Self Grooming tips during Pregnancy

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As your belly grows bigger during pregnancy, your movement becomes a bit limited and it gets harder to see some areas of your body. For example, you can barely see your toes because your belly gets on the way. In addition, you cannot do the usual things you like such as sleeping on your belly as it is just not possible. Not only that, pregnancy brings another challenge that some women are not comfortable bringing up, like grooming your private part. However, others are really bold enough to talk about how to shave their pubic hair when pregnant. If this is the same dilemma you’re facing, these tips we gathered might help you. 


Keep it moisturized.


Never shave on a dry skin. Any dry surface has some friction including our skin. Just imagine how the blade would glide smoothly if your skin down there is dry. Apart from being more sensitive, it is prone to irritation and razor burn. Use a clean razor and shaving cream or unscented conditioner. The conditioner softens the hair for an effortless shaving. 


However, make sure to use a paraben-free and organic conditioner for safety reasons. Some conditioners and shaving creams are too harsh on the skin or may negatively affect your pregnancy. Glide your razor downward for an easy hair removal and avoid razor burns. 


Use scissors if necessary. 


You might need the help of a pair of scissors if your pubic hair is too thick. Hair grows twice faster because of the hormonal changes when pregnant. If there’s thicker hair, the harder it is to shave. Use a pair of scissors with rounded tips to trim it first. Then you can start shaving the rest when it’s thinner. 


Use a mirror.


Actually this is where the challenge is. It might not be a big issue for some people but others are just having difficulty shaving without seeing it. If you don’t have a full-size body mirror you can use a handy one. It shouldn’t be hard for you to use it while removing all those hair down there. 


If you’re not in front of the mirror, you can use your fingers as a guide while your other hand is on the shaver trimming your hair. Feel and locate the areas that need to be shaved. Be careful not to run the shaver on your fingers though. Or better yet, use a hair removal cream. 


Use depilatory creams.


Hair removal creams are also good options as this is the easiest self-grooming method. You don’t have to worry about possible painful cuts because there’s no razor involved. But you have to consult your doctor first prior to opting for this method as they might contain chemicals that is threatening to your baby. 


Choose the right shaver.


First, select the right length of the comb on your shaver. The shaver’s comb holds the hair and keeps it in place while the blades cut it. So the comb’s length should be enough to hold your pubic hair to avoid the risk of getting cut. 


Don’t forget to check the blades. They should be clean and sharp enough for the process. Replace an old blade with a new one.  If there’s a lubrication strip, be sure it’s not faded. 


If you’re using an electric shaver then it should be waterproof. Even if you don’t plan using it with water, you’ll never know when will you drop it on a wet area. 


The perfect shaver gets the job done really fast and easy. There are many things to consider in choosing the best one. The reviews on will help you determine what’s right for you. 


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