Lil’ Prayer Buddy by Wee Believers Review

Wee Believers is a company with the mission to inspire children in their faith and is committed to giving children opportunities to build character and virtue! The company is founded and operated by a dynamic Dad and Mom team, their toys redefine the interactoin between children and their toys–bringing purpose to play and making faith fun!

I was lucky enough to be able to review their Lil’ Prayer Buddy. This toy received the 2012 Mom’s Choice Awards-Gold.

This toy is soft and cuddly! When your child pushes the ear, a child’s voice recites the Our Father, [Read more…]

Pediatric GermFree Cool Mist Humidifier from Vicks Review and Giveaway

Being the mother of 2 children, and flu season around the corner, I know that I will need a good humidifier. I was so happy to be able to review the Pediatric GermFree Cool Mist Humidifier from Vicks .

Vicks’ new GermFree Cool Mist Humidifier is the first of its kind. The humidifer eliminates up to 99.9% of mold, bacteria, and fungi in the water ensuring fresher, purer moisture through a patented germ-killing UV light chamber.

Key Features:

  • Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and fungi in the water
  • Germ-Killing UV light chamber
  • Helps relieve cough and cold symptoms
  • Automatic moisture balance system [Read more…]

HABA Big Magic Leaf Ball Review

HABA is a very environmentally-friendly company. Their products can be found nationwide at over 1,000 U.S. specialty retail stores and in catalogs, as well as on the internet. Many of their products have been recognized with German and American awards, including Parents’ Choice, National Parenting Center, Creative Child, and Dr. Toy. HABA received Best Toys of the Year recognition fron the TODAY Show Toy Test and has been featured in national magazines such as American Baby, Baby Talk, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Parents and Working Mother.

With all of this in mind, I was VERY excited to try out their Magic Ball Leaf, Big (Ages 6+ Months). It is fron their 2012 line of Pure Nature Organic toys. There are a total of eight toys in this line. All of the “Pure Nature” products are tested in a CPSC accredited laboratory, which specifically controls harmful substances. The Magic Ball Leaf, is a very pretty ball with pastel colors, and different designs, as well as some fun “surprises” in each leaf. This is a great sensory toy. The ball itself is made from high quality organic cotton, and filled with polyester for easy washing & healthy drying.

My Thoughts:

I couldn’t be more impressed with HABA, as well as this ball! As you can see in my picture, my daughter absolutely adores the ball. It is one of her favorite toy to play with, as well as to hit around on the floor and crawl to it and over it! I like how it has a rattle, a squeaker, [Read more…]

Amamante Night and Day Nursing Bra Review and Giveaway

I was fortunate enough to be able to do a review on the Style 2012 Night & Day nursing Bra from Amamante Nursingwear. As any nursing mother knows, a good bra is truly your “best friend.”

The soft, comfortable material is thin and very breathable. It does have a wide elastic band for support. It is designed in such a way, that it is very easy to push out of the way, and you don’t have to worry about messing with the clasps. I have found that it is extremely comfortable! I enjoy wearing it most times. It also is comfortable enough, that I really don’t mind wearing it at night either!

This bra fits from B to D cup sizes, you just have to get your band size, and it fits!! It is a great bra for when you are pregnant, or when you are nursing and your size is constantly fluctuating.

The Night and Day Nursing bra, is the same one that is integrated into their Signature nursing nightgown and the Serenity Nursing Pajamas, which is great for comfort.

I [Read more…]

Honeywell EnergySmart® Surround Select Ceramic Heater Review

With winter just around the corner, who doesn’t have the need for a Space Heater? I live in the middle of Kansas, where we have extremely cold winters!! My husband is definitely pretty frugal (I think that’s the best way to put it 🙂 ). He always likes to wait and see how long he can wait to turn on the heat. It was definitely no big deal when it was just the two of us, because I LOVE to snuggle up with blankets, but now that we have 2 younger children, it really isn’t an option for us to do!!

This past weekend it was already in the high 20s/low 30s! I was all for turning on the heater, but my husband of course was reluctant! SO, I recently received the Honeywell EnergySmart Surround Select Ceramic Heater to review! I couldn’t have been any happier. I KNEW this is one product that I most definitely could thoroughly test, as well as get some great use out of!

I decided it was definitely time to break it out of the box!! I got it out and read some of the instructions, to make sure that I didn’t mess anything up 🙂

Here are some of the features of the Heater:

  • Ceramic Technology for quiet, even heating
  • EnergySmart Digital Controls
  • 180 degree feature for directional heating
  • 360 degree tip over protection
  • Cool TouchCarrying Handle
  • Two heat modes
  • Programmable thermostat
  • 1-8 hour timer
  • 3 year warranty

My Thoughts:

I absolutely LOVED it. It works wonderful. Our living room is fairly large, so I wasn’t sure that it would be able to warm us up, but it definitely did. We were almost to the point of being hot. I LOVE the Cool carrying [Read more…]

Milkmakers Review and Giveaway #Cookies


I’m sure that you’ve at least heard of Milk Makers. They are an absolutely amazing company. Which is why I’m thrilled to do a review for you as well as to offer you a giveaway of their great product.

About Milk Makers

Milk Makers is a company that makes wonderful nutrient filled cookies for breastfeeding mothers. The founder of the company, Emily Kane started it as a means to find a solution to her new issues when trying to balance going back to work and nursing her daughter. Milk Makers are packed with great flavors and fresh ingredients, as well as supplements that help boost a milk supply for a breastfeeding mother. Some of the supplements that are added are brewer’s yeast, oats, and flax seeds. For about $1.50 a day, a mother can boost her milk supply by eating a great cookie!

My Thoughts

I was very excited to give Milk Makers a try. I was able to successfully breastfeed my other daughter up to a year. I am not going to say that it was easy, as I am also a working mother! I It did get very tricky to be able to pump enough at work to compensate what [Read more…]

Carseat Canopy “Whole Caboodle” Review & Giveaway

Have you ever gotten tired of the look of your carseat? With this being my second child, I was definitely tired of the same old look! I was looking around on the internet and ran into Carseat Canopy. I was so happy when they agreed to do a review and giveaway with me!

I first got to choose which style I wanted to use! I chose the Lovely! I have both girls, and they both seem to love pink! I was able to receive the “Whole Caboodle“.

What it Includes:

  • Minky Slip Cover
  • Minky Head Support Pillow
  • Baby Lap Blanket with Minky underside
  • Replacement Umbrella with Minky lining
  • Carseat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% cotton outer

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved the “whole caboodle.” It definitely spiced up my carseat like I was hoping, as well was soft and comfortable for my daughter! It washes very easily, and [Read more…]