Fun Toys That Let You and Your Children be Creative

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It can be hard to find something to do as a family, or something that will entertain the kids that doesn’t need to be charged. Getting kids away from screens can be challenging, but with toys like these, you won’t have to try too hard.

Have a little car lover? (Or maybe a big one, as well- Father’s Day is just around the corner) You can select from a handful of new mini-vehicles from Automoblox®, an award-winning line of high-quality collectible wooden car toy vehicles. Included the pick-up truck Grizzly, the X10 Timber Pack SUV with a trailer, and the very first Automoblox motorcycle. These cars have a body made of European beech wood, and can be manipulated multiple ways to create different designs.  Both kids (recommended for ages 4 and up) and adults love playing with the mix and max, fun to put together cars that don’t require tools to create. New minis are priced at $11.99 – $23.99. The larger  BR100 Hercules 16.5″ hauler (that can also be recreated into a dump truck) is $59.99.  It is not only larger, but also comes with two back ends, a ramp, two mini vehicles, and has room to hold five mini vehicles. Get yours on Amazon.

puzzles autism

If you are a fan of puzzles, TCG has an excellent line that you will want to get your hands on. They have s many options of different photos, scenes, and piece counts, there is something for everyone (and every family ability). These are really beautiful, well crafted puzzles you will be tempted to frame (and in fact, we are framing one of ours). In addition, TCG has a campaign that benefits both Autism Speaks and Autism Speaks Canada since 2016. As puzzles help calm and stimulate some children and adults with Autism, it is a wonderful fit and a great cause to support. Every box has Autism Speaks puzzle piece logo on it. “TCG’s Autism Speaks assortment includes puzzles designed for a wide range of puzzlers, from the whimsical and gorgeous renderings of fantasy artist Miharu to original TCG designs, and more.” (as per TCG) Prices range from $3.99 for a 200 piece puzzle to $7.99 for a 1,000 piece puzzle.

DIY kids

Have a creative teen or tween? Consider Juicy Couture Fruit Obsessions Bracelets and Juicy Couture Hair Candy Accessories- Juicy Couture is all the rage with the younger girls right now, and these definitely hit their mark in this house, let me tell you. My daughter was thrilled, couldn’t wait to get her hands on these kits, and was excited about the results. She wears them often, and I’m sure you will have similar results with your young fashionista. What is more fun then making your own accessories? Not much at that age. And these are definitely NOT the cheesy, kiddie kits from our childhood- these make high quality, really nice looking items. They look store bought, more like what you see adults creating on Etsy. If your child is a fan, you will want to check these out. Prices vary, but I’m seeing these for about $15.

Your child might also enjoy making his or her own blanket or hoodie blanket- these are both adorable. There is the “Make It Real” Unicorn Blanket Hoodie, which comes with everything needed to make a super cute blanket (although I think it looks more like a cape) complete with unicorn hood. This fleece knotted blanket will help your child develop and learn skills useful both for making the item and for the future, which I love. Learning toys are the best. Know how to sew? That much easier. Learning how? No problem at all, making the Unicorn Blanket Hoodie will help teach you.  $24.99 on Amazon and Jo-Ann Fabrics.

wear shark fin

Prefer something with a little more bite? ALEX makes the new DIY Knot A Shark for kids who’d like to try their fin at something new. The ALEX DIY Knot-A-Shark comes with everything you need to make your own snuggly, scary blanket. Not JUST a blanket, but also a tail- your child can get inside it once finished and swim off to bedtime or to cuddle on the couch for shark week. $30.99 on


  1. Maryann D. says

    I always bought creative toys for my daughter. She was always crafty and artsy! She would have loved the “Make It Real” Unicorn Blanket Hoodie”.

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