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With winter on the way, and fall finally here (thank goodness for the end of that scorching summer heat!), we are going to be spending more time indoors. Keeping that in mind, here are some interesting and useful new items that you can use year round.

Calamityware serving-ware brings whimsy and art to the dinner table. These fantastical porcelain-plates will also serve as conversation starters, with hidden pictures created by Calamityware and artist Don Moyer. These clever takes on flatware are both pretty and unique, while using a traditional blue and white color scheme. Unexpectedly decorated plates, mugs, and more are covered with depictions of sea monster creatures, giant robots, frogs, and more creatures from sci-fi.  Dishwasher and microwave safe, they are as functional as they are interesting. While they aren’t cheap- $42 for each plate, for example, they make your table a more fun place to dine. Check out all the options at

dinner plates

Save money and single-use-plastic waste by filling and refilling water glasses and  bottles at home. Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits help provide peace of mind, letting you know what’s in your water. Learn about your tap water with these helpful and easy to use home test kits. Test your water, and make sure that your family’s health is protected.  There is a lot of nonsense in most town’s water nowadays, find out if there is trouble with yours. 80% of the body is water, and you use it for everything- cooking, bathing, drinking, washing, and more. It’s vital to have safe water.  According to the brand, “Safe Home® and Safe Home® Pro EnviroTestKits from Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (ELI), one of North America’s largest EPA Certified Laboratories for testing drinking water, provides several testing options in three easy steps.  Upon receiving the results, you’re empowered to make appropriate decisions – for instance, installing a water treatment or filtration system or disinfecting your well system, among other solutions.”  They are easy to use, the directions take only about a minute to complete and are all but foolproof. There are options for test at home as well as sending a sample out for more detailed information. For more information, visit

at home testing kits

For your pets, check out HandsOn Gloves (in several colors and sizes, including for children). Get rid of all the excess hair and shedding, which will help your home as well as your allergies. Some dogs (and many cats) hate being brushed, but with the use of these gloves, it just feels like some petting and attention. You can use them in the water at bathtime, or dry. Get your kids to help out, and take care of the pets like they promised to- it’s not work and it’s very easy. It’s also effective, which many products can’t claim honestly.  They take off huge amounts of unwanted and excess fur with no pain or struggling- we were amazed by the huge clumps of fur made by our youngest dog, especially. Good for all hair types, although with very long haired pets you might want to supervise the kiddos so they don’t create knots (as with any brushing). Made with hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components that are proven to be safe for use with humans and animals, it does it’s job by keeping everyone healthy. For more information, prices, and to choose yours, please visit

easy to use pet brush


  1. We are big water drinkers over here, so knowing our water is as safe as possible is important. I know the at-home kit will bring a lot of peace of mind.

  2. sara lafountain says

    I love the pattern on these Calamityware mugs. They are super cute and would go so nicely with my kitchen.

  3. I love my little mug collection. I collect them from my travel.s

  4. Wendy Polisi says

    I have a pair of thos gloves and they are awesome. They pick off so much hair!

  5. We do use mugs or glass at home. I like the design of the mugs, I think it’s pretty! And those gloves, perfect gift for my dog owner friend!

  6. The Calamityware is so cool! Love that it has that old fashioned feel, when when you take a closer look, the pattern is full of surprises!

  7. Those hands-on gloves look like they would be so wonderful to own. The safe kit for water would be great especially for those that have experienced flooding this year to make sure their water quality is good.

  8. OK those mugs are so pretty! I could most definitely see me having those in my kitchen, I would 100% buy them and the water test kits sound really fantastic.

  9. Ann F. Snook-Moreau says

    OMG, one of my parents’ cats would LOVE those gloves! She demands to be brushed every day when my dad gets home and would let you brush her bald I think!

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