5 Best Brands of Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to get lots of calcium. It can be added to recipes for extra texture and flavor or it can be eaten on its own. There are lots of cottage cheese brands to choose from, which can make it a bit difficult sometimes to know which one to purchase. We have five great cottage cheese brands you should consider buying. 

Lactaid 1% Milkfat Low Fat Cottage Cheese

For people who want a low-fat option that retains all of the flavor and texture of regular cottage cheese, this one is the one to purchase. It is lactose-free, so it is also the perfect choice for people who are lactose-intolerant. It is considered to be one of the best cottage cheese options for people watching their weight, as well, since it provides all of the nutritional value of regular cottage cheese with half the calories. It is the perfect choice for lasagna and for eating with fruits, and its light tangy taste works very well with sweet options like jam or honey. Some people even eat it alone, like yogurt! You should not have to worry about your waistline when eating cottage cheese, and this brand allows you to truly enjoy the taste without guilt.


Breakstone’s is one of the most delicious brands of cottage cheese and one that you can easily find in most supermarkets. It is made with whole milk, giving it a rich, creamy texture and with a good balance of sweet and sour. Cottage cheese can provide all manner of nutritional benefits, and one that is made with whole milk, like this one, can be a good choice for added healthy fat and calcium. This brand also has uniform curds, so the texture is even and great for adding it to baked goods.

Horizon Organic Cottage Cheese

One of the best things about this brand of cottage cheese is the size of its curds. They are large, pebble-like, but soft and entirely delicious. It may look different than other options, but it has a wonderfully rich taste, with a perfect salt balance. It has a bit of a tangy edge that pairs well with fruits or honey. Do not be intimidated by the large curds: this is a cottage cheese that is soft and delicious. It can add great texture to any dish without overwhelming your taste-buds.

Friendship 2% Low Fat Large Curd Cottage Cheese

Another low-fat option that can be an excellent choice, especially if you like large curds, is this one. With only 2% fat, it can help you stay in shape without giving up a rich flavor. It has an excellent salt balance, though you should keep in mind that it is a bit drier than the other options we have mentioned. The first flavorful spoon will make you forget it is low fat. Add it to pasta dishes or eat it with crackers for a great snack.


Mountain House Cottage Cheese

This is another low-fat option that is made from skim milk. It lacks nothing in flavor, while staying low in calories. It has a perfectly balanced level of salt and tangy qualities, so that you can add it to a wide variety of foods. This one does require that you add water to prepare it, so keep that in mind if you prefer an option that is ready to serve. Because of this, however, this brand of cottage cheese tends to last a bit longer than other brands, which can be helpful. It is a bit more expensive than the other options, but it is well worth it.


These five brands above are the best options when purchasing cottage cheese. Just because you choose low fat does not mean that it has to be low in flavor, and many of the above options bring all of that great taste without the worry of high fat or high caloric content. Whether you want to add it to dishes like lasagna, or just eat it with fruit and crackers, cottage cheese can be a highly beneficial food to add to your diet.

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