Travel for Exposure, Adventure, and Memories

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According to the US Travel Association, 74% of all domestic travel is done for leisure purposes, with travelers logging 1.8 billion leisure trips in 2017. Families, couples, and singles travel for different reasons. However, the same study noted the top five reasons for US domestic traveling as follows:


  1.       Visiting relatives
  2.       Shopping
  3.       Visiting friends
  4.       Fine dining
  5.       Rural sightseeing


When considering experiences; particularly for shopping, dining and sightseeing, it makes sense for travelers to take their sippy cups to as many different locations as possible. This enables travelers to enjoy new shops, taste new cuisine, and see new sights. Each travel location contains its own atmosphere with specific conditions, circumstances, and climate that enhances each of these experiences.


In most cases, travelers have relatives and friends across the nation (and globe), which offers an endless array of places to visit, experience, and collect for their memory book.


Having a timeshare contract limits exposure, adventure, and memories while keeping owners tied to a single destination, pre-determined schedule, and the same surroundings. These limits represent the opposite of what travel is designed to do.


Traveling is about taking in new places, adopting native schedules, trying new cuisine, experiencing new cultures, and revealing in the beauty of expanding areas. That means going to different places as often as possible, instead of revisiting the same one over and over again. It means searching out and finding new places with just the right experience, adventure, and memories travelers choose to cultivate.


For those committed to timeshare ownership, the travel search is quick and dismal as it means visiting the same resort each year. There’s little exposure as the resort doesn’t often change a great deal from year to year. The adventures can grow tiresome after being repeated frequently, and the memories run together as one in the same.

There are options for travelers who don’t know how to get out of a timeshare. While timeshare contracts (and annual maintenance fees) continue forever, it is possible to end these contracts — safely and ethically in a way that’s guaranteed forever.


Once free from a timeshare commitment, travelers are free to plan, book, and enjoy vacations across the globe to expand their horizons, enrich their relationships, and elevate their mental state — on the schedule they create.


Families can experience new adventures and collaborate as a team, while experiencing new destinations together. Couples can experience one another, enjoy quiet time, increase romance, and delight in the sight, sound, and tastes associated with each new travel destination. Individuals can experience independence or meet new people depending on their mood, collect wares and photos for their social media timelines, and experience new cultural traditions. Travel options are truly endless.


Limits are unnecessary tethers leisure travelers don’t need. Consider a timeshare exit strategy to keep travel options open and free.

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