Pro Travel Tips For Visiting Tourist Places Near Mumbai

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Located on the Indian west coast, Mumbai has a natural deep harbor. It is surrounded by natures beautiful places which are perfect for a weekend getaway or a mini-vacation. The city is home to seven islands and aesthetic sites which were built during the pre-independence era and are major tourist attraction sites. If you are a resident of this town, wouldn’t it be more exciting if you plan a trip to a destination which you have never been to? 


There are multiple places to explore near Mumbai, such as widely famous hill stations for Trekking and Hiking. The adventure experience sounds perfect for throwing away your stress, problems, and to get a peace of mind in the allure of nature. The fresh mountain air, cold climate, long walks comes to our mind when we think about such places, but there’s a lot more you can do. 


Things to do when you are leaving for a weekend getaway, short/long trip. 


Amid the excitement for the trip, there is a tension of things like packing the essentials, and fear of forgetting something important is constantly on the mind of most travelers. We are here to reduce your stress by providing a list of everything you need from leaving for a trip to coming back. Here are the tips for you when you visit famous tourist places: 


  1. Pre-plan 


Never put afoot outside without prior planning about the trip. Chances of missing out essential things in a hurry might be high, and you want your trip to go as smoothly as possible, don’t you?

– Places you want to visit

Select the places you want to visit convenient with your time, transportation and expenses. Be it summer, winter or a monsoon season, the places Lonavala, Khandala, Panchgani, Alibaug, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, etc. can be visited throughout the year. The natural beauty, picturesque green surroundings, grassy hills are the blessings of these places and are the most popular getaways from the hustle of cities like Mumbai and Pune.

– Pack accordingly

The number of items should be packed according to the days of your visit, like clothing and footwear. The temperature drops when you go the higher altitude. Pack a decent amount of clothes like woollen, leather jackets, mufflers, sweaters, gloves, beanies, leg warmers and comfortable pair of shoes for hiking and to walk around. Don’t forget the first-aid box, medicines, and a camera to click and record the beautiful scenery, which you can cherish later. In case you are visiting it in monsoon season, carry an extra pair of shoes, umbrellas, raincoat.

– Book tickets and Hotel rooms

Unless you are travelling in your own/rented car, book tickets a few days prior when travelling through roadways by bus or railways. Find good hotels and book the rooms online in advance, this not only saves your time but makes your stay easy, relaxing and you can spend the rest of your time exploring. 


– ID proof & Cash

You cannot travel without these two requirements. You would need your id proof anywhere you go, and since they are not cities, you would need more cash, because you are not going to come across a lot of ATMs. 


– Things to carry in case of emergency 

Pack extra medicines, skincare products if your skin is way too sensitive and to avoid allergies. Carry thermal water bottles, power bank to charge your devices, small extra bag or backpack, torch, snacks, a decent amount of cash in your pocket and put some aside for an emergency.

  1. After reaching


Once you reach the destination without any difficulties or few, you have got a few more things to care of after reaching. 


– Hotel check-in 

It is the foremost thing to do when you reach. If you are on a solo trip, or with family, friends, make sure everyone gets check-in and their respective rooms. The prior booking of the room comes handy, and then you don’t have to worry about the place to stay. 


– Check rooms 

After getting the room, check out the things you are provided with and all the amenities if they are working correctly. The cleanliness and hygiene are more important than any other convenience. Check the food which comes as complimentary breakfast, or which comes into the package. 


– Local guide

Find an experienced local guide who can not only take you to the most attractive tourist places but can help you plan the rest of your stay and cover the sites in your limited time. They can also tell you the facts about areas which are not known by many and take you to hidden spots of the locality. 


– Shopping

A weekend getaway, short or a long trip is always incomplete without shopping. Shop from stores or vendors and take those items with you as a token of memories from a specific place.  

– When visiting temples

If you are going to temples in places like Mahabaleshwar and Nasik, you have to follow certain conditions since they are among the holy places. Don’t carry your camera, remove the footwear outside, wear appropriate clothes (everyone), offer something to the poor and needy outside the temples. Praying your heart and the calmness at such places soothes your soul. 


  1. Before leaving

Everything which starts has an end to it. No one wants their vacation to come to an end, but you have a lot of things to take back home and to look forward to the next trip. 


– Give small tips

Give small tips to people who helped you during your stay, from hotels to guides, and the local vendors where you eat something. It not only makes their day but brings a smile on your face out of generosity. 


– Pack again

PACK AGAIN? We feel you. But you have got to do it anyway. Check the things you brought with you and put the additional items you got from these places in your extra bag and check everything twice (better than regretting over something if you lose). 


– Take memories and happiness back home

Carry a bag full of memories, a beautiful experience, the joy you felt, to your way back home. Be grateful and remember the purpose of planning the trip in the first place. Nothing is as gratifying as the satisfaction you get from such things. 


This list is not descriptive as you don’t know the number of people going with you. You would need to pack more and be more careful when travelling with kids and older people. The list gives a rough idea of the essential things which would be required when you travel


Have you been to the hill’s stations in Maharashtra? Tell us about your favorite place, experience and more tips in the comments section below! 


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