Enhance Your Well-Being by Living Near Water

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“Blue space” includes oceans, rivers, lakes, and even man-made water features, and has a positive impact on people’s well-being. Like the color blue, blue spaces have a calming effect on humans. If you’re interested in enhancing your well-being, think about living near water or incorporating a water feature in your life.

Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

For many people, living by the sea is a dream. From marinas to oceanfront condos and cottages, there are diverse types of residences to choose from in today’s real estate market. The ocean breeze or “sea air” is synonymous with good health and improved living. Plus, where beautiful stretches of coastline are open to the public, people enjoy the opportunity to relax and recreate in the sea air.

Like seaside living, people associate living near rivers and lakes with better air quality and less noise pollution than most areas without bodies of water. Again, a peaceful, blue space environment tends to create a calming effect in people, leading to their improved well-being.

Oceans, rivers and lakes are natural habitats for wildlife. When you live near a blue space such as these, you reap the benefits of living alongside wildlife. By viewing nature, from birdwatching to spotting otters, turtles and fish, you can significantly reduce stress.

Man-Made Waterways and Features

Man-made waterways and features such as park ponds and city fountains, all contribute to a human’s well-being. Take New York City’s Central Park, for example. One of its most notable man-made features is The Pond, a 3.8-acre waterway at the park’s southeast corner that includes a nature conservancy.

Around the world, many residential communities incorporate man-made waterways to give their inhabitants access to the same feeling of well-being that oceans, rivers and lakes inspire. Water is such a pull factor for people that realtors often include water features in their advertisements. For example, Bridle Path homes for sale in Ontario, Canada, feature area waterfall displays and in-ground pools as well as green spaces.

While studies show that living near water increases happiness and well-being, these are not the only benefits. Living near water also promotes creativity and restful sleep, something many people crave and covet. So, if you’re unable to live near water, consider visiting a body of water or incorporating an ornamental water fountain or feature in your home. Adding a little water to your everyday life can bring you great physical and emotional benefits.

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