Get Outdoors And Play This Summer

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It’s beautiful outside these days, and we are spending as much time outdoors as humanly possible. If you are looking to get outside and play, here are some fun options.

spinner swing

A fun twist on the tire tree swing, the Super Spinner® is a “UFO shaped” (according to my 10 year old) disk swing that lets one or more kids (and even a parent) take a ride. It comes with “adjustable double-braided ropes and weather-resistant clips are designed for a safer, more comfortable ride” according to the manufacturer. Super Spinner can be suspended to swing and spin from trees, play sets, a porch beam or a secure structural beam wherever works for your family.

There are two sizes of Super Spinner currently available. The original Super Spinner is sized one or two little kids, and can hold up to 200 pounds. It is available in green, blue, red, purple, pink or  yellow. If you want a larger size, the Super Duper Spinner lets more kids and adults ride, and can hold up to 650 pounds. That size is available in hunter green alone.  Get yours for $49.99 – $89.99 at stores like Amazon or Target.

pool float

Heading to the pool? Grab a fun float and head out. Intex makes a really fantastic assortment of floats your family is sure to love- my kids love the Intex Inflatable Mega Unicorn this year- they are, in fact, mildly obsessed. They have brought it to friends’ houses, and all the kids have had a fun time floating about the pool on the very colorful, very magical, large floating unicorn. You’d think this is mostly girls, right? Wrong. The boys love it as well, and so do mom and dad. My partner and I like to have our turn as well- although in all honesty, that rarely happens.Intex’s mega-sized, oversized pool floats are a lot of fun, more durable then many, and worth the price at $29.99.  Mega Unicorn and also the new Peacock design are newly available this year. You can also get Mega Swan, Mega Flamingo, and Mega Duck Island Floats. Tough choices- you might end up with more then one of these floaties.

Want to run away? Do it in the Brooks PureFlow 7. These sneakers didn’t need any “wearing in” or breaking in, they were good to go right out of the gate, which you know is rare. They are comfortable, great for running or long walks (even trails) and molded right to my feet. Super comfortable with lots of cushioning. Not only that, but the shoes are lightwight, agile, and moved with me. I love the way these feel on my feet. Brooks refers to the fit as “sock like, the stretch-woven upper and soft internal bootie allow your feet to feel comfortable and unrestricted”. I don’t disagree- these are some of my favorites, feel wise. They are equally nice for the gym or outdoor use.  Anyone who love to run or be active will be happy with these sneakers. Available in 6 colors for women and 5 for men, you will find the one that best matches your taste and wardrobe. Choose yours at for $100.

hat for summer

Cover up from all that sun while you run! Or run about. Or laze. Whatever. You will need to keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays while you are outside, and Seirus Innovation has Summer Protection Covered no matter what your personal tastes and style. Their products are not only fast wicking and drying with UPF protection, but also have elements to help cool you off- that’s a huge bonus when it’s steamy hot out. There are a lot of items to choose from, including the The Litewave50™ Neck-Up, which covers the vulnerable neck area from burns while offering airflow, and heat diffusion to keep you cool. There are quite a few colors and prints available. I’ve yanked it up to use it to keep my hair back as well, as a headwrap (which is super useful). This is also useful for winter activities, and will keep you from getting windburn and sunburn on the slopes, as well.

For even more shade, the Quick Shade Caster or Floppy hat are ideal. I use this one for my son and partner, both of whom are very fair skinned and burn easily. The Caster not only shelters your face with it’s broad rim, but also your neck using an attached bandanna type covering that stays securely attached to your shirt collar with a built in clip and tether. The Floppy hat shades your face and neck, and is built to keep its form all summer long. Machine wash, hang to dry. Measure your head before ordering for sizes. Prices vary, visit to choose what best suits your needs. 


  1. Jacqui Odell says

    My daughter would love both of these! Especially the unicorn floaty! She’s obsessed with Unicorns.

  2. That super spinner would keep kids outside for hours having fun! I also love that unicorn flotation devise for the pool. Of course the hat is a must and looks like it keeps your entire face shaded.

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