CBD Wellness 101- What Every Beginner Needs To Know

When cannabis became legal a few years ago, its derivatives gained acceptance and gradually earned widespread popularity. CBD, in particular, has established itself as a leading wellness and beauty trend. Medical research indicates much about its therapeutic benefits, and there is a lot more you will find about it in the wellness circles. There are magazine and news articles that validate the scientific evidence, celebrity testimonials that endorse CBD, and wellness practitioners who recommend products for a host of health conditions. Before you integrate CBD into your daily routine, you must know and understand some facts. 

CBD heals the body and mind

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in cannabis plants, so you can embrace it without worrying about getting high. The healing potential of this cannabinoid is immense as it works on your body and mind. It can relieve chronic pain, fine-tune digestive processes, regulate sleep patterns, and boost immune responses. Beyond treating physical health issues, it can alleviate stress and anxiety and balance your mood. The best part about using it as a wellness therapy is that it is safe and natural while being effective. It can help you steer clear of the side effects of painkillers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants.

Many options to explore 

Beginners looking to switch to CBD-based wellness have access to many options in products and methods of consumption. You may order cbd tinctures and oils, soft gels, and topical products. There is a wide range in edibles too, from baked goodies to gummies, chocolates, candies, and more. Alternatively, you can try cooking edibles or brewing tea or coffee by infusing CBD into your recipes. The choice of products and methods boils down to your preference and expectations. While you can pick the oral options if you want to taste the product, topical creams and lotions are the best for those who do not want to ingest it. 

Making CBD work for you

Incorporating CBD into your ongoing wellness routine is a breeze, and you need not do much to embrace it as a therapy. You can start the morning with a cup of infused beverage, chew a gummy in the middle of a busy day, relish an edible with your evening drinks, or apply a lotion on your skin at bedtime. But making it work for you as a beginner needs some caution and awareness. Start slowly with a small dose to understand how it works on your system. You may seek guidance from a seasoned user or a medical practitioner when you embark on this new journey. Eventually, you will understand what products and doses give you the best results.

Another useful piece of advice for newbies is to always get quality products from a reliable source, even if you have to spend a little more. Consistency is the key to getting the best results with CBD-based wellness, just as with any other alternative therapy. Be regular with your daily dose of CBD wellness, and you can avail its myriad benefits sooner rather than later. 


Is your child feeling anxious or depressed?

About 1 in 4 Americans is diagnosed with a mental illness at any given time.

Clinical depression is a serious illness that affects men and women of all ages.

It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and general health.

Rick Birt, president and ceo, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisons) is responsible for leading the organizational programming, outreach, development, and communication efforts, while leading the SADD National Staff. Working closely with the Board of Directors, Rick sets and implements the strategic direction for SADD, empowering the millions of students in which SADD serves. An expert in the matters of youth health and safety, Rick has authored several publications that feature SADD’s unique form of a peer-to-peer approach that is vital to creating lasting behavior change in youth. Rick also frequents major news outlets, where he provides perspective for parents on best practices for helping their teen succeed. A SADD alumni himself, SADD has over a decade of prevention experience. Previously, Rick held the position of Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Partnership, and Development Officer for SADD. Before joining the SADD team, he led Midwest Operations as the Midwest Education Outreach Coordinator for Impact Teen Drivers. Rick is actively involved in the community and spends time giving back to the Washington, DC area. Prior to his move to the District, he spent six years on the Northwestern Local Schools Board of Education (Ohio) and serves on several local and national boards that work to make a change at the community level. Rick is a self-proclaimed dessert aficionado, who enjoys frequent travel adventures and a good Netflix binge.

Clinical depression is a serious illness that affects men and women of all ages.

It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and general health.

Studies show that high school–aged students with mental illness are more likely to drink, use drugs, and die from suicide (the third leading cause of death in youth) 

Talking Points:

  • Often, mental illness begins to develop through high school and college years
  • Clinical depression is a serious illness that affects men and women of all ages
  • Feelings of sadness, which can include crying spells for no apparent reason
  • Frustration or feelings of anger, even over small matters
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities
  • Loss of interest in, or conflict with, family and friends
  • Use of alcohol or drugs
  • Less attention to personal hygiene or appearance

The good news is that there is help for those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Unfortunately, many teens are reluctant to seek the help they need because of the stigma associated with depression.

SADD chapters have access to information, tools and campaigns that help them know the warning signs, end the stigma, and empower each other to get help.


Struggling to conceive? You are not alone. One in eight couples in the US have difficulty getting or staying pregnant, many without explanation and who are otherwise healthy.

Before giving up hope or turning to Reproductive Medicine, (or other expensive, invasive treatments) there are several things you should try first to help you get pregnant. Although there is no magic formula that guarantees conception, there is a lot you can do to boost your chances.

According to Dr. Robert Kiltz, many people underestimate the serious impact that diet, lifestyle, and stress have on fertility.

“We already know that what we eat plays a huge role in helping our bodies function properly, and the reproductive system is no different…”

…says Dr. Kiltz, a board-certified OB/GYN and reproductive endocrinologist with more than three decades of experience helping families grow. As the founder of CNY Fertility, (one of the largest and most dynamic fertility centers in the country),  Dr. Kiltz has witnessed the positive power of nutrition to bring new life into the world.

So what should you eat to boost your chances?

Dr. Kiltz recommends a diet high in fats, moderate in proteins, and low in carbohydrates – and he is not alone in this belief. A growing body of new research supports a low-carb lifestyle for fertility. Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that women who consumed approximately 60% of their calories from carbohydrates (vs. 40%) had a 91% higher risk of ovulatory infertility.

We already know that low-carb diets (if done correctly) are an extremely effective strategy for weight loss, but what does carbohydrate consumption have to do with fertility? According to Kiltz, carbohydrates play a primary role in determining blood sugar and insulin levels. If blood sugar and/or insulin levels are too high, reproductive hormone levels can be thrown off which can ultimately have an effect on ovulation and therefore, fertility.

How often you eat also plays a role. Dr. Kiltz practices and recommends “intermittent fasting,” eating just one meal a day at night and allowing the body the time it needs to rest and digest. Most people eat 3-6 times per day which keeps glucose levels high and increases inflammation.

According to Dr. Kiltz, mental health is also an extremely important factor in fertility, which is problematic in the wake of a pandemic, vaccine anxiety, economic decline, social disruption, and political turbulence.

In his book, The Fertile Feast, Dr. Kiltz explores the fascinating connection between food and fertility and emphasizes the importance of diet and how it influences the overall wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit and ultimately your ability to conceive.

“Fertility is much more than just diet and exercise. It’s also about your frame of mind…”

…says Kiltz who, after initially making a name for himself in fertility medicine, became a leader in the holistic health movement for his insights on mindfulness, mental health, and nutrition.

He encourages his patients who are having difficulty with conception to connect with others in deep, joyous, and meaningful ways.

(Credit for this post goes to Dr. Robert Kiltz, Fertility Doctor & Author of The Fertile Feast)

February 11: United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital spotlights women scientists helping find cures and treatments for catastrophic diseases

On the United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science todaySt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital marks this important recognition today by highlighting a series on women in science and medicine at St. Jude.

The online feature highlights women scientists, doctors and experts whose contributions to the field are leading to advancements in cures and prevention strategies for catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Launched in advance of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the series aims to tell the stories of these extraordinary women and inspire girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

“The contributions by women to the field of science and medicine is immeasurable,” said Martine Roussel, Ph.D., a molecular oncologist at St. Jude who has devoted nearly 50 years to scientific exploration. “The extraordinary women who work tirelessly at St. Jude, some of whom are featured in this series, have made groundbreaking and lifelong impacts on advancing treatments and potential cures for some of the world’s most difficult diseases. Too often, women in science and medicine face obstacles in their careers, but nevertheless they persevere and the entire world is better because of their determination. We hope these stories are an inspiration to girls across the globe and help them see that they, too, can choose a career in STEM.”

Roussel, who was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2019 and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2011, has long been an advocate for women in science. In 2019 she was among several female scientists who were part of a groundbreaking “Women in Cancer Research” article in Nature discussing the prevalence of gender inequality in science and the work necessary to level the playing field.

“Female and male scientists have the same drive and passion, but women are subject to implicit bias,” wrote Roussel for Nature. “Although there are now more women scientists, with or without children, who are recognized for career achievements, gender equality has not yet been achieved.” 

St. Jude recognizes contributions of women in science and medicine

Through a one-on-one “question and answer” interview format, the women in science and medicine series will feature every Monday, through the end of March, a story telling the journey of a female St. Jude scientist, doctor or expert via the online St. Jude award-winning magazine, St. Jude ProgressSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will also promote these features through social media participation with the #womeninscience hashtag.

Already posted features include:

For Erica Kaye, MD, the privilege of caring for a patient and family is sacred

  • Erica Kaye, MDshares her family’s journey to becoming physicians and how meaningful connections have deepened her understanding of her role in caring for patients.

Life-changing experience forged Niki Jurbergs’ career in pediatric oncology

  • Niki Jurbergs, PhD, credits a hematology/oncology rotation as a psychology intern as a pivotal moment that shaped how she cares for patients today.

Robin Mutz’s childhood dream to be a nurse led to becoming the chief nurse executive at St. Jude

  • Robin Mutz, RN, never forgot the compassionate leadership she encountered early in her career.

Deanna Tremblay credits mother with inspiration to pursue scientific career

  • Deanna Tremblay, MSc, credits her mother’s decision to return to school as a key event in shaping a career path in science.

The St. Jude Progress blog will shine the light on the critical work and the personal stories of how these accomplished women are advancing life-saving preventions, treatments and cures for the world’s most challenging diseases. The women scientists, doctors and experts at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital continue to be critical in the development of treatments that have helped increase the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 80% since the hospital opened more than 50 years ago. Each of these profiles – ranging from personal reflections to professional development – aim to profile the journeys of the women of St. Jude helping the hospital achieve its mission of finding cures and saving children.

Celebrate National Wear Red Day with Women’s Choice Award

Celebrate National Wear Red Day and American Heart Month with a tool that can help women fight against cardiovascular disease – the Women’s Choice Award.The Women’s Choice Award is a life-saving resource that identifies America’s Best Hospitals for Heart Care and additional health care resources. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of American women, causing one in three deaths each year – that’s approximately one woman every minute. What’s often thought of as a “man’s disease” strikes more women than men and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined, and the Women’s Choice Award helps them navigate a confusing landscape of health care choices.

The award empowers women to choose the best services for themselves based on female-centric data research, surveys of tens of thousands of women, female patient feedback and information on what drives the consumer experience for women vs. men. It is also based on research from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), research conducted in partnership with the Wharton School of Business and more.

It is the only ranking that does not separate clinical outcomes from patient experience and reflects the preferences of women when choosing where to go for the best health care. No other ranks heart care based on a women’s needs.

“With such strong prevalence of heart disease, helping women find the best in cardiac care is how we empower them to make the best health care choices for themselves and for their family,” said Delia Passi, the award’s founder and CEO. Her business and brand have helped companies such as Hallmark, Goodyear, Hertz, Pennzoil, Mastercard, Brother, Coldwell Banker and more with marketing and research on women’s issues.

You can see rankings here:

Methodology information here:


According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of American women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year—approximately one woman every minute. What’s often thought of as a “man’s disease” strikes more women than men, and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined. “With such strong prevalence of heart disease, helping her find the best in cardiac care is how we empower women to make the best healthcare choices for themselves and for their family,” said Delia Passi, founder and CEO of The Women’s Choice Award. The following hospitals have met the highest standards for Heart Care across the U.S. and have earned the 2021 Women’s Choice Award®, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare.

Seven Peptides for Bodybuilding: How do they work?

A lot of bodybuilding and fitness stores have started selling synthetic peptides. These products are a good alternative to traditional steroids. According to some experts, peptides are much safer than steroids, albeit they don’t provide the same results.

Peptides are small strings of amino acids. They are a smaller version of proteins, which is why they have similar properties. However, due to their smaller size, it is much easier to metabolize peptides than it is to metabolize protein items. 

Synthetic peptides can have a wide variety of potential benefits. Most of them are used for increasing lean muscle mass, but you can also utilize them for strengthening the bones, treating injuries, improving the skin, etc. They are especially great for bodybuilders as they might provide a surge of energy and endurance, which would help the exercising.

In this article, we will go through 7 peptides for bodybuilding and their potential impact on our bodies. Read on!



  • AOD-9604



When talking about fat burners, it is really hard to omit AOD-9604. This substance is regarded as one of the best products in its category. In fact, it can easily topple some of the more popular items of this type. AOD-9604 is an HGH analog. What does that mean? Well, it is a synthetic substance that should replicate all the properties of human growth hormone.  With it, you can experience a significant boost to your metabolic processes. This will affect not only your ability to burn fats but might also increase your energy, appetite, etc.  



  • BPC-157



BPC-157 is based on proteins found within the human stomach. Given that these proteins are synthesized in the stomach, they are used to regulate various functions of this body part. They are crucial for digestion and some other metabolic processes. If we’re talking about BPC-157 as a synthetic protein, people should expect a wide variety of benefits, which might vary from case to case. Some users have reported that the product helped them treat intestinal inflammations and minor digestive issues. However, if you’re a bodybuilder, you will probably be interested to hear that BPC-157 is good for nagging injuries. Whether we’re talking about joints or muscles, this item may provide relief to the affected area while also hastening regeneration.  



  • CJC-1295



CJC-1295 is another synthetic peptide that is primarily used to stimulate lean muscle building.  You can use it for more than 6 months, and there is also an option of combining it with other similar products. However, no matter what you choose, make sure to consult an expert before starting the cycle. CJC-1295 can work wonders for your muscles, bones, and joints. You will notice significant gains in a short amount of time, and the product might also provide some other benefits. 



  • GHRP 2 and 6



GHRP 2 and 6 are growth hormone-releasing peptides. These two are perhaps the most common peptide products on the bodybuilding supplement market. Both of them are meant to substitute human growth hormone, and as such, they can provide the same set of benefits. They were initially designed as hormonal replacement drugs, but in time they’ve become popular among bodybuilders and fitness experts. 



  • IGF-1 



IGF-1 stands for insulin growth hormone. With this product, you are able to replicate the effect of insulin growth hormone, which can be found in the human body. In terms of its impact, you can expect various benefits such as increased muscle mass, improved regeneration, bone and skin protection, a boost of energy, endurance, etc.



  • Melanotan 1 and 2 



If you’re looking for products that would improve your ability to get a tan, there aren’t much better than Melanotan 1 and 2. With these items, you’re increasing skin’s ability to utilize sun rays and change your skin tone. In other words, you’re not artificially getting tanned, but you’re just stimulating the processes that would allow you to do so. This is much safer and natural than going to tanning salons, which is why more and more bodybuilders are starting to buy Melanotan in Australia



  • TB-500 



Another awesome substance is TB-500 or Thymosin Beta 4. This peptide a naturally-occurring substance within the human organism. When we use synthetic TB-500, we are able to replicate the effect that this chemical provides. In other words, it might help you increase lean muscle mass, natural resistance and regeneration, bone density, etc. Phoenix Gen Research is a great place to buy TB 500 peptide in Australia if you’re serious about your bodybuilding.

Historic Medical Malpractice Cases

Amongst the considerable amount of injustices we hear about every day, there are also many famous medical malpractice cases. Some are famous because of their historical significance, others are well known because of who was involved, and others gained significance due to the high settlement amount.

Most Common Kinds of Medical Malpractice Cases

Doctors most at risk of facing a medical malpractice lawsuit are OBGYNs and neurosurgeons, due to the sensitive nature of their work. Some of the most common types of medical malpractice suits are a result of:

  • Birth injury
  • Strokes
  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Medical equipment left inside the patient
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Wrong medication
  • Wrong dosage
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose

Birth injuries can often result in large payouts because they affect an entire lifetime and can severely damage the life of a child. They have the potential to leave them with both severe physical damage as well as brain damage. Birth injuries can also resolve themselves without medical attention, but severe nerve damage can have lifelong consequences.

Historic Cases

Medical malpractice cases have been around for over 800 years. The first documented medical malpractice case dates back to 1164 in the case of Everad vs. Hoskins. In this case, a servant and his master collected damages from a physician over “unwholesome medicine.”

The first medical malpractice case in the United States occurred back in 1794. It involved a man suing a doctor after the doctor performed an operation on his wife, resulting in her death on the operating table. Upon winning the case, he was awarded 40 English Pounds.

Celebrity Cases

Medical malpractice is something that celebrity status cannot help you avoid. There have been many celebrities over the years that suffered from well-documented cases related to medical malpractice. 

Michael Jackson

One of the most famous cases of malpractice involved one of the most notorious celebrities of all time. In the summer of 2009, Michael Jackson died due to a cocktail of drugs in his system, highlighted by the drug Propofol. Propofol is a powerful anesthetic normally used during surgery. 

Despite the strength of this drug and the wide range of side effects associated with the drug, Jackson’s personal in-house physician would frequently administer it to Jackson as a nighttime sleep aid.

In this case, the doctor was found to be so profoundly responsible for Jackson’s death, that criminal charges of manslaughter were brought against him, and no civil charges were pursued for medical malpractice.

Jackson’s doctor served four years in prison for manslaughter, was stripped of his medical license, and was ordered to pay $100 million to the Jackson family.

Joan Rivers

Another one of the most famous celebrity medical malpractice lawsuits in recent history revolved around the death of comedian Joan Rivers. Rivers went into a coma while undergoing a routine elective surgery on her throat and eventually died. 

Rivers had a reaction to the procedure and her vocal cords began to swell and plug off her airway. Doctors failed to notice her declining vital signs, and, as a result, she went into cardiac arrest and eventually a coma. A week later, Rivers died after being taken off of life support.

Rivers’ daughter, Melisa, brought a lawsuit against the doctors involved, and a settlement was reached a year later with the doctors taking full responsibility for their fault in her death.

Largest payouts

The largest amount awarded in a medical malpractice case was in July of 2019 in Baltimore to Erica Byrom, after her daughter suffered a brain injury during birth, which resulted in cerebral palsy. The jury awarded Byrom $229 million in damages. The judge in the case reduced that amount to $205 million due to a state cap on malpractice lawsuits.

Due to the reduction from the original award amount in the Byrom case, the largest amount paid to a victim remains the $216.7 million awarded to Allan Navarro in 2006. When brought into the emergency room with stroke-like symptoms, Navarro informed medical professionals of his family history of strokes. Despite that knowledge, he was misdiagnosed with sinusitis and given prescription painkillers. 

Because of the misdiagnosis, Navarro ended up with swelling in his brain and spent three months in a coma. He suffered damage to his cognitive abilities and is now in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

Seek Professional Guidance

Suffering due to medical malpractice can be extremely difficult to deal with, both for the toll it can take on the bodies and minds of the people involved, and the financial burden it can pose. If dealing with issues related to medical malpractice, make sure to hire a competent attorney to help you get the money you need and deserve.

Everything you need to know about Invisalign

Everybody wants a great aligned tooth; however, due to various reasons, not many people can feel really confident when they smile. Surprisingly, it not only damages self-confidence but equally affects an individual socially and psychologically. On the other side, most people don’t want to go for an alignment due to the fear of traditional braces. 

Traditional braces use the wiring system that runs along with your teeth. Likewise, they come with various pain points such as: 

  • Irritation
  • Limitation on your diet
  • Periodic maintenance
  • The overall structure

One significant point is that it can equally be costly, and that not how much does Invisalign cost as compared to traditional wired braces. So, what actually is Invisalign? As you stick with the article, we’ll put a detailed insight on Invisalign.

What Exactly is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modern solution for aligning your teeth without wireframes. These are actually clear, smooth, and durable plastic custom molded into invisible aligners that snap over the teeth. Likewise, every two weeks, you’ll need to go for an exchange of your Invisalign. New aligners will slowly straighten the position of the teeth giving a perfect posture.

How Does It Work?

While the traditional braces need readjustment every time you visit a dentist, Invisalign is a snug fit, and they gently push the teeth to the right places, further aligning and gradually bringing the desired result. 

Invisalign comes with a lightweight aligner that slips over your teeth. Each aligner forces your teeth in the shape as required, and you will slowly figure out the change in your smile.  

How Can You Get Started?

If you want to get a perfect smile for your teeth, you’ll need to make an appointment with the specialist. Your dentist will make sure that Invisalign is right for you. Invisalign comes with specially developed software with 3D imaging technology too. This allows you to virtually preview how your teeth will align over time. 

After you decide to move ahead, the dentist will attach fixtures to the teeth. A mold is developed in your teeth, and the Invisalign aligners are further fabricated as per the treatment stage.

Is Invisalign Better Than Traditional Braces?

There are several benefits of using Invisalign over traditional braces. Here’s why you need to go for Invisalign 

  • It’s Invisible
  • It’s a brace that’s invisible. There is definitely a great advantage. Your employer, friend, partner, and family won’t be able to notice when you smile in front of them. 

It’s Comfortable

Invisalign can cause mild discomfort at first; however, once you are habituated to it, you will be more comfortable applying an Invisalign than go for traditional braces, which generally cause abrasions.


It is a fact that you can take Invisalign for meals and dental care. This is one of the biggest reasons why patients prefer Invisalign.

Side effects

There can definitely be mild discomfort when you start wearing Invisalign. They fit over the top of the teeth, and therefore, they may take some time for adjustment. Most of the patients have been found to face the issue of prolonged irritation to the cheeks or the lips. If you face such a thing, don’t hesitate to speak about the issue to your doctor. 


In very rare cases, one may face allergic reactions. This reaction is generally mild and irritating gums. However, even after several days, the aligners don’t adjust, and you still experience irritation, its best to consult a dentist and go for treatment accordingly. 

Is it Possible to Switch to Invisalign?

Yes, it is definitely possible to switch from traditional braces to Invisalign. However, you need to consult your dentist before you take that step. In fact, your dentist will determine the best treatment before going through the process. 

You need to know that Invisalign is a separate form of treatment, and the cost of switching over can be sometimes costly depending on how long you’ve been wearing your braces. Remember, Invisalign may not be as efficient as continuing with the existing plan. 

How Much Does Invisalign Dost?

There are several factors to think about when comparing the price between traditional braces and Invisalign aligners. Meanwhile, you can understand the final cost depending upon how severe the teeth alignment issue needs to be dealt with. 

Traditional braces can be quite cheap as compared to Invisalign. Typically wire framed braces cost about $2,500 to $6,000. On the other side, Invisalign can be a little expensive than traditional wire framed braces. The average cost remains between $3,500 to $8,000. 


If you are one of those seeking to correct misaligned or crooked teeth without any hassle, Invisalign is the ideal solution for you. Do you want to feel confident? Are you willing to pose for that perfect smile? Don’t stop yourself when you have got the best treatment for your teeth. You can go for easy fixation of Invisalign from the best dentist at the best price. Happy Smiles!