Cure Morning Back Pain Instantly With These Ideas

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Do you ever wake up with a really sore back? We’re talking so sore it almost hurts to continue lying down. In some ways, this is beneficial as it means you get out of bed quickly! On a serious note, waking up in pain every day is never fun – or normal. If you fall into this category, here are a few things you can do to instantly cure the pain forever!

Invest In A New Mattress With The Right Support

Most people find that their morning back pain is the result of a bad mattress. If a mattress is too soft or firm, then it can cause muscular irritations. Essentially, you develop lots of little knots that create trigger points, which cause the pain. This is either because the mattress you use is so soft that it causes your lower back to sag down and arch, or because it’s so hard that your back just can’t handle the pressure for eight hours straight! Regardless, as it shows on, you can find mattresses that have just the right amount of softness, while still maintaining a bit of firmness. This type of mattress is great for sore backs, and you’ll notice the change instantly! If you can’t afford a new mattress, then try getting a good mattress topper instead to provide additional support.

Stretch Before Going To Bed

One of the easiest things you can do to get rid of morning back pain is to stretch before you hit the hay. There are many simple stretches you can do to get rid of lower back pain, and I’ve embedded a video to show you some of my favorites. Basically, you want to target your hips and lower back. Tight hips cause back pain because one of your hip flexor muscles actually attaches to your lumbar spine (lower back) and can pull down on it, causing a painful arch. Loosening these muscles helps prevent this from happening, and stretching your lower back also helps relieve any tension that’s built up throughout the day. Also, I’d suggest adding some self-massage in as well before you stretch. Use something like a foam roller or lacrosse ball to do this.

Sleep On Your Back

If you sleep on your front or side, then this might be why you wake up with back pain. Sleeping on your front is particularly bad because it causes an excessive arch. If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll notice I’ve already mentioned this is a bad thing! It puts too much stress on your lower back muscles, which causes the pain. Sleep on your back, and you keep everything in perfect alignment. As a result, you’ll wake up pain-free.


Persistent lower back pain is by far and away one of the most common health issues out there. So many people go to sleep and then wake up with a nagging pain that doesn’t go away for a few hours. Try these ideas out, and you’ll see an instant change overnight.


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