3 ways that yoga practice can change your life

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There are many fitness activities to choose from that help you enhance your overall wellness. Some people choose to participate in crossfit, running, pure barre, or organized classes. Others choose to commit to taking a yoga class several times a week such as those featured on tantrayogathailand.com.

Because of the myth that yoga is not a calorie-inducing workout, many do not give it a try. The beauty in yoga is that you not only focus on working out your body, but also you mind and soul. Yoga provides an opportunity to connect with oneself in a way that no other fitness activity can provide. This article will explore ways in which adding yoga practice to your fitness routine can change your life.

Release stress and calms your mind.

There are different types of yoga. Power, or Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated studio and is often vigorous causing a lot of sweat and work of all the muscles in your body. It is tough, but also very rewarding. Restorative yoga is more relaxing and although you do not sweat profusely like you do in bikram, you are helping your muscles to restore and rejuvenate. No matter what type of yoga practice you try, you will notice a sense of stress relief and calmness of the mind. Yoga teachers guide you through practice while teaching you how to breath properly to relieve stress as well as get a deeper stretch in your pose.

Teaches you to “Let Go” of things you cannot control.

While you do work on your flexibility of your body in yoga, you also learn how to focus on yourself and not others around you. Focusing on yourself and on what you can control in your life and letting go of everything else is a key aspect of how yoga can change your life. Everyday stressors that weigh on your mind and cause internal turmoil will become minimal after you begin to practice yoga. There is a sense of acceptance and letting go that you will experience over time after making yoga a part of your lifestyle.

Mind/Body Connection.

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a yogi, is that you have a sense of connection with your mind and your body. You will learn how to practice breathing techniques at home that will help you calm down before sleeping as well as relax when you feel yourself becoming anxious over life’s many stressors. You will also learn how to identify when your body needs a break as well as how to care for yourself in healthier ways.
Yoga is life changing for many which is why it has become a very popular activity for men and women alike. Additionally, yoga classes are now even offered for children and families, elderly, and pregnant women. No longer is yoga only a fitness regime offered for adults. Because it is so empowering and a fitness activity that anyone can participate in regardless of body type or ability, it is now highly coveted by our society. Yoga provides an outlet to relieve stress, connect with your mind, body, and spirit, as well as release stress and calm your mind.

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