Closer to Nature Monitor- When you only want the very best for your baby

You love your baby. They are the apple of your eye and you want to be able to see them all day and all night. How would you do this without either installing an expensive surveillance system or setting up a cot and learning how to creep stealthily like a ninja when going to the facilities are night? I jest- but really- how DO mommies get peace of mind at night?
Truly, I wish I had had this option when my son was born, the Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor. This monitor has a digital camera built into the satellite as well as a 2.8 inch color LCD screen on the viewer. I got the best available at the time- but this…this is pure magic!

This monitor has everything you could want in a baby monitor. Crystal clear sound, great reception and the ability to make it a two way audio connection to name a few. When our little one needs a little pep talk of, ‘it will be ok, shhhhhh go to sleep.’ It can be done without leaving your bedroom. This is no substitute for actual face time but it works for little fits. I know what you are thinking- my son is not a baby. Why do I have a monitor in his room?

He’s never been a good sleeper. He as breathing issues, and I am afraid that I won’t hear him if he is in distress and he sleeps upstairs. So, I never took the monitor out.

The connection between the monitor and the [Read more…]

GoGoBabyz- Travel Stroller/Carseat G!VEAWAY

Strollers always have some new feature to make you say, “Wow, great idea”. Today we are looking at GoGoBabyz new stroller the Urban Advantage. What makes this stroller unique is only has three wheels, two in the back and one in the front. This makes tight turns a breeze and even fitting it in the trunk seems a bit easier.

The stroller is for children from new born to 45 lb.s with a touch of a button it folds up quickly and easily. There is a large storage compartment underneath and the tires are airless, so no blow outs while traversing the wild streets of the city, lol. OR, the not so wild streets and sidewalks of suburbia 🙂

Little Man says about the stroller- “oh- mom, it’s comfy!” and I have to say it was a very smooth ride. It has 4 cupholders- one for me, one for him, and one for when Kamikaze joins us, with one left. So if you have more then 2 kids, or daddy comes along, you are good to go. It has lots of storage, and the sunshade is of course, a must have feature in any stroller. You also need the snack tray- which swings out for easy in and out- daily, don’t we? It’s also good for playing with all the toys our little ones carry with them everywhere, LOL.

It was super easy to put together- it took my husband less then 20 minutes to do. The ride is so smooth, it feels like you hardly have to push it at all, and more then once I have pushed it one-handed (what can I say- cell phones ring, toys drop, hats fall off, you know how it is!!!) and it was so not an issue. Even when the road gets bumpy, the stroller just keeps truckin’!

A few more features of this stroller that I love are;

  • 360-degree front-wheel swivel and a slim
  • Easy to maneuver around tight corners and narrow store aisles
  • Airless 12-inch wheels
  • Provides easy handling and a smooth ride on urban sidewalks or dirt paths
  • Cushioned four-position reclining seat back
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Stroller collapses easily with the one-handed folding system.

You can pick up lots of accessories for this stroller on the site, too- such as rain gear, a larger sun shade, a twin adapter, and the like 🙂

Next up is the GoGo Kidz Travelmate. The Travelmate is a wonderful attachment for anyone who goes traveling with toddlers. This attachment is in simplest terms wheels that attach to a car seat which make it very easy to roll the car seat around. The Travelmate has a telescopic handle and two 5 inch Razor wheels.

This attachment makes it so much easier then lugging around a car seat. Not only is your little one off their feet, but the car seat now has wheels and is easy to move around. Have you ever tried to travel while toting around a carseat? And then the stroller??? NOT FUN! You need a seat for your child on the plane, and you need a stroller for the airport, and when you land. This makes things so much easier. Plus then you won’t need to rent a carseat when you land and get to your rental car 🙂 BAM- covered!

Now onto the real fun parts. Recycling! GoGo Kidz now offers recycled versions of both their Travelmate and Urban Advantage. A recycled unit is one that has been refurbished [Read more…]

W!N Sock-Ons! Great for keeping baby’s socks on- how useful!

Keeping baby socks on can be a challenge. They slip off easily from baby’s kicks and tugs! A new and adorable mom-invented innovation keeps socks snug and on baby’s feet. Sock Ons are worn over the baby sock, locking the sock firmly in place. Sock Ons are an essential baby item that no baby parent can do without and make a perfect little baby gift item. $5.99 Available from or check

Check out the video- you will see how well they work!

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#Win a Douglas Cuddle Toy Here! SO CUTE!!!

As you can tell from my previous post on Douglas Cuddle Toys, we really enjoyed them! Little Man just had the opportunity to choose another from the Douglas website- and after agonizing, her chose a plush dog, the Johann Red Dachshund. Little loves his new puppy, as you can plainly see!

You can find all sorts of Douglas Toys just in time for the holidays by checking out their website. We have quite a few Douglas at this time, from dragons to guinea pigs to dogs- and Little just loves them! I bought him one of the plush horses while we were on a trip this summer, he named it “Kentucky”.

Douglas Cuddle Toys are not only cute, cuddly, and soft, but they are also affordable. Kentucky the horse was only $7.99, which I think is completely reasonable. They have sweet and adorable faces, and I have never had an issue with tears or ripping. My son wants “Santa” to bring him a Douglas plush cat (like Zesty) so we will see what we can do. Kamikaze likes the girls toy purses that they have, so we may have to look into those as well.

This is from Toy Fair 2011 this past year- and I am so excited to see what they have in store for 2012- I already signed up for Toy Fair 2012 🙂 How cute is all this sea creature stuff? We bought all the seahorses, and a few others as well.

MORE GOOD NEWS! If you are a Fan of Douglas on Facebook, you can get FREE SHIPPING! CHeck out the details-

FREE SHIPPING!! our facebook fans get it first!
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $35 or more. use promo code HOLIDAYFREE at checkout.
*Offer ends 11/18.

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5 Little Known Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

When it comes to your baby, you probably want to do everything right to ensure that they remain happy
and healthy as they grow. Perhaps you’ve painted the nursery with no-VOC paint, bought the best baby
furniture, switched to all-natural cleaning solvents, and even stocked the cabinets with organic formula
(in BPA-free cans, no less). While this is all good news for your newborn, if you’ve neglected to look into
the clothing that touches their bodies, you might not be doing all you can to protect your child. As a
result, you baby may suffer skin irritations and other problems associated with chemical-laden clothing.
But organic baby clothes can offer a solution; here are just a few benefits you may not have considered.

1. Sensitive skin. You’ve probably heard that a baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults or even
older children. But did you know that the dermis covering an infant’s body is actually thinner
and more porous, and that it produces less protective sebum? This not only means that babies
are more likely to suffer skin ailments as a result of contact with chemical products, but these
chemicals are more likely to enter their bodies through their skin. Opting for organic clothing is
just one way that you can help to protect them from harm.

2. Allergies. It is not uncommon for babies to suffer from allergic reactions to their clothing. While
most parents try to combat this by simply switching to a safe and gentle laundry detergent, you
really need to attack the problem from the root. This means removing all chemicals from their
presence by using organic linens for their bedding as well as the clothing they wear daily. This
way you can ensure that you’re doing less harm with the fabrics that touch their [Read more…]

Win Diapers AND Help Military Families #baby #Families

Huggies and Walmart are partnering with Operation Homefront to help military families in need and are asking for YOUR help! By visiting,you can submit Camo Cards as well as purchase HUGGIES

Win Playex Snack Bowls- great for #kids and #baby

Ok everyone, are you sick of being able to find your kids by the trail of cereal? I personally just follow the wagging dog tail. Our pup loves little man because of his knack for ‘leaking’ snacks. How about the crumbs in the backseat or bottom of the travel bag? Stroller….floors….pants…..

Playtex heard our plight and have developed some new snack bowls. These bowls are the Twist n Click snack bowl and the Twist n Click snacker with flip top. These two bowls have similar features but are very different. Both have the click n twist lid. The click lets you know the top is on and your snacks are secure and won’t spill all over. The containers come in all kinds of bright friendly colors. The snacker has a top on it where little fingers can fit in and grab food but snacks don’t fall out. Also there is a flip out top which keeps your crumbs in the container and not spread out over the back seat of your car.

The top also easily snaps off so the handle so little hands won’t scream when they accidentally close the lid. The bowls stack nicely together with lids that fit perfectly and are perfect for little bowls of cereal. 🙂

One of you will be able to win these fun snack cups as well!

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Tommee Tippee- Review and Contest! Great Bottles and Cups for your kiddos!

Tommee Tippee makes some pretty cool sippy cups!  I like all the options they have.  My son can now drink from a cup, but when we are in a car or at the Pre-K, I am ALL about the sippy cup, too messy otherwise!  Tommee Tippee has options from baby’s first bottle all the way through sport’s sippers, which I appreciate.  I was sent a variety to review, and the timing was great!  I don’t know if you saw all my Hurricane Irene photos, but we sure lost a lot of our sippy cups in the flood   🙁  

I was honestly a little nervous trying a new brand.  My son is a little picky about his cups- he likes Nuby the best, but will tolorate Advent and one sort of Playtex.  Only one kind, though.  However, he took to the Tomme Tippee Explora cups– No Problem, and he likes them as much as his Nuby cups- which is a BIG DEAL for a kid like him.  I prefer the Tommee Tippee, because he can’t chew off the top like he does with Nuby.  We also tried the Explora Lil Sipee and Spill Proof Straw Cup, and he likes them as well- he prefers sippies to straw cups, but he will drink out of them, which is something.  LOL. 

They don’t leak, but they do screw on tightly and are sometimes a bit hard to get off.  I’m guessing that’s the trade off, LOL.  The straw ones leak a tiny bit, about the same as other straw cups.  I love that they are BPA free- and of course I would not have given them to him if they had BPAs in them,  so this is a major deal.  I know that most moms feel the same way as I do at this point.

They have other mealtime products as well, such as Explora Section Plates.  Little Man is rather enjoying himself in this photo, since he gets to eat as his own private table, LOL- our kitchen and dining room are not usable at the moment (Again, thanks Irene), so he eats (like the rest of us) in the one “good” room- but he alone gets a table, LOL.  The rest of us are stuck with trays.  He thinks he’s the king- new cups and plates, AND the only one in a chair and table.  Life is good, LOL.

I am told by a friend who is trying out the new Tommee Tippee baby bottles that they flow nicely and she has not had any problems with them, that they are (like the cups and plates) dishwasher safe on the top rack, and that her baby uses them with no problem.  The bottles come in several sizes,

so that you can choose what is best for your baby.  There is even a Hygiene Cap for travel! 

One of you lucky readers can win any one of the products mentioned above from Tommee Tippee (who are just starting to be sold in the USA!)
You can also easily buy Tommee Tippee at or in stores now! 

There is also a new site, The Day Baby Was Born, that you can check out as well!.  So cute! 

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