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For the Young Ones, Pineapple Pen app

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Games geared towards children are everywhere. There are dress-up games for girls, popular cartoon games for boys, and just about everything in between. But not all kids’ games are worth our children’s time. More specifically, I’ve seen my fair share of “kids’ games” that are simply inappropriate. That’s why the hubby and/or I check every game first. If our young one is going to spend hours (or even just a few minutes) playing, we want to ensure that everything is up to par. And that means no violence, no bad language, and hopefully, a productive time.

The Purpose
Pineapple Pen is a game that tests players’ reflexes and timing. In that sense, I’ve found the gameplay to be pretty productive. Plus, its simple nature—there’s only one button to press—is perfect for our youngest to enjoy. In Pineapple Pen, players try to hit gliding pieces of fruit. There’s nothing else to control or worry about. In fact, there isn’t even a character to move left or right. Tap the screen to throw the pen, and hope to hit the target.

The very basic controls are part of Pineapple Pen’s mass appeal. Everyone from age 2 to 92 can play. Of course, there are a few other elements to the gameplay that make things even more challenging. For one, no two fruits glide exactly the same way. During the first couple of rounds, apples and pineapples might fly straight left and right. But after that, anything goes. Fruits can glide in circles, diagonal lines, or totally random paths. Certain fruits are also armored. Instead of falling after one hit, protected fruits require three strikes. More hits = more points = more fun!

Types of Games
There are three different ways to play Pineapple Pen. Classic mode was described above. That’s the main gameplay mode, and our young one’s favorite. For older players, Hardcore mode is a great choice. There are no slow-moving, easy levels in Hardcore mode. Instead, players will face zippy fruits right from the first round. The third mode, Orbital, is a bit more unique. All of the fruits in Orbital mode fly around in a circle. Each fruit crosses your path twice during every orbit, but at different distances. So, it’s actually twice as hard to hit. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Practically every addictive game gives players a reason to come back for more action: unlockable items. In Pineapple Pen, there are 16 different throwing utensils. Players begin with a basic pen. After earning 200 coins, they can unlock a pencil. The standard pencil is followed by all sorts of oddities, from darts to screwdrivers. There’s even sharp lipstick! With a new item every 200 coins, the savviest gamers will keep playing to unlock each one.

Pineapple Pen is simple enough for the youngest players and can be tough enough for the most experienced ones. It’s safe for kids and entertaining for us parents, too!

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