Avoid the “Covid Slide”- Keep Your Kids Learning While Having Fun!

If you are like me, you are willing to try ANYTHING to keep your kids active and learning over the summer- not to mention, really, since Covid became part of our existence. It’s hard when they aren’t in school, and many of us don’t know what to do to keep them from losing knowledge (or from wanting to be in front of the TV and video games all day, ugh). Here are a few DIY kits we’ve really loved.

Solar-Powered Rovers

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Want to build fun solar-powered vehicles and devices that move using electricity generated directly from sunlight? With this kit, you can construct five motorized models. Build three types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a solar robot model. Conduct science experiments with each model to learn about gear ratios, solar cells, and more. The ultralight materials, including strong bamboo rods, make your models speedy and durable. A modular gearing system lets you test out three different gear ratios. Experiment with a solar cell, electric motor, gears, and ultralight materials. Build five different solar-powered models. Learn about how solar cells work and  about the energy from the sun. Ages 8+ MSRP: $19.95.


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With CREATTO, you can design and construct illuminated, three-dimensional creations that literally light up your life! The kit includes flexible yet durable interlocking plastic tiles and a string of LED lights that you can piece together to make animals, decorations, or your own custom creations. Each set includes an illustrated manual with easy, step-by-step instructions for multiple designs, but the building possibilities are nearly limitless using your imagination. Creatto is available in 3 fun sizes: mini, medi, and maxi. Kids can choose to build: Moonlight Elephant Safari: Ages 6+ MSRP: $9.95; Magical Moose & Forest Friends: Ages 6+ MSRP: $9.95; Starlight Kitty & Cutie Crew: Ages 8+ MSRP: $19.95; Shimmer Shark & Ocean Pals: Ages 9+ MSRP: $29.95; Sparkle Unicorn & Friends: Ages 9+ MSRP: $29.95.

Creatto Toys- Build Your Own NightLight #Crafts


Looking to keep the kiddos busy this summer? This endless quarantine? Forever until school is back to normal? LOL. Us too.

But I don’t just want to plus him into video games all day or sit him in front of the TV. Gaming has it’s place- but it can’t be ALLLLL day, you know? Yeah. So. We just tried out a new craft set from CREATTO, and he loved it. Like- had a really good time doing it. Actually. In reality. For real.

So why not try it with your kids too? It’s not expensive at all, between $10 and $30 each. And it comes in several different sets you can try if you have multiple kids, or just a reeeaaaally picky one.

Check out our thoughts below!

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“With CREATTO, you can design and construct illuminated, three-dimensional creations that literally light up your life! The kit includes flexible yet durable interlocking plastic tiles and a string of LED lights that you can piece together to make animals, decorations, or your own custom creations. Each set includes an illustrated manual with easy, step-by-step instructions for multiple designs, but the building possibilities are nearly limitless using your imagination. Creatto is available in 3 fun sizes: mini, medi, and maxi. Kids can choose to build: Moonlight Elephant Safari: Ages 6+ MSRP: $9.95; Magical Moose & Forest Friends: Ages 6+ MSRP: $9.95; Starlight Kitty & Cutie Crew: Ages 8+ MSRP: $19.95; Shimmer Shark & Ocean Pals: Ages 9+ MSRP: $29.95; Sparkle Unicorn & Friends: Ages 9+ MSRP: $29.95.”


This Wed., March 25th at 4 p.m., log onto Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Facebook page @Jerseysaurus for a free online lesson on how to draw The T-Rex with Paleoartist Chris DiPiazza.  Parents can supplement their children’s science and art assignments live or anytime later in March to supplement their children’s science and art assignments.

All children in the NYC-metro area who participate in the live or replay lesson can post a drawing in the comments of the video to be entered in a drawing for a family four pack of tickets valid on July 11th where you can meet the artist in person at the Field Station: Dinosaurs outdoor science expedition.  All children in the Derby, KS area will be entered to win a family four-pack of one-day passes to the Derby, KS location.


Chris DiPiazza, Paleoartist, Science Teacher, ZooKeeper, and creator of Prehistoric Beast of the Week will be hosting a live art class on how to draw The Mighty T-Rex.

All children who take the class can upload their T-Rex artwork into the video comments for a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to Field Station: Dinosaurs in Leonia for July 11th.

For those who enter the contest who live in Kansas, you can win a family four-pack of one-day pass admission to the Derby, KS location.

Deadline to enter is Sun. March 29, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Sign up for the free class on Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/s/live-video-learn-to-draw-the-m/1090155828019577/


Chris DiPiazza’s virtual art class will begin at 4 p.m. on Wed., March 25th.

WHAT ELSE:           

Chris DiPiazza will be kicking off Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Super Stars of Science series at the park in Leonia, NJ on Sun. July 11th.  He was recently chosen by the Academy of Natural Sciences to produce a life-sized reconstruction of the Hadrosaurus foulkii, the New Jersey state dinosaur, to accompany their mounted skeleton.

How to create your own custom cap

Why would you ever buy a hat that isn’t according to your desires? In fact, why would you buy a ready-made product when you create your own?

Custom caps are just one among many customizable items that you can create with minimal effort. Create a cap that says more about you or your brand. Or, create something that will feel special and unique. Stop buying generic items that will make you feel the same like thousands of other people. Instead, create something that will scream you!

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you create your first custom cap. Read on!



Pick the right type of a cap



First, you should start by choosing the right cap type. This will be the basis for your design and will likely impact how the finished item looks like. Most custom cap companies have cap types visibly displayed within a store. You won’t have to browse too much as you can quickly find what you’re looking for.



Choose the right color scheme



Color is every bit as important as the hat design. It creates the right background where you will place your logo, image or company log. No matter what, make sure to find a color that will match well with it but also, show your persona in the right way. Most custom hat companies offer a limited number of colors: for example, from 8 to 12. In most cases, these will be the basic colors. You might think that you will need more than that for a base but in most cases, this will be more than enough.



Add an image or a logo



Image or logo should be the centerpiece of a hat. Everything else is interchangeable and even if you manage to create a nice color combination, it still comes down to image that you will be using. In the end, this is the reason why you decided to make a custom hat in the first place, right? Sites that sell custom hats usually have their own designers so you can rely your wishes to them as they will surely oblige. Alternatively, you can draw or create your own logo or image and pass it to the company.


Adding text

People are usually divided when it comes to text. Some people will focus on image while the rest will just want to have a text on their hat. Of course, you can also have a combination of the two. Text can also be created in a specific color. You can go for brand’s colors or a color that will go well with your logo or basic scheme. This part is really easy. When you land on hat company’s site, all you have to do is choose font and what will say on your hat. Also, don’t forget to choose the position where it will be placed.



Finishing touches



When everything is said and done, you need to make sure that your design is flawless. There is no need to rush; take your time as your design will remain stored on site. Once you’re certain this is what you want, all you need to do is add to cart and finish the payment. Shipping for custom hats is usually very fast so you won’t have to wait too much for the finished product. Keep in mind that creating a custom hat is an experience in itself. It can be really fun and if you like to draw and create your own images, it can be an amazing way to express yourself!

5 Knitting Project Ideas for Beginners

You don’t need to be 60 to start knitting. In fact there are an increasing number of young people who have taken up knitting with some fantastic results.

The benefits of knitting are much more than the ability to create your own clothes; you can also knit gifts for others! It is also a great way of lowering your stress levels and keeping mentally active; this has been shown to help reduce the risk of age related memory loss.

Virtually any project is possible for the new knitter although you will find it is easier if you look at existing knitting patterns; this will give you a guide as to what you are supposed to do.

Here are some great knitting project ideas for beginners:


  • Scarf


The scarf is one of the simplest pieces of knitting because you only need to select the width of the scarf and the length. The width will dictate the number of stitches you need and the length will dictate the number of rows.

Keeping it one color will make it very simple to knit. To make it a little more difficult simply add a second color in.


  • Hat


The hat is also a fairly simple template. Again you’ll need a template. The width of your knitting will dictate the height of the hat, while the length will need to comply roughly with the circumference of the head that you are making the hat for.

Once you’ve completed what is effectively a mini scarf you’ll be able to stitch it together to make a simple beanie style hat.


  • The Blanket


This is a larger scale project than the scarf or hat but in essence just as simple. Again the width and length of your blanket is dictated by the number of stitches on your needle and how many rows you intend to do.

You can create several scarves in different colors and then stitch them together to make a large blanket. You and your partner will be able to snuggle under it on those long winter nights.


  • Leg Warmers


If you or your friend feel the chill or simply want to jump back a few years then you can knit some delightful leg warmers.

Again this simple project has a number of similarities to creating a scarf. You’ll simply need to stitch the ends together when you’ve found the right size for your legs.


  • Shawl


This can be just as simple as knitting a blanket but you can also take this project up to the next level by adding tassels to the edges of your shawl. This will transform it from a simply blanket style shawl to a fashionable piece.

All of these projects have knitting patterns but it is advisable to practice your stitches before you start knitting any of them. The best items are finished with smaller stitches; which means smaller needles and potentially more stitches width.

Taking your time to get your stitches right will ensure that the finished garment looks perfect; every time.

Interesting Craft Ideas For Families To Do Together

Everybody likes to spend time with their families over the holidays. It can be hard to find something that includes everyone and that everybody wants to do as hobbies and activities become age dependant. You’ll probably find it difficult to find something that everybody wants to get involved in but it helps to try.


The holidays are approaching and you might find yourself at home with your kids, not knowing what to do with them. If it’s not your own kids, it might be your younger siblings, or nieces and nephews coming over to visit. We all know how hectic it can get when you have to look after the little ones. You have to keep checking up on them to make sure they’re not getting into trouble or hurt and find ways to keep them busy.


Finger painting and macaroni necklaces are both good ideas but we all know what happens to those projects after a while. Try something a bit more sophisticated. Something that the whole family will enjoy but can still be useful afterwards. Something everybody can be proud to say that they made.


Keeping everyone busy can mean the difference between being happy and being bored, and what better way to keep them busy than to get everybody involved in the same activity. Craft activities are engaging and dont require too much energy or tire you out. This way you can keep a watchful eye on everyone as well as have fun and make some good memories.



A great way to prepare for the holidays is by making festive ornaments. Get all the supplies together and make your own personalised festive ornaments for Halloween, Christmas or even Valentine’s day. The possibilities are endless.


You can be as creative as you want and it would make the holiday that much more special knowing you created all the decorations yourselves. The upside is it’s not as expensive as the decorations you would buy in stores and it would have so much more value and meaning.


Decoupage is a great option for this. It’s inexpensive and quite easy to do. You will need glue, scissors and some paper images or prints that you would like to display or put on your decorations. You paste the paper on the surface using glue then you add a few more coats of glue over the surface of the paper paper and let it dry. Once you’re finished you can keep them for the next year, or throw them away and make some more the next time the occasion rises.



If you have older children who are in their teens, they might be a bit reluctant to do the activities you have planned for the little ones. A rewarding hobby such as embroidery might be a good idea. Embroidery is back on trend in the fashion world. It’s a great way to personalise items in your wardrobe and home. Get the younger ones involved by having them pick out fabrics or designs they might like. If you don’t know how to do it, it would be even more fun to start learning together.


What you’ll need to start is an embroidery machine, scissors, thread, fabric, stabiliser and a design. Now imagine making scatter cushions with words of affirmation on them or any other design of your choice.


In keeping with the holiday theme, you could even make items like placemats and napkins for the dinner table. This adds a personal touch and something you can show off to your guests. These items can last forever and become a keepsake in your home.



Once again, the possibilities are endless. You can try looking up recipes on the internet to make the soap you desire or you could take the easy route and get some soap-making blocks. Follow the recipe as closely as possible if you decide to take that route. Keep the soap from sticking by using some parchment paper on cookie sheets.


If you decide to use soap blocks you need to melt them down. Once the soap blocks are melted the fun can begin. You can add essential oils for some fragrance and add some colour by using food colouring. You can even add some Borax to make your soap extra sudsy for the kids to enjoy.

DIY Vampirina and Unicorn Hoodies

Vampirina is the spookiest ghoul on Disney Junior. That’s why with Halloween and cooler weather right around the corner, a Vampirina hoodie is a no-brainer. Your little one will feel like she’s checked herself in for the night at the Scare B&B where she can hang with Vee and the whole Hauntley family.
vampirina costume
The best part about this adorable hoodie is that you don’t need to have any sewing skills to recreate it!

All the steps you need to create your very own no-sew Vampirina hoodie are in this post: https://www.wholesalehalloweencostumes.com/blog/diy-no-sew-vampirina-hoodie/

The move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania might’ve been a challenge for the Hauntley family, but bringing this hoodie to life should be easy for you!

If you’ve got a little Vampirina fan on your hands, you could also celebrate in style with a Vampirina party. Wholesale Party Supplies even created a cute Vampirina photo booth backdrop and Vampirina cookies to complete the celebration!

Looking for other no-sew options? Check out this magical unicorn hoodie!

Check out more DIY costumes, makeup tutorials and DIY decorations up on the blog, so keep an eye out on posts that will help you prepare for Halloween 2018.

Duck Tape Creativity

duck tape crafts

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand® for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is a substance known to man that has proven one of the most important substances to handy-men and women, crafters, gardeners, mechanics and children.  This substance is Duck® brand duct tapeR).

This wondrous tape will hold things together tightly, is weather poof and is now available in time for back to school.  You may be asking what does Duck Tape(R) have to do with back to school?  Well the answer to that is quite simple.  Lets say your little ones want something truly unique and special that only they have.  Why not make them something?  Maybe a pencil case with a nifty design and color unique to them?

Take a look at creating a Duck Tape(R)  school supply case.

This pencil case is perfect for cleaning up that cluttered backpack or desk and starting the school year off right. You can use any kind of tape, like Color Duck Tape® or Printed Duck Tape® to make your projects more individualized.

The directions below are from the Duck Tape(R) Ducktivities projects.

Approximate Crafting Time

1 Hour & 0 Minute

Supplies and Tools

Duck Tape(R)

1 qt. sandwich bag with zip closure


Craft knife



Crafting board

duck tape


Step 1

Cut the zipper part off your sandwich bag. Leave about 1/2 inch of bag attached to the zipper part. Do not throw away the rest of the bag.

Step 2

Make 2 pieces of Duck Tape(R) fabric that measure as wide as your bag and 4 in. tall.

Step 3

Using a strip of Duck Tape(R), adhere the piece of Duck Tape(R) fabric you made in step 2 to the zipper from step 1. Repeat for the other side with your second piece of Duck Tape® fabric.

Step 4

Fold a single piece of Duck Tape(R) over each of the open edges of the supply case to close them up. Trim any excess tape.

Step 5

For the I.D. holder cut a rectangle out of the remaining plastic bag that measures 2.5 in. tall by 4 in. wide.

Step 6

Cut a piece of  Duck Tape(R) that measures 1 in. tall and 4 in. wide and fold it over the top of the plastic rectangle from step 5. Use 3 more pieces on the sides and bottom to attach it to your case, keeping the top open.

Step 7

If desired, adhere 3 more strips of a different color Duck Tape®, leaving a little of the previous color Duck Tape(R) showing. Trim any excess.

Step 8

Create a tab to add to your supply case by cutting off a 5 in. long piece of Duck Tape®and folding it over on to itself lengthwise.

Step 9

Cut a 1 in. slit in the side of your supply case with a craft knife and insert the tab. Use a small piece of tape on the inside to hold the tab in place.

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