Holiday GIft Guide- Hot Toys For kids

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With only about a week to go, you will be on the lookout for the hottest toys for the little ones in your life. These are a few we think will make those kiddos shriek with delight as they tear off the wrapping paper.

Last year’s hit toy, Hatchimals, are back with an ever bigger surprise inside. The all new Hatchimals Surprise have let you hatch two sweet and cuddly Hatchimals out of the same egg- that’s right, you get twins. As you play with and hold your colorful egg, the Hatchimals inside make all sorts of sounds to let you know they are trying to hatch. When they are about ready, you will see their rainbow eyes and they will begin to “push” their way out of the egg. Even though they are twins, they are unique in personalities. As you interact with them, they learn new tricks and habits, like how to talk, dance, sing, tell jokes, play games, repeat what you say, and more. They also interact with each other, both being sweet and occasionally arguing, like any siblings will. Get yours for around $60 in stores and online.

Did you ever want your own droid? I know I have. Now you can, which is very cool and interactive- Droid BB-8 . It is pretty lifelike in scale, at 16 inches tall (19 inches with antenna) so it will feel like you are a true Jedi or padawan. BB-8 glides about just like his movie counterpart and can have pretty realistic interactions, as well as lights and sounds. Put on the “Follow Me” mode and have him roll next to you. You can use voice recognition (which is pretty sticky sometimes) and it has remote control capabilities as well. Hero Droid BB-8 is a great gift for any Star Wars fan, young or old, new to the films or long time aficionado.  Grab yours quickly (these run out at times) for about $150 in stores or online.


Family Game Night a big deal in your house? Have you ever tried Headbandz? This fun game is great for all ages- though for non readers, you will have to whisper their “who” in their ear for them. At the start, every player gets three chips and a card with a personality on it to stick in a headband. When it is your turn, turn the timer and ask “Yes” or “No” questions to guess who you are. If you are right, hand in a chip and go again. If you are wrong, you lose your turn. The winner is the first person to hand in all their chips. It is a fun, not too challenging game that will have everyone laughing and trying to figure out who is who. Get yours in stores or online for about $12.

Another fun Family Game Night option is Escape Room The Game from Spin Master. This fun game brings all the fun of the physical “escape the room” craze into your living room, and you and your family can play together and as often as you would like.  You all work together to solve each puzzle and to find hidden clues before your time runs out. The “Chrono Decoder” counts down from 60 minutes as you play your choice of four different adventures.  Pick yours up in stores or online for about $35.


If you want to play your kid one on one, or teach them some fun strategy, check out Othello. It is a two-player game that has you outsmart your opponent to win. Your goal is to trap and capture your opponent’s pieces in a game that is decided so play by play, the winner often isn’t decided until some of the last pieces are left on the board. This is available in stores or online for about $15.

If you and your children like hands on projects, building, or robotics, this toy will be your fast favorite. The latest Meccano robot, M.A.X., has both Artificial Intelligence and customizable programming so that you get to build a pretty one-of-a-kind robot.  Little hands build upon or start their knowledge of programming and robotics as they give their robots flair and personality. M.A.X can be controlled using voice commands, buttons in his MeccaBrain, or via free included app.

M.A.X., a S.T.E.M. robot, has expressive facial graphics that are designed to engage kids. He is both a learning tool and tons of fun. Some of the other items M.A. X. comes with are a gaming platform, he can tell jokes, has built-in infrared sensors thatcan avoid obstacles , and so much more. If your child loves to learn, and has hands that like to be kept busy, she will love M.A. X. You can grab yours for about $99 in stores or online.


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