Keeping Hands of All Ages Busy With These Fidget Toys

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No matter what time of year, little hands (and maybe not so little hands) get into everything, especially when you just need a few seconds of stillness. No matter if you are in a restaurant, long car ride, or even just walking through a supermarket, it can be better to put something into the hands that want to touch everything and keep them occupied before they get into simply everything (or maybe just on your nerves).

Got a really little one? Manhattan Toy has several great options, one of which is the Click Clack Ball. This is a brightly colored, plastic ball with many handles to twist and turn. It’s also easy to connect to a baby stroller or seat so your kiddo can’t toss it onto any dirty floors (like they so love to do). It makes sounds when they turn the handles, and rattles as it moves. It is filled with tiny beads, so it makes lots of stimulating noise (but not so much that it will drive mom and dad crazy).  The Click Clack Ball is also a hit with dad over here- he can’t seem to put it down, either. It is listed from $9.99 to $15.99 depending on where you buy, so get your Google on before you shop! Love this toy- perfect for baby showers, too.

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Another great manipulative from Manhattan Toy is the wooden Classic Baby Beads. There is a reason these have such staying power. Your baby (and toddler, and beyond- really, dad plays with them all the time, and they calm his nerves. I bought him his own set) will enjoy twisting ad turning and rolling these wooden beads all over. The bright, water colored beads are non toxic, so no worries if your little one chews on them. The beads are able to be manipulated endlessly. They seem to love the clacking sound the beads make against each other as well.  The Classic Baby Beads are listed from $9.99 to $16 in different stores, so look online first to get the best price.

Tangle, makers of twisty fidget toys that help reduce stress and enhance creativity, are also known to be “brain tools”. Educators and physical therapists are using these toys to help people not only reduce stress and relax, but also opens up the imagination as well as helps gain (or regain) dexterity. Tangle now offers new additions to their lineup, which already came in many options to suit all sorts of sensory needs as textured, metallic, hairy, fuzzy, classic, rubber, and more.  One new option is Tangle BrainTools Imagine. It has bright and vibrant new colors, and uses ‘magic in motion,’ it seems to glide as you twist and turn it. It’s slightly larger then other tangles, and has transparent colors or solids. $5.99

The “Think” is our favorite, and larger the the “Imagine”. It is great for kids or adults, and often used in classrooms as well.  This very tactile fidget toy can also be used as a hand rehabilitation tool or for physical or occupational therapy. It is ideal for children or adults with sensory issues or who need help increasing hand and finger strength and mobility. $12.99


Fidgitz by Thinkfun is a great fidget toy that is also a puzzle. Not unlike a Rubix Cube in that you have to manipulate it to solve, but very unlike it in that it’s also soothing. Shifting, turning, rotating the infinite loop of the beads had a calming effect, and it was indeed gratifying to solve, but the fun was in the turning of the beads.  It had a soothing feeling. It is like the other fidget toys because it keeps hands busy and occupied, giving relief to nerves and impulses and helping with sensory overload. It is different in that there is a goal, but you can do it again and again and not be “bored” with it. The fidget portion doesn’t end when you solve, and you can do it differently each time. It’s nice, because it adds a “brain teaser” to the fidget aspect, something new and fun to challenge the mind. $9.99 at

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Switcherooz by Tastemakers are really interesting, because they are also collectible for fans of comics, cartoons, and the like. They also change into different characters, which I’ve not seen anything like before. They are 3 inches, and change from one person (IE Batman) to another (like Robin) by flipping the bottom chin on the face backward. Sounds a bit scary when I put it like that, but it’s simple and easy. Kids can keep hands busy as well as create stories, act out their favorite comics or shows, and be creative with these fun fidgets. These are a bit harder to find, but worth it! $4.99 on is the only place I have seen them available.



  1. Those are definitely interesting fidget manipulatives. I would have liked the wooden balls. My daughter would have loved the switcherooze.

  2. Morgan Isabella says

    I like that some of the toys are also puzzles and it’s so true they can even calm adult nerves. Great review of toys which impact the different senses through texture, colour and sight x

  3. It looks fun actually to play. My little brother have different than this and he seems to play with it a lot. Also, he loves animals which his favorite.

  4. These look so great, I will recommend this to my mom friends 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  5. We use fidgets of all sorts here at home and when we are on the go. There are definitely some on this list I have never seen before. I’m certainly going to be adding them to my list. Thanks for the review.

  6. These toys must be fun toys for children. They will play for hours without being bored. I will choose Tangle as a birthday present for my brother.

  7. The Fidgitz sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s nice to just put myself in a quiet location and work on a puzzle to mellow the thoughts.

  8. My boys don’t have any toys specific for fidgetting like this. But we keep a few Hot Wheels cars in the vehicle within their reach and that’s what they play with in the vehicle and bring in when we go places, so similar concept. I can see how these would be fun and something different, though!

  9. I used to always try to use things to keep my hands busy and would get in trouble for making noise. I hope these are better.

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