Interesting Craft Ideas For Families To Do Together

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Everybody likes to spend time with their families over the holidays. It can be hard to find something that includes everyone and that everybody wants to do as hobbies and activities become age dependant. You’ll probably find it difficult to find something that everybody wants to get involved in but it helps to try.


The holidays are approaching and you might find yourself at home with your kids, not knowing what to do with them. If it’s not your own kids, it might be your younger siblings, or nieces and nephews coming over to visit. We all know how hectic it can get when you have to look after the little ones. You have to keep checking up on them to make sure they’re not getting into trouble or hurt and find ways to keep them busy.


Finger painting and macaroni necklaces are both good ideas but we all know what happens to those projects after a while. Try something a bit more sophisticated. Something that the whole family will enjoy but can still be useful afterwards. Something everybody can be proud to say that they made.


Keeping everyone busy can mean the difference between being happy and being bored, and what better way to keep them busy than to get everybody involved in the same activity. Craft activities are engaging and dont require too much energy or tire you out. This way you can keep a watchful eye on everyone as well as have fun and make some good memories.



A great way to prepare for the holidays is by making festive ornaments. Get all the supplies together and make your own personalised festive ornaments for Halloween, Christmas or even Valentine’s day. The possibilities are endless.


You can be as creative as you want and it would make the holiday that much more special knowing you created all the decorations yourselves. The upside is it’s not as expensive as the decorations you would buy in stores and it would have so much more value and meaning.


Decoupage is a great option for this. It’s inexpensive and quite easy to do. You will need glue, scissors and some paper images or prints that you would like to display or put on your decorations. You paste the paper on the surface using glue then you add a few more coats of glue over the surface of the paper paper and let it dry. Once you’re finished you can keep them for the next year, or throw them away and make some more the next time the occasion rises.



If you have older children who are in their teens, they might be a bit reluctant to do the activities you have planned for the little ones. A rewarding hobby such as embroidery might be a good idea. Embroidery is back on trend in the fashion world. It’s a great way to personalise items in your wardrobe and home. Get the younger ones involved by having them pick out fabrics or designs they might like. If you don’t know how to do it, it would be even more fun to start learning together.


What you’ll need to start is an embroidery machine, scissors, thread, fabric, stabiliser and a design. Now imagine making scatter cushions with words of affirmation on them or any other design of your choice.


In keeping with the holiday theme, you could even make items like placemats and napkins for the dinner table. This adds a personal touch and something you can show off to your guests. These items can last forever and become a keepsake in your home.



Once again, the possibilities are endless. You can try looking up recipes on the internet to make the soap you desire or you could take the easy route and get some soap-making blocks. Follow the recipe as closely as possible if you decide to take that route. Keep the soap from sticking by using some parchment paper on cookie sheets.


If you decide to use soap blocks you need to melt them down. Once the soap blocks are melted the fun can begin. You can add essential oils for some fragrance and add some colour by using food colouring. You can even add some Borax to make your soap extra sudsy for the kids to enjoy.

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