think it’s too soon… it probably is. At the beginning of a relationship it’s always best to keep it cool and casual than to appear to needy.


2. Are YOU ready?

Question how you feel about this relationship. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with one another is a big step and shows that you’re into each other and potentially looking for something more long term. Maybe you’re not looking for a relationship right now, if that’s the case question whether or not celebrating Valentine’s Day may send your new boyfriend the wrong message. You don’t want him to get hurt if you don’t see this as a long term relationship!


2. Be open and talk about it with one another

If you feel that both of you are ready, just be frank about it and simply ask him, ‘It’s Valentine’s Day, do you want to do anything?’ If it feels weird, just laugh about it and keep it light! If he’s not ready however, don’t push it and don’t let it bruise your ego, sometimes people need more time to dedicate themselves to a relationship.


3. Keep it low-key

Whilst talking to your new boyfriend, tell him that you don’t mind keeping Valentine’s Day low-key. You could make rules like no gift giving or only doing something during the day. Create a plan together that works for both of you.


4. Go out for drinks

If you’re a new couple, perhaps just going out for a drink or two is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Impress your new date with your favorite little black dress number, don’t go too overboard with something like a ball gown though… or a wedding dress. We’re pulling your leg of course, but wearing something flirty and simple is ALWAYS the best option for a Valentine’s Day date. If you feel like having fun, maybe go somewhere with a theme (like a 20s speak-easy style establishment!) or somewhere fancy!

5. Have a home cooked meal

If you don’t feel ready to go to a fancy restaurant together just yet, why not celebrate with a home cooked meal for two at your home? It’s still intimate, and fun, but it’s also causal. If you don’t know each other too well yet it’s also a great way to feel relaxed around one another and talk. Going to a posh restaurant can feel stifling and put pressure on you both. Give your new boyfriend the opportunity kick off his cool men’s chukka boots and relax in your company.

7. Do you get each other gifts?

Decide together whether you’re going to get gifts for one another. You don’t want to give him a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine and discover that he’s got you zilch, or the other way around. Make a plan before Valentine’s Day.

8. Don’t get him anything too big for Valentine’s Day

You may want to get him SOMETHING to show that your relationship is going well and that you care about the guy, but you don’t want to get him something TOO romantic or serious as it may spook him. And the same goes vice versa! Just picture it: you’ve been going out for a month and a half and he gets you a huge plasma screen TV for you to watch Netflix together at your place. You’d want to run for the hills wouldn’t you?

Aim for a gift that’s not too expensive and something fun and casual. If he’s mentioned a book that he wants to read, get him the book! If he likes a band, buy him their latest CD or get him an itunes voucher so that he can download them himself! It would be too far to buy him tickets worth hundreds of pounds to their reunion tour… in Belgium. The thought is nice, but it’s too much too soon. For unique and quirky gift ideas check out some online shops like Mr Shoes.

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