Cute New Interactive Toys and Take Alongs

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With summer coming to a close, you might be trying to get a few more road trips in, and as much outdoor time as possible. These fun items are sure to please even the pickiest members of the family.

cat toys

Pomsies are too cute, your kids will love them. While they might be aimed at girls, we all know that gender marketing is ridicules and that kids pick what they like- my son and his friends liked playing with Pomsies, as well as my daughter.  These wearable and interactive pets could be the next Fingerlings, who knows. They are really sweet- they are like a wearable Furby. Available since July in all major retailers for about $15, they have a long fuzzy tail that can be wrapped around your wrist, suitcase, backpack or whatever your child feels works for them. Pomsies have eyes that light up and change color to express their mood, such as being hungry, silly, happy, or giving 50 reactions when you play with them. They purr when you interact with them (which you can feel), and love it when you brush them with their included brush. These are super cute, and not too pricey. I’m thinking you and your kids will like these quite a bit- we do.

For the exact opposite of Pomsies, check out Grumblies. Much like your cranky 2 year old, there is no pleasing a Grumblies. I think these are plural no matter how you are speaking about them…LOL. Grumblies are short-tempered trouble makers who don’t want to hear a word about it. Grumblies have more then 40 reactions when you play with them, but unlike Furbies or Pomsies, you can’t cuddle or nurture Grumblies. The more you play with them, the angrier they get. Each Grumblies have it’s own personality and sounds that it makes. $20 at major retailers.

kids toys

 Waggables are not only adorable, but fun to make and quite unique. You and your child can design a pet that looks just like yours, from nose to tail. Visit the Waggables website for thel customizer where you are able to design your character to fit your pet’s look, then it is turned into a plush ball of adorable you can snuggle up with.  It takes about 4 weeks to arrive from the day you make it on the website, and in the meantime, you will receive email updates telling you about your pet’s progress. Perfection takes time, after all. The notifications are really cute, the kids will enjoy them. In no time, your custom plush will arrive at your door. $40 at

Can’t get enough of the World Cup? Perfect for soccer fans of any age or ability, Soccerborg is a innovative game that lets you play against your opponent, even when the weather is bad and you are stuck indoors. Your favorite soccer players are replaced by robots which go head-to-head in a game of skill. Work your robot’s corresponding remote control to make the robots dribble, shoot, pass the ball, and more. Soccerborg combines the fun of playing of soccer with RC technology, your FIFA fan will love it. (So do my soccer lovers, one big and one small- they enjoy playing each other. It’s a little more evenly matched then on the real soccer field.) Requires 10 AAA batteries.  $60 at major retailers, on Amazon, or at

What child doesn’t love horses? Spirit, a courageous horse, and his owner Lucky have had a lot of changes. When they make their big move to the countryside, Lucky lives with her Dad, her Aunt Cora, and her horse, Spirit, in their new home in Miradero. If your child is a fan of the new animated series by Dreamworks or of horses in general, the playsets by Playmobil are sure to be a huge kit- even my teen daughter is taken with them, even though she pretends she isn’t.  Lucky’s Happy Home, set 9475, is a true-to-the-show replica, complete with an equipped kitchen and secret hideout. The set is really lovely, and comes with Lucky, Aunt Cora, Spirit, a goose, and everything you need for a kitchen. Aunt Cora is famous for her meals, and is intent on teaching Lucky how to be a “proper lady”, so the kitchen is kind of a big deal here. Don’t worry, Lucky is quite the little lady, and we all know that well behaved women rarely make history, after all. $100 at

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