Ringmasters Step Right Up

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The pandemic hit us all hard, and unexpectedly. There wasn’t much we could do about it once it came upon us and everything seemed to stop abruptly. For many that worked, this moved them to have to work from home. For those that were essential, work continued with adjustments. For many remotely working from home became a reality and for some continue today. There were some professions that things ended all together and they had to end work without notice immediately, causing an affect in their livelihood. Included in these are those that have professions in the entertainment industry, especially those who only do live performances. In the absence of these performances, there were some shows that could be seen on streaming services such as the classic Charlie Chaplin Circus available on Netflix. While this was enjoyable to see, it made the desire to be there great for some.

The circus is one of the live performances that had to come to that abrupt stop when things with the pandemic began. Now, “post-pandemic” things haven’t yet returned to normal as we knew it, and it seems we may not get to the normalcy we knew for quite some time. Things for the circus may be coming back to some normalcy, but there will surely be some changes. For those that work in the circus industry, there will be some changes that will need to take place. (Please note, Have Sippy Will Travel ONLY would encourage attending a circus that does not use animals, especially wild or endangered animals- we do not in any way endorse or encourage animal abuse.) 

Things may be different now, but it is time for live performances to begin again. It is time for the ringmaster’s costume to be put on and for them to step right up and into place. As we know, Cirque du Soleil is preparing to re-open some of their shows and other circus shows are looking to do the same. In preparing for the circus to re-open, the costumes are one of the most important things that are being worked on.

Many may not realize, but there is power in a costume. There are some that you see and immediately know what you’re looking at. The colorful and distinct clothes that are being worn help let you know whom you’re looking at. The ringmaster costume for instance is made of a nice jacket, top hat, and he generally has formal wear on; allowing you to know precisely who he is! The jester costume generally has a hat, vibrant colors and special shoes! Costumes are essential to the circus process and help to make the circus what it is. Everything from head to toe helps to bring enjoyment to the audience, helps the performers gain respect and admiration, and trust from those in the audience.

Just how costumes are important for those entertainers that work in the circus, it is just as important for you to have the best costume you can find when it is time for Halloween or the special time you want to dress-up. Your outfit is critical to show the type of personality you have, or the one you wish to portray. Costumes, just like any others, will allow you to be in a place that may be uncommon but fun. You can transform into the best ringmaster when you have an amazing ringmaster costume. You can be the family jester when you choose the jester costume. Any circus costume you desire to be for Halloween or any other time can be obtained when you get the perfect look.

Possibilities are endless as to who or what you can be when you have the right costume!

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