3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe Outdoors

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Dog’s are truly man’s best friend and if you have kids then he becomes their best friend as well. We do everything we can to keep our dogs healthy, happy, and safe, just as we do our children. However, pets, of course, aren’t always inside of your home. You have to let them out, take them for walks, and let them get the exercise they need. Unfortunately, there are many hidden dangers lurking out there to harm your pooch. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top ways you can keep your dog safe when he’s outside, whether he’s with you or just running around the fenced in the backyard alone.

Safe From Getting Stolen 

No dog is safe from being stolen. Whether you have a hunting dog, a Pit Bull, or a mixed breed, there is no guarantee that someone isn’t going to see your pet at the dog park or in the backyard and decide they would like to have that pet for their very own. This is where a dog GPS comes in handy for dog owners. GPS dog tracking collars can help you track down your lost pet, whether you are hunting for cougars in the mountains or simply letting him loose in the backyard. Such a device would also serve to help track down dogs who have managed to escape the backyard, which might end up being a more likely scenario than Fido being dognapped.

Safe When Walking 

Let’s face it, no matter how much your dog loves you, if they see a squirrel in the trees at the dog park or a cat across the street at home, they are apt to run off and not come back no matter how much you call them. Having your dog on a dog leash when you’re outside is the best way to ensure they don’t get away from you and become lost. There are many different kinds of dog leashes and harnesses out there to choose from, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs for the size of your pet.

Safe Around the Campfire

Dogs are forever children and if they are curious about something, then they are going to sniff around it to find out how it ticks. This can lead to a heap of trouble when it comes to being around a campfire. Not only can it lead to your pet being hurt, it can also lead to your house or campsite burning down as well. The best way to protect your pet from a campfire is by always extinguishing open flames, making sure that young puppies and kittens are kept away from the campfire at all times, and pet proof the area you’re in for fire hazards.

These are just a couple of the ways that you can keep your dog safe when they are outside. Whether it’s a GPS to keep them from being stolen or a well-rounded plan to keep your pet away from your open campfire, we all love our pets and we all do everything we can to protect them from harm.

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