High5Dogs Leash and Harness Review

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Innovation from High5Dogs

There are a ton of options out there for pet owners these days when it comes to leashes and harnesses, but most of these are pretty standard. I mean a leash is a leash right? I confess that has been my belief for some time, but not any longer. High5Dogs has opened my eyes to features I never knew I was missing out on. Their leashes and harnesses have a variety of options for you and your furbaby.

High5Dogs has a two great products for dog owners on the go, their CLIC Leash and CLIC Shoulder Leash. On the most basic level these two leashes are made up of two ropes connected by a clip. If you find yourself needing both hands or at a cafe and want to hook your dog up this is unbelievably convenient and can be done one handed. It is also safer than unhooking your dog to loop the leash or tying one end up. This is a great option for anyone that frequents dog friendly eateries or has their pet with them running errands.

The CLIC shoulder leash has a segment long enough to lope around you and allow for hands free dog walking. This same easy to clip system makes it convenient to switch from hands on to hands free. I can not tell you the number of times I wish I had this option or just that the leash loop was not on my wrist and my dog pulling while I tried to carry something two handed. For anyone that has arthritis or other issues when walking their dog this is a great choice and easy to loop on and off with the center clip.

High5Dogs also offers harnesses to match their leashes. These are high quality and durable rope topped harnesses that are easy to put on and quick to take off. If you use a harness you know that those two things are not often true. The dual adjustable clips are speedy to undo but there are adjustable straps that have their plastic adjusters under your dogs chest so this is not something you want to leave on as that might be uncomfortable while your dog is resting.

There are two lines to pick from at High5Dogs, the Metropolitan Collection and their new Leisure Collection. The products are basically the same but the Metropolitan has leather details. With both you can pick three different sizes of rope to decide how heavy a leash you are looking for. They are offered with suggestions based on size of dog and then your preference. Some of the details they have added like a metal hook by the leashes handle is great for attaching a dog bag holder. These products are a high end option for pet owners.

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