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If more of us actually knew the signs of learning and attention disorders, I do not think that so many children would go undiagnosed every single year. It is so sad that we as a community are so uneducated about what those signs are. One in five children struggles with issues related to reading, math, writing, focus, organization and behavioral issues, yet many children with learning and attention issues do not have a diagnosis.

If you are a parent, a friend or family member who thinks that a child might be going through learning and attention disorders, you are not alone in this. There are five learning and attention issues that are most common:

  • ADHD: More Than Moving Fast
  • Dyslexia: The Best-Known Learning Issue
  • Dyscalculia: More Than Math Anxiety
  • Dysgraphia: Wrestling With Writing
  • Dyspraxia: Trouble With Motor Skills

With the right diagnosis, parents and teachers are better able to understand what their children are going through. This leads to a better understanding of the help that they need in order to be successful. When a child is able to fully understand and overcome whatever struggles they are facing, they will finally feel normal. They will have a higher self-esteem and feel more in line with their peers. This is a BIG deal!

Understood.org provides helpful resources for parents and students with learning and attention issues as well as for parents wondering if their child may have an undiagnosed learning and attention issues. Hopefully you have not been feeling completely without help in what you are going through, but if you have, you are certainly not alone! Understood.org is a free, one-stop, easy-to-use online resource. And the sooner you get help for your child, or a child you think is in need, the sooner they can get on the track to success.

Understood was created by a coalition of 15 nonprofits, and its content and tools were informed by a survey of more than 2,200 parents of children with learning and attention issues. Understood offers free daily access to experts through chats and webinars, a safe online community that encourages parents to reach out to and learn from each other and a suite of specially designed, first-of-their-kind tools .

Whether you have worked with your child on dealing with this struggle for years or this is something new for you, Understood has resources for everyone to learn how to help these kiddos with whatever challenges they face. The You & Your Family section helps families with practical solutions and advice for social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

If you think your child might have a challenge with learning, please do not wait. Every second counts.

Learn With Oliver- Language Learning Online

Languages go hand in hand with traveling. Whether you are visiting another country, or just an area outside of your own town, you never know who you are going to meet and what language they are going to speak. Learning a different language helps you to broaden your horizons.  With the world getting smaller and more diverse, it’s really becoming essential that everyone know at least a second language.



There are a lot of ways to learn a new language, but many are time consuming and costly. If you are like me, you don’t have time to go to classes and want a way to learn online.

Learn with Oliver might be a perfect solution. Learn with Oliver is an online language learning site. They currently offer Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai.

They also offer a way for people to learn English. For people who are looking to learn English but currently speak Chinese, German, Korean, Russian, French, or Portuguese, Learn with Oliver is an online option as well.

What makes Learn with Oliver a great option is that there are 2 memberships. The basic membership is free forever. That means you get to work on learning a new language without having to worry about an outrageous cost. There is also a premium membership that gives you added features that can make learning a language easier and faster. At only $8 a month or $84 for the year, you get the ability to add notes to your flash cards, enter your own words and sentences, use a sound feature, and get fast essay correction.

If you don’t know a second language, now is the time. A cool new “thing” will only last so long, and it’s appeal even less long.  You know how it is.  But, a second language is forever, and is a great skill for your resume, college application, and makes you more employable.  It also opens up a world to you that was previously closed.  Go ahead and see what you think- there is nothing to lose.  Visit Learn With Oliver and see what you think.

Back to School with Tutor Time

First Day of School 005

It is Back to School time, and as such, it is also time to choose the right school for your little ones in those formative early education ages, from infants to kindergarten.  This all depends on the particular child, but should of course be considered in order to get your child used to being with large groups of children in an educational setting.  This can be something to get used to not only as thinking time but also as quiet time as well.  Some children have a very hard time with being still, and that is something that they can work on before entering Kindergarten when it will be a problem. There is fun as well, of course- some of  most fun my own son had in early education was craft time.

11-13-10 034

Craft Time builds cognitive skills, gives practice to fine motor skills, give the imagination a stretch, and more.  Not to mention, your kids will be so proud of their creations.  Another great item touched upon in early education is health and food.  The importance of proper nutrition for your children has been noted- check out how schools you are looking at promote this.  When trying to pick the right school for your little ones, it is important to come with questions in mind, and asking how they are covered during the curriculum, as well as what kind of setting and how much free time the children will  have.
One such early education facility is Tutor Time child care/learning center of Saddle Brook.  This Tutor Time is geared toward children from Infant through to Kindergarten aged with their Infant Care to Kindergarten specializations.

“Where one-of-a-kinds get started” is the general anthem of Tutor Time: Every child is unique.

At Tutor Time, every child’s individuality is used to his or her advantage in the way they learn, grow, build self-esteem, and develop their imagination.  Tutor Time teaching strategies are designed to maximize the development of each child and to recognize how they learn different subjects in different ways.  Check out a local school near you and see what you think.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Learning Care Group. The opinions and text are all mine.

Tiggly Words- Great Word and Letter games for Kids

Disclosure: The Tiggly Words was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

With my daughters beginning school soon I am all about trying to find new ways for them to learn. I must say that with Tiggly Words my girls have enjoyed playing with letters and making words.

About Tiggly:

Tiggly develops learning systems, combining toys with specially developed apps which interact with the toys.

Founded in 2012 and based in New York, Tiggly products build on 70 years of academic research highlighting that manipulating physical objects is essential to early childhood development.

Tiggly enables parents to bring this critical component of early learning to the “digital sandbox” today’s kids inhabit.


About Tiggly Words:


  • Long & Short Vowels
  • Phonics
  • Nouns & Verbs
  • Word Building


  • Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Spelling Patterns


  • Expanding Concepts
  • Asking “What If”
  • Story Telling

Tiggly words includes the 5 interactive vowel toys and a special code to get all 3 apps for free.


About the Apps:

 Submarine Spelling: Joining Tiggly in underwater world of vowel exploration and new word discovery! You will meet a wide variety of hilarious characters that you can interact with. This app truly helps develop children’s understanding of simple words and short vowel sounds.

Tiggly Tales Word Buliding: This wonderful game allows you to use all the vowels you would like in a series of consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) word combinations to create silly characters and actions.

Tiggly Doctor Vowels: This great game allows you to work on verbs. You are the doctor in this app and your patients have some crazy injuries. You will complete action verbs needed to perform a series of unusual operations.


My Thoughts:

I am an absolutely huge fan of all the Tiggly toys. My daughters love the shapes and the math just as much as they love the words. I have greatly enjoyed watching them play with their letters and words as they are having fun and learning. My youngest is a huge fan of the Doctor App, and my oldest likes things about each of the apps.

I would recommend Tiggly to anyone out there. These apps and toys are incredible. They get your child learning and enjoying themselves all at the same time. Kids love to play with tablets and I like to know that they are playing educational games.

I promise that you will not be disappointed in anyway. The apps are fun, I have found myself get carried away playing them with the girls for much longer than I have intended to do.

Note- this is for iPad only- it says it is compatible with other “leading android” devices, but it is not (tried on 5 different kinds, no luck on any of them).

A Colorful, Creative Form of Healing

music art

You can find an extensive amount of information regarding the positive impact color has on physical healing and emotional well being. There’s also an abundance of information provided by qualified professionals and substantiated by a variety of assessments on the healing power of music. The Sing for Hope organization provides people the opportunity to experience both forms of healing and stress relief in an incredibly unique manner.

Artistic Pianos

Without any adornment, a piano can be described as a piece of art. It’s shape has a beauty worthy of admiration. However, when a group of artists are invited to release their creativity on the exterior surface of a piano, the result is an explosion of color that excites the eyes, lifts the spirit and invites you on a journey designed by the artist’s personal vision. Take a moment to envision a collection of colorful pianos placed in a centralized location just waiting for someone to approach them and release sounds that complement the exterior artistry, stir the soul and make the heart smile.

Healing sounds

Children have a natural sense of wonder, creativity and expectation. Unfortunately, those free-spirit ideas are often stifled by adults who weren’t allowed to express their creative side as a child or who were discouraged from nurturing optimism. An organization such as Sing for Hope provides a centralized location for people of all ages to come and enjoy and experience the positive impact music and art can have on one’s mind, body and emotions. Prior training or special talents aren’t needed to become a part of this experience. They make this experience a reality for many children and adults who otherwise would not have the opportunity to see the work of dedicated, talented artist or have a chance to bring forth musical sounds that come straight from their heart.

In an almost magical, mystical and unexplainable way, the healing power of visual art and the audible sound of music can provide stress relief, pain relief, emotional calmness and positively impact one’s world in many other ways regardless of whether you are the artist, the performer, the observer or the listener. Allowing yourself to be fully consumed in an art project or totally focused on the creation of a unique and personal musical composition can yield positive results that may far exceed your hopes or expectations.

Learn Better with Understood.org

Not every child learns the same way.  There are many different ways kids learn, and when a child has problems learning in the classroom, there are ways to help them succeed. Do you know the signs of learning and attention issues ?


In the U.S., 1 in 5 children struggle with learning and attention issues.  These kids are as smart as their peers, and with the right strategies and support, they can succeed in and out of the classroom.  But parents sometimes feel alone in their search for support and information about what they can do to help their child academically, socially and emotionally.

My own son is struggling with reading- he has an incredible vocabulary, good comprehension skills, and is great at math and science- but reading is a real struggle for him.  Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace, and that’s OK.  As a teacher and a mother, I know it will all even out in the end, and that there are many ways of teaching and of learning.  Children learn in many ways, and the younger you identify your child’s strengths and learning styles, the better off they will be.

 Understood.org is a free, one-stop, easy-to-use online resource and community designed to empower parents of children ages 3-20 with learning and attention issues.

Resources are available for parents at all stages of this journey – those who don’t yet know why their child is struggling, as well as those who have been dealing with these issues for some time.

Visit Understood.org to experience “Through Your Child’s Eyes,” a series of interactive simulations and videos that enable parents to experience firsthand how seemingly simple tasks become complicated when seen through the eyes of a child with reading, writing, math, organization or attention issues.

It can be overwhelming when you find that your child needs extra help, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can find the resources you and your child needs to get them back on track quickly and painlessly.
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What Are You Doing Over Holiday Break? Head to the Liberty Science Center!

Not only is the Liberty Science Center a whole lot of enjoyment, but it will also keep the kid’s brains engaged while they are off from school.  Don’t worry- they will be having so much fun they won’t notice that they are learning things.  With the kids soon to be out of school for holiday break (in general driving you stark raving mad, especially since you can’t let them outside as long as you might in warmer months), you will be glad to have a day out at the Liberty Science Center.

Liberty Science CenterThe kiddos had such a good time- we easily could have spent even longer at the LSC, but by 4:30 mom and dad were ready to call it a day.   (We got there at 11 am, so it was a fairly long day.)  There are tons of activities and exhibits, in a bunch of different genres- animal science, biology, earth science, working out puzzles and mind twisters, ecology, weather, music- if you can think of it, they have it.  They even have live animals, reptiles, and aquariums.  There is also plenty of physical activity for the kids to engage in.

IMAG0593One of the newest fun activities is the Infinity Climber. The only one like it in the world, it is suspended several floors up and relies on just one point of contact for stability and suspension. Kids and adults can climb into it and go crazy- find their way up and down and through- in any way they desire.

About the “Infinity Climber”

The “Infinity Climber” is a free-form, three dimensional, multi-story climbing structure created for children. Designed by Spencer Luckey, the sculpture is made out of bent plywood platforms that are suspended by steel pipes and cables. Located in the large atrium of the Liberty Science Center, visitors have the opportunity to climb, crawl, and balance through this extraordinary experience in a safe, but physically challenging environment designed to promote sensorimotor learning.
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Tiggly Shapes are Great Educational Toys

Disclosure: The Tiggly Shapes mentioned below were provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information

My daugthers are at that age where they love to learn new things and explore the world around them. they were huge fans of the Tiggly Counts that we had used before that I was so excited to let them try out the Shapes as well.  

About Tiggly Shapes

These wonderful toys interact with 3 Free iPad apps – to enhance shape recognition and creativity!

Your child can now use the geometric shapes with the apps to help make their imaginations come alive.

These great educational toys help work on Shape Recognition, Creative Development, and Storytelling.

In addition to all of that, they help to Develop fine motor skills, spur creativity, and enhance spatial reasoning.

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