Purchasing a Vehicle – What’s Better – New or Used?

Purchasing a new vehicle is one of the most significant decisions you will make. However, it can be an easy decision if you know what to look for, and more importantly, how much money you are willing to spend. When deciding which route to go with purchasing your next vehicle, many factors need to be considered, including cost, fuel efficiency, safety ratings/ crash tests, and quality ratings. There are also two different options for buying a new car; should I buy a brand-new or pre-owned model? This blog post takes an in-depth look at these questions and more.

Why is Fuel Efficiency Important?

Fuel efficiency is important because it can help you save money on gas. It also reduces environmental impact by getting the most out of each gallon that goes into your tank. If you are looking at making a long-term purchase, fuel efficiency should be one of the highest factors in your decision! For example, a new car will have better fuel economy than an older model, which means more savings for you over time. Additionally, by paying more upfront for a new vehicle, you can save in the long run.

Why are Safety Ratings Important?

When shopping for your next car, it is essential to consider safety ratings. You do not want to purchase a vehicle that does not meet the minimum standards you need in your life. Therefore, safety should be at the forefront when considering which route to go with purchasing your new or used model; more importantly, both options can provide excellent safety features depending on how much money you are willing and able to spend.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

There are also some great benefits to purchasing pre-owned models as well. First, they tend to be more affordable and provide excellent safety features depending on your vehicle’s age, mileage, and condition. However, they do not have all the newest bells and whistles, which is why it may be worth paying more upfront for a new model! Additionally, suppose something does go wrong or break down within your warranty period. In that case, you will most likely receive better customer service from a platform like edmunds since you hold an original receipt/ownership paper.

Brand New Vehicles

Purchasing a brand-new vehicle is the optimal choice if you want all the bells and whistles. Brand new models are more likely to have better fuel economy, safety ratings/crash tests, and quality than pre-owned vehicles. Additionally, when hunting for your next car or truck, there will be many incentives such as manufacturer’s rebates that can help save you money in the long run. However, purchasing a brand new model will cost you much more upfront, which may not be ideal for everyone. In addition, it could potentially depreciate faster depending on how quickly technology changes within this industry.

There are benefits to both options of buying a new or used model; it all depends on what is most important to you. For example, if you are looking for safety ratings, fuel efficiency, and the latest technological features, purchasing a new model may be your best bet. However, if these factors do not matter as much or affordability is an issue, pre-owned models will work just fine.

Here’s How To Ensure To Your Business Team Is Always Firing On All Cylinders

Your business will live and die based on the performance of the team that you have in place. You need to make sure that you are taking steps to guarantee that you are putting the right foot forward. Here are some of the key ways that you can improve your business team performance.

good business

Training Choices


First, you should think about training options that could benefit your team members. By training your team members you can ensure that they have the right level of confidence they need for lots of different tasks in your business model. The best part is that training options can be suitable for lots of different types of business models. For instance, you can train remotely which means that this is a suitable choice for an online business with a remote team. 


Team Building 


Next, you should explore team building possibilities. Team building exercises will help your workers to learn how to operate as one rather than individuals in your business model. This can be highly effective when they are working to complete complex tasks and ensure that they do deliver the right results here. 


There are lots of team building exercises that could be worth exploring. For instance, you might want to think about choices such as escape rooms. With escape rooms everyone can work together to solve the puzzle and escape the room within the set time limit. Successfully completing a task like this can be highly rewarding and empower your team. 


The Right Work Environment 


You do need to think about the work or business environment. This can have a tremendous impact on levels of productivity. For instance, you might want to think about how to implement a biophilic design as part of the interior for your business. The right design choices here can guarantee that your team members don’t succumb to issues with stress and always feel more relaxed in the workplace. You might also want to explore the impact of color psychology. Research shows that different colors can have a profound impact on the psychology of your team members. For instance, green shades may encourage innovation in the office.

Awesome Tech

Finally, you should make sure that you are thinking about investing in the right tech for your business. The best tech will ensure that your team doesn’t face delays when they are completing processes in your business model. There are a range of different tech options to choose from here. For instance, you could think about investing in new laptops for your team members. Alternatively, if you want to keep your budget under control, then you could also think about encouraging your team to bring their own devices to work and use them. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps to ensure that you are getting the greatest benefits with your business team. If you put the right plan into action here, then you will be able to make sure that you have the perfect tool in your arsenal to beat your competitors and rise to the top of the market. 

Is it possible to create a mobile application if you don’t know how to code?

The number of downloads of mobile applications is constantly growing. For example, according to a report made by App Annie, more than 204 billion apps were downloaded globally in the past 2020, with mobile app industry revenue reaching $581.9 billion.

If you are still wondering if it is profitable to enter the mobile app niche, stop doubting. But what if you really want to make an application, but you don’t know how to code? There is a solution. In this article, we will tell you what tools can be handy.

What types of mobile applications are there?

Developers identify three main methods for creating mobile applications:

  • Traditional. The most common development approach with the use of programming languages, which also includes layout, optimization, and other steps.
  • Zero-code. Development doesn’t require knowledge of Java, Kotlin, or C++. You just place blocks of content, set up animation, and the app is ready.
  • Low-code. You still need to write some code, but just a little.

Zero-coding applications can be assembled alone – the entire infrastructure is provided by the platforms and there is no need to spend extra money on hosting, server administration, etc. And if you have at least a couple of free weeks, then it will be easy for you to make a full-fledged application.

What software should you use?

The most popular tools for mobile development without code are Glide, Adalo, and Bubble. They help you create a mobile version of a website, a progressive web app, or even a full-fledged native product that works with a camera, microphone, push notifications, and other smartphone features.

cell phone apps

Let’s take a closer look at the software.

#1. Glide

Glide apps cannot be downloaded to the store, but they can be published on the Internet as a PWA. The platform is great for creating simple applications and MVPs – there are many ready-made templates, easy user-friendly settings. There is a free plan (with a limitation on the amount of data, 10% commission on all payments and the company logo) and paid ones (the price starts from $32 per month).

It should be understood that with the help of Glide it will be possible to create something primitive, for example, a style guide or housing rental service. If you aim to create something global, such as a financial application, a mobile wallet, or, say, an application related to transport infrastructure, it’s better to turn to real pros, for example, https://sumatosoft.com/industries/logistics-software-development. So you will save your nerves, and get something really worthwhile, which will definitely come to the market.

If you have more than enough enthusiasm to create your own application, we will continue to get acquainted with the software.

#2. Adalo

Adalo allows you to create applications using the drag and drop method from ready-made or custom design templates. This platform is more powerful than Glide and can be used to build more complex applications. Ready-made apps can be published in the App Store, Google Play, or on the Internet as a PWA.

There are no restrictions on the number of applications on the free plan, but the amount of data is fixed. Paid plans start from $50 per month.

#3. Bubble

Bubble is one of the most powerful programming environments for building web applications. It can be used to build desktop or responsive web apps for any screen size.

Even the most complex business logic can be deployed here – Bubble will stand it. However, applications cannot be uploaded directly to the store, but you can wrap them in a special container and then publish them in Apple and Google marketplaces.

As in the previous options, there is a free plan with restrictions, and the paid one starts at $25 per month.

Wrapping up 

Yes, mobile zero-code applications still have some limitations: for example, to create a mass service with huge traffic, when speed and design are important, it is better to outsource your idea to cool programmers, for example, https://www.qulix.com/services/mobile-application-development/.

But the first versions of such a product, especially MVP or simple applications can be built without code, saving time and money. The choice is yours!

Gone but Not Forgotten: 10 Ways to Remember Deceased Loved Ones

tealight candles

When a loved one like a family member or close friend dies, people worry about losing the memories they have of those that have passed away. As time goes on, it can often get too easy to get caught up with other things in life, and past memories begin to fade.

That’s why it can be helpful to find ways to help have permanent reminders of the fun and happy times you’ve experienced with dearly departed people in your life. With that in mind, take a look at the following suggestions for your consideration:

1. Photo Montage

You will likely have many photographs of your loved one, some of which will undoubtedly include you and others closest to you. The great thing about photos is that you can reproduce them in many different formats and use them to your advantage.

How? By creating a photo montage. For example, you could buy or make a multi-photo picture frame that can take pride of place on your living room wall, and you could populate it with many photos of your dearly departed loved one.

2. Memorial Jewelry

Everyone deals with grief in their own unique ways; there’s no right or wrong way to deal with the passing of a loved one. Most people will agree that they’d like to remember those they’ve lost, and one way is with memorial jewelry.

For example, memorial jewelry from memorials.com lets you create keepsakes like rings and necklaces that you can always wear to remind you of the people you love that are no longer with you. They can help the wearers feel like those they’ve lost are with them all the time.

3. Create a Memory Box

In a nutshell, a memory box is a simple box that contains items related to the person who has died. The box could be a one-off creation made from wood or a simple cardboard box. The point isn’t about the box’s construction but more about what it contains.

You could put things like photographs, jewelry, letters and notes, and even small gifts and keepsakes. Anything notable that you’d like to remind you of your loved one that can fit in the box is likely something you’ll want to keep.

4. Plant a Tree in Their Name

There’s something poignant about planting a tree in honor of someone that has died. Trees can be very symbolic; they prove that when a person dies, it doesn’t mean that their memory goes with them.

Planting a tree in a deceased person’s name is an excellent way to memorialize the passing of a loved one. Take a look at thetreesremember.com for some inspiration, or consider planting a tree yourself in your private land.

5. Start a Charity in Their Honor

Did the person in your life die of a particular illness or condition that robbed them of their golden years? If so, one suggestion to consider is starting a charity in their honor. Many people do this to help raise awareness of such illnesses and fundraise to find cures.

The charity you launch could even provide help and support for other people going through the same circumstances. It’s certainly a practical way to help keep alive the memory of your family member or friend while helping others.

6. Make Something From Their Old Clothes

If you’re handy with a sewing machine and have a creative eye, and you’ve yet to do something with your loved one’s old clothing, you could repurpose some of their garments. For instance, you could create cushions, a quilt, or even a plush toy.

It can feel hugely fulfilling, and whenever you look at the finished items, you’ll always get reminded of the person that’s no longer with you. The items you make could even get passed onto other family members like children.

7. Cook a Meal That They’ve Loved

There’s no denying that everyone has individual preferences for the food they eat. Was there a favorite meal or snack that the dearly departed person in your life enjoyed? Relive the times you ate with them by cooking a meal that they loved.

It can be an absolute comfort to help you grieve for your loss, and it can put a smile on your face knowing that you’re sharing a meal they enjoyed when they were alive. Plus, it can even help boost your culinary skills to share with other family members and friends!

8. Speak to People That Knew Your Loved One

Everyone has an abundance of stories about people they know, especially those closest to them in life. With that in mind, you could contact the people that knew your loved one and share your favorite stories and memories with them.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you could make video calls with those people, which is helpful if they live far away or in other countries, for example. Internet software like Zoom is a free and easy way to make that happen.

9. Restore Something They Loved

Was the deceased someone that enjoyed classic cars? Perhaps they had other hobbies, such as furniture making or electronics? If they had such a hobby, they’d likely have left behind some items to do with those hobbies.

Take the opportunity to restore something they loved when they were alive and do so in their honor. For instance, you could fix their favorite classic car or have a particular machine or piece of equipment made as good as new.

10. Write Them Some Letters

Last but not least, some people find it helpful to pen handwritten letters to their deceased loved ones. It’s a concept similar to having a diary; you note down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but they are for your eyes only.

In this case, though, you’d address your loved one directly in your letters. It can be an excellent way to help you make sense of how you feel and help you to grieve.

Sensible Reasons To Park Your Tour Rentals at Westchester Airport

While traveling by air, the most difficult part is escaping the airport parking lot once you check
out. The Westchester airport can get very crowded, which is why you’ll notice a long queue at
the parking lot. You’ll find all types of travelers taking short and long trips from the city who
prefer to travel to the airport and park at their lot. It is much easier than hailing a cab that can be
highly expensive. It also makes sense to take your own vehicle during a pandemic when it is far
from safe to use public commutation. For the reasons below, we’re going to talk about why it is
sensible to book your parking space in advance.

Avoid unnecessary crowds and delays
Like all common airports, Westchester has a parking space that you can take advantage of
during busy and light rush hours. The last thing on the list of any flier is to have a roadblock right
in front of the airport and miss their flight. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, you can book
your parking slot at the airport well in advance and go straight to it upon arrival.

Close to the airport
Even if you’re at the airport parking, chances are that the last moment parking slot booking will
land you far away from the entrance or your gate. A long run dragging your luggage will tire you
even out before you even depart. You can book a convenient space easily at Westchester Airport parking to shorten the walk and make it simpler to reach the gate. There are also pick up
and drop services to your car and back to it that you can book if you have a lot of luggage.

Get better parking rates
Search for better rates online and book the one that appeases you. An expensive parking slot
will increase the cost of your trip and dent the budget, which is not feasible in the long run. If
booking in advance saves you money to park for a few days, it’s well worth the effort. You can
also avail of complimentary shuttle services to the airport gate while leaving as part of some
providers’ early booking policy.

No More Stress regarding Vehicular Safety
A booking for your car’s parking takes off a huge chunk of stress since you don’t have to worry
about safety during your business trip. You don’t have to worry about damage or scratches
since they look after vehicles and have surveillance. Make sure that you go for a credible
provider who has great reviews. Your peace of mind and convenience is not a negotiable

When you are on a vacation, everyone wants to forget about things back home and live in the
present. The fear of your car getting towed or damaged at a distant lot is not something that
helps you enjoy a trip. You deserve to enjoy your vacation in peace; hence, make sure that you
choose a reliable service provider at the right spot and a reasonable price for the best experience.

How to Boost Your Sales with Digital Staging

Prospective home buyers searching for houses on sale go through several listings every time they visit the internet. Needless to say, offers with blank, empty rooms are quickly dismissed as they scroll on to more interesting listings staged traditionally or virtually. Traditional home staging is, however, not as popular as staging. Traditional staging would make you incur huge expenses in hiring furniture, transportation, decor, and photography yet you still get static photos. With it, you get more dynamic elements, 3D designs, and styles. Bella Staging is going to help you out with digital staging once you’re ready to start.

However, as a realtor or home seller, you have to put extra effort when staging virtually. This is if you want to sell your house(s). In case you are wondering how you can pull off scroll stopping digitally staged homes and drive sales, this is how you do it:

Create Visually Appealing Rooms Using Digital Staging

It goes without saying that furnished properties sell more than those with empty rooms lacking character. You can use Digital staging to transform your empty house into a hospitable cozy home. Just make sure you have high-quality photos, then incorporate the best realistic-looking furniture and décor exhibiting class and style. 

Digital stagers have a big portfolio of design elements. Thus, you will not be limited to using physically available furnishings. No matter your preference or your realtor’s style recommendations, you will always find design elements that match your taste.

Offer a Flexible Customization for Your Listed Property

With the numerous design elements you can use to virtually stage your house, you will never run out of options of styling. Different prospective clients come with different expectations and preferences and with digital staging you can meet their needs. 

For example, you may come up with four different design styles. This is to meet the needs of four different types of clients. With one house, you can stage its interior to suit a big family, a small one, an elderly couple, and newlyweds. 

Alternatively, you can always be open to switching designs for a house to give clients varying designs that meet their tastes. This is a sure way of hooking prospective buyers to your properties hence achieving your sales goals.

Go an Extra Mile with 3D Floor Plans

Whether you are exhibiting an empty house or a staged house; virtually or physically; the listed property must have a floor plan. While most floor plans come in boring 2D drawings, you can give yours an edge over the rest with 3D floor plans. 

3D designs not only give your clients who cannot interpret dimensions an easier time, but they also give colorful and impressive layouts. In essence, your 3D floor plan will be a miniature version of your digitally staged house. Hence, relatable to the overall outlook. One look at a 3D floor plan even without seeing the overall house design is enough to make clients want to buy your house.

Give Prospective Buyers a Virtual Tour

Modern technologies have made significant contributions in all sectors of our lives including the real estate business. More people are opting for online shopping and searching for information before making crucial buying decisions.  With this in mind, why not immerse your prospective buyers into your sales pool with a 360 view virtual tour?  

This view is a great convincing option since the home will appear real as the clients virtually tour the place. The camera views in this 360 view keep changing while zooming in on the interior details. By the end of it, you will sell your property even before prospective buyers physically visit it.

Create a Refreshing Outdoor Experience

While interior images for marketing a condominium or an apartment may suffice, selling a villa, holiday home or family home requires more. People buy family homes or holiday homes for more than just fulfilling their housing needs. 

They go for the extra outdoor experience as they see themselves hosting and entertaining guests or spending quality time outdoors. However, actual landscaping or outdoor renovations are quite costly. You wouldn’t invest in this unless you are sure of your client’s preferences. The best you can do is clear out your yard removing any debris and do a cleanout.

In this case, outdoor digital staging is the ideal solution. It would be effective and save you money in the process. With special staging software, you can do an outdoor renovation without physically altering any design on the house. 

The possibilities are limitless. You can remove unwanted elements and add decorations, green lawns, fire pits, gazebos and so much more. In the end, you will create a refreshing outdoor experience that prospective buyers can bet their money on.

Final Thoughts

Other than being convenient, fast, and producing quality impressionable photos, digital staging has so much more to offer. This is if you are ready to explore your creativity. While critics view it as a deceiving technique to prospective homeowners, they are not far from the truth. If you let your creative juices get the better of you to an extent of masking or altering the real state of your house, you are bound to lose clients. Instead, be creative with your designs but be honest about the real state of your property to build trust. Digital staging should be your conduit in boosting sales. This is by helping clients imagine the possibilities the property has in store for them.

6 Tips for Magnifying Meaningful Moments in Your Life

In life, we all rely on moments of meaning in order to maintain a sense of purpose, and to thrive to the greatest possible extent in one way or another.

photo via heyweddinglady.com

The sense that life is meaningful is one of the most important things of all, when it comes to helping to establish and safeguard an overall sense of well-being, and to help us to thrive, experience the best of life, and withstand the negative and challenging experiences that always arise from time to time.

There are all sorts of different meaningful moments that are likely to occur in your life, ranging from things like your wedding, or the birth of a child, to somewhat more everyday events like starting a new job, buying a house, or achieving some particular personal goal or milestone that helps you to feel your best, and to experience a sense of positivity and pride.

While there are already likely to be all sorts of positive and meaningful moments in your life, taking whatever steps you can to enhance that meaning and magnify it, and to really appreciate it to the greatest possible extent, is certainly something worth doing that can be deeply rewarding in and of itself.

Here are just a few tips for magnifying meaningful moments in your life, and putting yourself in a situation where you are better able to appreciate and engage with them.

Be present to actually enjoy those moments, instead of being distracted

First things first: any meaningful moment in your life is bound to be exponentially more enjoyable and positive, if you’re actually able to be present and engaged in the moment, as opposed to being overly distracted and caught up in concerns or considerations of other things.

In life, a simple inability to actually be present and to appreciate what’s right in front of us, is often at the heart of much frustration, dissatisfaction, restlessness, and an overall sense of a lack of meaning.

Something similar could happen on vacation trips, for example. Imagine that you are visiting a beautiful and scenic locale that has the potential to be deeply positive, moving, and inspirational in a variety of different ways – but instead of actually being there and appreciating the experience fully and directly, you arrive at your destination with a huge number of different presumptions, expectations, and assorted preoccupations.

In this kind of situation, you may be so distracted and wrapped up in your own assumptions, mental projections, and assorted concerns, that you are barely even aware of the experience itself – never mind being present enough to really enjoy it and let it unfold to you without excess concerns and preoccupations.

If, instead, you can let as much of that other stuff “go” as possible, and be present in the moment, you’re likely to have a much more positive overall experience – and are likely to find a lot more meaning in the experience than you otherwise would.

Use appropriate props and ornaments to highlight the experience

Whenever you’ve got a great life event coming up, such as your wedding, using custom-made and beautiful invitations from a company like MagnetStreet is just one way that you can help to magnify and highlight the meaning and significance of the experience, and make it as positive as possible.

As human beings, we all tend to be deeply influenced by things of a symbolic nature – whether that’s something like a particular ornament that we use to highlight the significance and value of a particular event, or whether it’s something like a particular routine or ritual that we use for the same purpose, among other things.

There’s a reason why the majority of people enjoy celebrating things like birthdays and annual holidays – it because taking the time to actively commemorate these things and appreciate the fact they stand out as having heightened significance and meaning, is a great way of getting in touch with the deeper and more positive and engaging aspects of life as a whole.

So, whenever you want to really magnify the meaningful moments in your life to the greatest possible extent, keep these sorts of things in mind.

Orient and align yourself with meaningful paths and courses of action in everyday life

It is always possible to live life in a more or a less meaningful way, depending on the basic choices that you make on a daily basis – and, as a general rule, the more that you focus on pursuing courses of action on a daily basis that connect you with a higher sense of meaning, the more this will spill over and influence your other experiences as well, and your life as a whole.

Magnifying, highlighting, and fully appreciating the most meaningful moments of your life – occasions like weddings, birthdays, and so on – is always going to be a bit more difficult to achieve, as a rule, if you feel that the basic course of your life as a whole, on a daily basis, is more or less devoid of meaning and is frustrating in and of itself.

On the other hand, if you put yourself in a situation where your day-to-day habits, the direction of your career, and the way you interact with each day and the moments it contains, all feel meaningful, the likelier it is that those more significant moments will be magnified even more.

So, it’s important to ask yourself certain questions – such as, for example, are you satisfied with your everyday experience and circumstances, or are you stuck in a rut, and are just allowing things to stagnate as you go with the flow?

The more you can address and correct features of your everyday life that end up diminishing your overall sense of meaning, the more you’ll be able to properly enjoy life as a whole, and feel a sense of thriving in both the big and small moments alike.

Get your loved ones involved

All meaningful events, ranging from weddings to the birth of a new child, or birthdays – to name just a few – are bound to be significantly more meaningful, positive, and enjoyable, if you have your loved ones present to share in those experiences with you.

Human beings have been described as “social animals,” and it’s certainly the case that everyone – even the most introverted among us – needs a certain amount of close social contact with those we cherish most life, in order to truly thrive and feel as though we are living our lives in the most meaningful and positive sort of way.

Although it’s not necessarily going to be feasible – or even possible – to get all of your loved ones together in order to share in every potentially significant moment that you experience throughout day-to-day life, it is likely to be possible to get your loved ones involved in at least some of the most significant moments that you experience over the course of your life.

What’s more, it’s certainly worth making the effort to do this, in order to really highlight and underscore the significance and meaningfulness of those moments.

Take steps to actively reduce your overall stress levels

It’s probably fair to say that almost everyone realises that chronic and excessive stress is detrimental for overall health, and for experiencing an enduring and positive sense of well-being in life.

Nonetheless, chronic stress is still unfortunately very common – and its negative consequences can be even more insidious and detrimental than you might at first imagine.

For example, when you are highly and chronically stressed, you might really struggle to actually be consciously present and engaged in those moments that should, ultimately, feel the most meaningful to you in a range of different ways.

When you have all sorts of concerns on your mind, and all sorts of things that are stressing you out and exhausting you, it is just likely to be a lot more difficult for you to actually enjoy and connect with those meaningful moments in your life, in the way that you will ultimately want.

In the case of a wedding, for example, you’re meant to be celebrating your love, commitment, and connection to your significant other – a person who means the world to you, and vice versa. But if your mind is constantly going to something like upcoming bills, or a project that has been frustrating you at work, the entire day may pass you by without you really spending it in the right frame of mind.

Taking steps to actually reduce your overall stress levels can really help to highlight and deepen the sense of meaning in everyday life.

Get in touch with the voice of your inner intuitions

Often, when we end up straying from paths and directions in life that feel innately meaningful to us, it will be – at least in part – because we have lost touch with our inner intuitions and sense of what’s really meaningful and significant.

If this is the case, pausing and paying attention to what that little voice inside you says, and the direction it points you in, can be an extremely powerful and significant thing to do in order to highlight and deepen your sense of meaning in life, including in those especially significant moments.

What does “hemp extract” stand for?


Even if you’re not into cannabis products, there is a good chance you’ve heard about the term “hemp extract.” This is one of the most commonly used phrases among cannabis users. 

Perhaps the biggest issue with this term is how some people use it. There are a lot of misconceptions within the industry, and the majority of consumers are not aware of the small nuances. This is why the Airmid Hemp Extracts team always suggests that you get acquainted with the terminology before making any purchase. 

In this article, we will explain this phrase, as well as what to expect from hemp extracts. Read on!

What is a hemp extract? 

As the name implies, this is a substance that we get from the hemp plant. To be more precise, these are oils we can get from leaves, stems, and buds. Most people call this product “CBD oil.” 

Some companies try to trick consumers by labeling hemp seed oil as a hemp extract. While this designation is true in the widest sense, people simply don’t use the phrase that way. Keep in mind that hemp seed oil is cheaper, and it doesn’t have the same cannabinoids and terpenes as CBD oil. Still, some businesses try to pass it as the more expensive CBD oil. 

The oil can be extracted by few different methods: CO2 extraction, solvent extraction, steam extraction, etc. Most companies prefer utilizing the CO2 procedure as it gives us the cleanest, safest substance.

When a company extracts CBD hemp oil, it will be in the form of “full-spectrum CBD oil.” This is a product that has retained all of the chemicals from the hemp plant. It will have the same terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profile as the underlying strain. Depending on the strain that was used, you can get a product of different potency.

Through further processing, you can get broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD will be very similar to full-spectrum oil. The main difference is that it won’t have an intoxicating substance known as THC. On the other hand, CBD isolate will only have one chemical, and that is cannabidiol.

How do we use hemp extracts?

These products are the basis upon which all other hemp items are made. Companies will take these oils and infuse them into creams, edibles, and other substances. That way, they can fine-tune potential benefits and chemical composition.

When a person wants to administer a CBD oil, there are a few ways to do it. The most popular one is sublingual administration, where a person will put the liquid under the tongue and wait for the sublingual gland to dissolve it.

The less popular method is topical application. When used in such a manner, the oil will produce the same effects as any other hemp topical. However, most CBD users prefer going with specialized topical products instead. 

Lastly, some people will use the oil orally by swallowing it directly. After oral administration, it will take some time for the substance to reach your bloodstream, but the effects will also be much longer. 

What are the potential benefits of hemp extracts? 

There is a lot of debate as to what hemp extract can and what it can’t do. A lot of hemp companies tend to exaggerate their beneficial effects in an attempt to make more money. But the truth is, we have very limited data about their potential benefits.

Based on what we know so far, these chemical compounds might affect your cannabinoid receptors that are a part of the endocannabinoid system. By doing so, CBD oil can bring about a state of homeostasis where all your internal functions are working at their optimal level. 

Here are some of the things CBD oil can help you with based on anecdotal evidence and limited research data:

  • Increase in energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved focus and alertness
  • Reduced inflammation and soreness
  • Improved skin
  • Better appetite, etc.

What are the potential side effects of hemp extracts? 

When you buy hemp extracts from a reputable store, you are less likely to experience side effects. These drawbacks are usually mild in nature, and will dissipate as soon as the substance leaves your body.

CBD users have complained about side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, change in appetite, change in blood pressure, etc. The chance of drawbacks increases as you increase the quantity of the product. However, most people will never encounter any of these issues when administering hemp extracts.  

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