What Time Is It: Watch Rules Every Guy Should Know

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We are going to talk about our favorite accessories for men, something that every guy should have, talking about, of course, a watch. Watches complete outfits; they can also be considered the finishing touch of your style. Whether you’re walking a suit and when you have a nice watch on, it looks amazing.

Pretty much you have a watch on yourself whatever your outfit is because it definitely add that detail and completes the outfit, but before you decide which watch you’re going to be wearing or buying, let’s go over the rules that we all need to follow to make sure that we’re looking our best.

Not too many guys follow these rules, I see a lot of guys making some mistakes here and there, so let’s go over them to make sure you’re not one of them.

Rule 1: Small Watch Faces

Please don’t wear a watch with a face that is way too big, a few years ago these big watches were trendy, they were popular, but that time is long gone. Big face watches don’t look good, small faces rule the world now, and they’ll be in style forever. 

They are more classy, they’ve been around forever, and you don’t want this humongous thing on your wrist anyway. It doesn’t look right, it’s just too clunky, but how do you figure out whether or not a watch is too big? 

There’s no specific size for a watch to be considered too big. I can’t tell, but it really depends on the size of your wrist. Your watch is an addition to your outfit, and it’s a detail. 

Rule 2: Find The Right Strap

A lot of people prefer going with stainless steel for an everyday watch because it’s just easy. Others like the rubberized strap or a nice leather strap, it all depends on what’s comfortable for you. You should choose the best automatic watches that fit you guys, whether it is stainless, rubber, or leather. 

It also depends on your personal style, if you’re usually walking more formal outfits then the rubber strap is just not going to work for you, the leather strap is probably way better, and if you’re into more casual clothing, then stainless steel or rubber would fit in really well. Buy a strap that is going to be easy to mix and match with the majority of your favorite outfits.

Rule 3: Which Wrist To Wear The Watch

Rule number three, finding out which wrist to wear your watch. Most people are going to wear their watches on their non-dominant hand or wrist, so if you’re right-handed, you are going to wear it on your left wrist. 

That is actually why most people wear their watches on their left hands because over eighty percent of the population is right-handed. The reason for wearing on your non-dominant side is because we are more active with our dominant hands. We carry anything with it. We pick our phones with it, we write with it, so you don’t want to risk damaging the watch you are wearing. 

You also don’t want your watch to get in your way because you’re trying to grab something, and it gets in the way when you are using your hand. But the truth is there is no correct side, just choose the wrist that is most comfortable to you. 

Rule 4: Watch Placement 

Another rule that most guys overlook is where your watch should be placed on your wrist. This is a big one because I see a lot of guys making this mistake. Your watch should be strapped before your wrist bone. It goes above that. 

That way, you are not losing mobility when it’s too close to your hands, it’s going to annoy you because it is going to get in the way when you do things and it is not very comfortable.

Rule 5: No Loose Straps

Please make sure that the strap fits your wrist. I can’t say this enough like I’ve seen so many guys having an expensive watch, but it’s like dancing up and down. That is so annoying to see, and it’s like how is that comfortable, it just slides up and down your wrist. It’s hitting the top of your hand, coming on a loose watch is the opposite of what you want, it’s not classy, and it gives you a sloppy look. 


Today watches right now have two main purposes, it tells you what time it is and watches are great accessories. People wear watches nowadays as an accessory to enhance their style and appearance. Again and again, I say that style keeps us going with our everyday lives and boosts our confidence every time you look good or stylish, so always have that positive attitude when it comes to style. 

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