What Can We Expect from Online Casinos in the Future?

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Online casinos have completely transformed the gambling and gaming industry. While land-based casinos remain popular, they’re now more of a way for people to enjoy a special night out with friends, rather than enjoying a game alone. Gaming and casino enthusiasts use a range of online casino platforms like Casino Vibez, supported by a huge number of game software companies, to play a variety of casino classics with modern twists.

From wild themes to crazy extra features and hidden games, online casinos offer an impressive range of games.

So what’s next? With thousands of games available on your mobile phone, it’s hard to imagine that the online casino industry is going to change all that much in the future. However, much as the traditional mechanical slots invented in the late 1800s became electromechanical in the 1960s, and completely electrical in the 1980s, we are expected to see dramatic changes and improves in user experience within just the next few years.

Augmented Reality

Let’s consider augmented reality. This is not the same as virtual reality, in which a user wears goggles or a screen over the eyes to completely block out their natural environment. Augmented reality is different in that it allows a user to overlay imagery over their vision.

Whether this comes in the form of glasses (like Google Glass!) or utilizes a smartphone and the built-in camera, augmented reality allows users to see the world in a different way. As online casinos compete to gain the edge over their competitors, augmented reality will likely find its way into mobile apps. You could soon see roulettes in your living room, using technology you already have in your pocket!

Blockchains and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are all the rage right now. This is a completely different way of managing currency, and it’s likely the way things will be done in the future. It’ll take a while, and for now, cryptocurrency is an intrigue mostly just for investors and enthusiasts, but it is certainly becoming more popular. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, don’t worry. You’ll pick it up as it becomes more unpopular. In short, blockchain refers to a kind of spreadsheet that stores information about transactions made online using cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is literally just a currency, but not one that you can tangibly hold. It is designed in a way that it can only be stored on a computer, and when it is transferred, it does not leave a copy behind. Cryptocurrency is the most modern form of currency and it has spread beyond Bitcoin into several other variations that online casinos are already beginning to support.

Esports is Coming! 

Esports might be better described as “videogames” for those who have never heard of it. Many countries already enjoy online betting for sports games, but as online videogame tournaments become more popular, esports betting is beginning to appear too.

In fact, you’ll already find online casinos that offer esports betting, but they are usually specialist companies. Some of the biggest online casino companies are looking into incorporate esports into their regular casino offerings. As soon as the big names take it on, other players will pick it up and you’ll find it virtually everywhere that offers regular sports betting.

Virtual Reality

As we’ve mentioned already, the online casino industry has an interest in putting roulette tables and games in your living room using your mobile phone or augmented reality glasses. You might be surprised to hear, however, that virtual reality is actually much closer to coming to fruition.

While augmented reality glasses like Google Glass (and various competing options) are still in early development stages and don’t offer much more than text updates in your line of vision, virtual reality is already real. Multiple video game platforms already use virtual reality headsets, along with virtual reality controllers, to transport you to another world.

That’s why online casino platforms are actively looking into ways to transport players into completely different dimensions…or to famous casinos on the other side of the world! Software developers are already at work creating games that can both load on web pages and be compatible with virtual reality headsets.

We could be just years away from regular online casino players being able to put on their headset, and being transported to the most famous casinos in Las Vegas

You can travel thousands of miles to the most luxurious casino in the world without leaving your sofa.

Better Payment Processing

So this might not be the most exciting option, but it’s still true! Payment processing has gotten much better over the years. While it can still take a few days to receive withdrawals to regular bank accounts, most online casinos make withdrawals accessible within a day if you choose to withdraw to an e-wallet instead.

Expect better payment processing times in the future as banks become more like e-wallets, and casino platforms race to implement instant withdrawals.

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