Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

When I first heard about the live performance of How to Train Your Dragon it sounded interesting, but boy was I in for a surprise. The show is a spectacular combination of music and sights, for both adults and kids to enjoy. The show is filled with wonders, such as the combination of live action and video. One part of the show was created to look like the actor is running along a path- but in reality it was an actor running through projected and real scenery while hanging perpendicular to the screen, then all about the stage (and wall) area. The dragons were amazing, the robotics involved to make these creatures move, roar, shoot fire or lasers is truly fantastic. Shadow dragons flying above or shooting fire completed the effect, along with pyrotechnics that shot flames and tied it all together.

The pre-show Hero’s Welcome package was a great idea. The package included all of us getting dressed up as vikings for a posed picture, then meeting the main human characters (Astrid and Hiccup) for photos and Dragon Training Certifications. After the show, they had an explanation of how things worked. Pretty in Pink had to take her certificate for show and tell in school, so that she could show everyone that she is now a Dragon Trainer (she was so proud). Little Man was absolutely aglow from the idea that he was a viking and he had a chance to hold a sword and a shield. He also wanted to hug all the dragons- so no worries that they will be too scary for your little ones.
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Clifford the Big Red Dog Coming to Keswick Theatre

Clifford is coming soon to the Keswick Theater, and we cannot wait to go see the show. What child doesn’t love this Big, Red Dog?

Clifford the Big Red Dog is coming to the Keswick Theatre on Sunday, October 14TH for 2 BIG shows at 1 and 4PM to celebrate his 50TH Birthday in a special live theatrical show featuring new songs, dancing and laughter the whole family will love.
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Parallel Exit Debuts- Exit, Stage Left at Symphony Space

Saturday, October 13

Just Kidding show at 11 am (tickets $13 to $20);

grown-up show at 7:30 pm (tickets: $30)

Tickets are available now and at the door.

Parallel Exit will present the NYC public debut of their hilarious new show, Exit, Stage Left! at Symphony Space. This all-ages event tells the story of a theater performance that just can’t seem to go right.

Harkening back to the days of vaudeville, this ensemble of five presents a wide range of old-fashioned family entertainment, from tap dance to live music to slapstick comedy. Parallel Exit’s summer run of “I Love Bob” at the Joyce Theater was acclaimed by Andy Webster in the New York Times as “tirelessly inventive physical humor.”

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Dining With Al Capone

The Kissimmee area has much to choose from when it comes to dining, but our favorite is dinner and a show. It’s a fun way to experience some local flavor, and who cares if it’s raining?

We ate at Capones Dinner and Show, an interactive experience that is cute for all ages. It was a whole lot of “kitch” and meant to be fun and silly. It reminded me of another restaurant chain’s slogan- “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined”. It for sure fell under that category. One of the running gags of the evening was “Fork You!” while brandishing- you guessed it- a fork.
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Phineas and Ferb: The Best Live Show Ever

Disney’s new Phineas and Ferb, The Best Live Show Ever was a fun, lively experience for the entire audience. The ages in the audience ranged from the very small to tweens (and of course their parents), and focused on the brothers’ adventures with friends trying to experience every drop of summer. On the last day of summer vacation, Phineas and Ferb find themselves in front of a live audience, and slide down from the TV screen (where you can watch them daily) onto the stage.
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Damn Yankees at the Paper Mill Playhouse

Damn Yankees, playing at the Paper Mill Playhouse at 22 Brookside Drive in Millburn, is a home run hit. Playing through April 1, this award winning musical will thrill audiances eight times a week with it’s upbeat numbers like “Those Were the Good Old Days”, “Heart” and the saucy “Whatever Lola Wants”. Paper Mill Playhouse, winner of two 2011 People’s Choice Awards, makes great theater accessable to everyone. Bringing some of Broadway’s biggest blockbusters to New Jersey’s residents and casting brilliant actors, spending a night out at the theater doen’t have to break the bank.

You can see the lights of Broadway stars right here in NJ- such as the devilish Howard McGillin, who plays Mr. Applegate (and appeared on Broadway on The Phantom of the Opera’s title character for ten years) Joseph Kalinski, (who just appeared on Broadway in “Follies” and plays Joe Boyd in this production) and Patti Cohenour (“Meg”, whose career has spanned Broadway, opera, and the ballet). The Devil may care what goes on across the tunnel- Damn Yankees has an amazing and award winning team right here. Even if lots of us do love the Yankees.

Joe Boyd, the Washington Senators baseball team’s biggest fan, loves his team a little too much. Add to that a little nostalgia to his baseball playing days of yore, and this spells trouble. When a scoundrel with his eyes on Joe’s soul sets in, it’s too much for him, and he signs on the dotted line (so to speak). The devil offers Joe the chance to return to his youth, be 22 years old, and the best ballplayer the world has ever seen- and finally beat those “damn Yankees”. While Joe makes the team and leads them into victories, he misses his wife, Meg, whom he left with only a note more then he ever thought he would.
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WIN TICKETS to “1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends” Live Show

What kid doesn’t love Elmo? I know I grew on on Sesame Street, and though the 80’s toys and games have made a comeback- Sesame Street never really went away, did it? And thankfully so- it’s a great, educational, and wholesome show that you don’t have to be afraid to let your children watch. Another thing I love about Sesame Street? They kept it as it was. Sure, it is updated- but no one got super skinny, got giant heads or eyes, went “anime” in style, Maria and Gordon aged like normal people, and the characters all look as they should.

AND You and your child can see all your favorite friends Live in the latest stage performance- 1-2-3 Imagine 🙂
Where can your imagination take you? Anywhere you want to
be! Audiences in New Brunswick are invited to make a world of adventure come to life with
Elmo, Abby Cadabby and friends as the stage lights come up on Sesame Street Live “1-
2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends”. This imagination-inspired musical will make a stop at
the State Theatre from Thursday, April 12, through Sunday, April 15. Tickets for all eight
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Freckleface Strawberry The Musical

The adorable, best selling children’s book Freckleface Strawberry by actress Julianne Moore has been adapted into a 70-minute musical. The high-energy, family friendly hit can be seen at the off Broadway theater MMAC (Manhattan Movement and Arts Center), located at 248 West 60th Street.
Freckleface Strawberry the Musical has music and lyrics by Gary Kupper, book by Gary
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