Benefits of Marriage and Community Property Laws

If you are married, you have already known the benefits of marriage as you have experienced them. There are two ways in which people have had an experience when it comes to marriage. You might have had the best experience with marriage, and until now, you are still married. The other case is when you have tried your marriage to work, but all your efforts don’t pay off.


Reasons Why Marriage Is Important

  • Marriage is the beginning. Marriage is meant to be the beginning of a family. Marriage allows you to grow selflessness as you take care of your family
  • Bring oneness. When a man and a woman decide to get married, the two become one. Marriage gives you a life partner and a friend who will help you face life’s challenges together
  • Purity. Since you have already decided to be one, you can avoid all temptations like being unfaithful to your partner
  • Parenting. Children come as added gifts in marriages. By a family being complete, you can perform all your parenting roles with ease
  • Love. The important thing in marriage is love. Love will help you tackle problems that may arise in the union

Common law is used to determine who owns property in marriage. This is to mean property acquired during the marriage. Community property states say that couples have equal rights regarding property acquired during the marriage. This law is mostly used when divorce is on the table. If one of the spouses decides to lease one of the properties, then he/she should get consent from the other spouse. In case one of the spouses notices that one spouse is misusing the property, they can sign a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement to protect the assets in case of divorce or marriage dissolution.

We have seen what marital property is, now let’s look at other terms used in community law. Separate property is the property that was acquired before marriage and is solely owned by that original owner. However, the owner can decide to gift his/her partner part of the asset, and by doing so, the property automatically becomes community property.

Even though one can manage half of his/her property, you cannot sell, destroy or alter the property without the other’s consent.

Examples of Separate Property

  • Property inherited by one spouse before marriage
  • Property bought before marriage
  • Assets gifted to one spouse before marriage

What Happens When Death Occurs or Separation?

Technically, when one spouse dies, his/her half of the property automatically becomes the surviving spouse’s property. Their separate properties can be given to anyone as per the will left. If the couple had title deeds of their home or piece of land and one dies, the property is given to the other spouse, thus avoiding court proceedings.

When divorce is on the table, the property must be divided in half. You cannot divide a vacation house in half, so one spouse is wholly given the house while the other is given other properties that sum up the house’s economic value.

Exceptions of Equal Division

There are special occasions where the properties cannot be divided by half. Here are the most common ones.

  • If one spouse misuses the community property before and during the divorce
  • When one spouse has acquired educational debts, when reconciling is out of topic, the debt owner takes themselves. The debt is separate
  • If one spouse has gotten tort liability that does not benefit the marital community
  • If one spouse has gotten the personal injury award when in marriage, the award is given to the injured spouse during separation
  • In case the debts and liabilities incurred during the marriage are more than the value of the available assets, the main focus is to know how the debt will be cleared as protecting the creditors becomes the main priority

When you get married, so many things change, like sir names for women and what is attained during the marriage become one and there are laws in place to help protect them. The properties help in raising a happy family.

Bizarre Animals and Where to See Them

Every tourist can never get enough of experiencing and taking pictures of wild animals while on vacation. You can buy custom research papers in a hundred copies, but the best experience you’ll have by seeing these amazing things yourself. It can involve one of the often referred to big five animals such as the elephant or lion on the African plains. Alternatively, it can entail a sea animal on the beaches of the Galapagos such as the sea lion. All these, make a tourist’s venture worthwhile because of the memories collected.

But, such an experience cannot get compared to interacting or seeing rare animals in some of the least thought corners of the world. So what rare animals constitute this exclusive club? 

Rare and Bizarre Animals

  • Radiant Sea Turtle. The glowing turtle was discovered by sea divers in the ocean around the Solomon Islands. Other animals have previously shown an element of bioluminescence, but the turtle proved the first of its kind. The reptile has a green and red glow though David Gruber opines that the red color probably emanates from the biofluorescent algae. He further explains that the glow could represent a camouflaging and a communication technique among the sea turtles. 
  • Pangolin. It’s a bizarre-looking mammal predominantly found in parts of Africa and Asia. The animal has a keratin shell to protect it with a specialized tongue that allows it to eat termites and ants. Because it’s the only known mammal with such features, it gets trafficked the most among the mammalian class. 
  • Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog. It’s a spotted and emerald glassy looking frog with visible internal organs. The frog inhabits areas in South and Central America and extremely pleasing to look at because of the green but transparent coloring that enables one to see the internal organs. However, the frogs come tiny, and you have to concentrate, to observe it well.
  • Axolotl. The fish has a strange semblance to a Pokemon, and you can find it in most lakes in Mexico. The salamander comes as an albino or in black, and with the capacity to regenerate its limbs besides having lidless eyes. 
  • Sunfish. It has a renowned reputation for proving the heaviest among bony fish all over the world. An adult Sunfish looks like a sloth and can weigh up to two tons. The fish can lives in tropical and temperate waters the world over. It forms a vital delicacy in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.
  • Saiga antelope. It predominantly inhabits parts of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan and easily stands out because of its large flexible nose. The schnoz assist it to filter the air of dust and regulate the blood temperature.
  • Long-horned orb weaver spider. Well, some things can become easier to observe in a picture but not up and close, especially at home. One such thing entails the weaver spider which has eight prominent eyes, besides having long spines that protrude from its belly. The spider exists in fields and forests in Asia.
  • Gharial. It’s a skinny-snouted crocodile mainly found in India’s waterways. The snout contains a hundred and ten teeth, which suits it in entrapping fish.  
  • Red-lipped batfish. It’s a bizarre fish that walks on the ocean floor instead of swimming and spots red lips


A say always goes that, for you to see and experience things, you must widely tour diverse places. If you thought you understood the meaning of bizarre, tour these areas and have a glimpse of these weird creatures.

Slots Designed for Beginners

The slot game has changed hugely since its launch in the late nineteenth century. Initially a manual machine played by a handle at the side of the machine which when activated allowed the reels to spin to modern times where they are video slots with sharp entertaining graphics, fictional themes, mind blowing sound effects and of a more complex nature. Not only is the change a design change but also how slot games are now played. Originally a player would be in a bar or a traditional land based casino to play; now we play on the move across all of our devices, anytime and anywhere. 

It doesn’t matter how complex some slot games are today there are still the ones that are easy to pick up and ideal for beginners – play today.

Starburst was released by NetEnt in 2012 and to this day is still a classic slot game. The game is very nostalgic and showcases the old slot games. There is no free spin feature but the game potentially has frequent wins available. The main attraction of the game is the Starburst Wild feature. The simplicity of the game is what makes it so popular and a winner still to this day. Starburst is very easy to understand and very easy to play. It’s ideal for the beginner but a classic for the more experienced player too.  

Finn and the Swirly Spin is another favourite with beginners. Another NetEnt production released in 2017. The game takes the theme of Irish folklore as do many of the slot games on the market but it adopts a cluster pay mechanism basically meaning that a win can be achieved if the symbols ‘cluster’ together rather than being on adjacent reels. The game offers free spins and when activated the key is symbol is added to the key meter allowing the player to access another four free spin worlds, Lucky Mug, Lava Lair, Starbar and Golden Pot. There is the usual wild symbol and scatter symbols but Finn and the Swirly Spin only has a total of six symbols so it does make the game easy to follow but has a little more to offer the beginner than the more basic games out there.

Cash Camel isn’t a massively popular game but it is a good starting point for the novice slot player. As the name suggests the game takes the theme of the Arabian Desert and features symbols such as a cactus, a desert dog, snakes, lizards and scorpions and the star of the game, the grinning gold toothed Cash Camel which is the scatter symbol and landing three triggers a host of free spins and substitutes all other symbols making a win nice and easy. Cash Camel is accessed across all devices and offers players a clever auto play function too. The game has a fun cartoon look to it and the background sound can be turned on or off.

2020 Gambling Events Across The Globe

There is always something going on in the gambling industry, whether it’s a major sporting event, awards ceremony or iGaming Expo. 2020 has the usual mix on offer at Barbados Bingo and some should not be missed. 

Days At The Races 

March is always anticipated in the horseracing and gambling world because of the Cheltenham Festival. Every year thousands of race goers head to this famous racecourse in the UK for 4 days of the best NH racing in the world. The atmosphere is electric as the Irish do battle with the Brits both on the racetrack and in the betting ring. In fact, this festival has increased in international popularity year on year and millions are gambled over the 4-day extravaganza. 

The highlight of day 1 is the Champion Hurdle, whilst day 2 sees the top 2 milers in the world display their speed and jumping ability in the Queen Mother Champion Chase. Day 3 is for the stayers to shine in the Stayers Hurdle and it all concludes with the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the most prestigious jumps race away from the Grand National. Let’s not forget the great race itself that is run at Aintree on the 4th of April 2020. 

Exhibition Time 

Still in the UK and also in April sees the Bet iGaming Expo take place in Old Billingsgate in London from the 7th of April to the 9th of April 2020. It’s an exhibition dedicated to gambling that comes complete with conferences and even a business zone. This event has a pre and after party that is great for those who work in the industry and want to network. 

All the top companies in the iGaming industry come together and share their expertise with casino representatives, investors, distributors and industry regulators. 

Poker Nights 

Poker is now big business and this is clearly illustrated by the huge number of Poker tournaments that take place around the globe. May sees the May Deep Stack Poker Series take place in Hollywood USA. It kicks off on the 14th to the 25th of May and since it’s Hollywood, expect some major prize funds to be up for grabs. Las Vegas also host a large number of Poker tournaments every year and this comes as no surprise from the home of gambling. 

Staying with Poker, the Asian Poker Tour stops in Vietnam in June 2020. So if you just happen to find yourself in Ho Chi Minh between the 3rd and 14th of June you can experience some exciting Poker games in one of Asia’s finest countries. If you fancy waiting until July, then the entire roadshow travels to Seoul, South Korea between the 25th and 31st of July. 

Finally, Australia is the gambling capital of the world and the home of the aptly named Aussie Millions Poker Championship. This 800 strong player tournament has already been and gone this year and congratulations go to Mr Vincent Wan of Melbourne, who walked off with AUS$1,850,000 and a custom made diamond-encrusted gold bracelet worth AUS$29,500.

Should You Buy a Carport or a Temporary Garage?

Depending on the interplay between many factors, you might be better off with either a carport or a temporary garage. Both are highly convenient, easy-to-assemble storage options that provide effective, long-lasting protection for your car against extreme weather and harsh pollutants. But that’s just about how far their similarities go. Each one comes with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages you need to consider carefully before choosing between them. 

A temporary garage, also called a portable garage or a detached garage, is a multifunctional storage unit that you can erect temporarily or permanently on various types of outdoor surfaces to secure your valuables, including your cars, equipment, sports gears, etc. It’s usually made of either fabric or steel and can be fitted with a lock and key for extra protection against theft. 

A carport can also be erected temporarily or permanently on any outdoor surface, but it’s a semi-covered, open-style structure. It comes in a variety of styles, the most popular being lean-in carports, attached carports, and freestanding carports. Read on to find out how carports compare head-to-head with temporary garages.


Since carports are a semi-open structure with no windows and doors, they’re much easier to install compared to temporary garages that are fully-covered. Assembling a carport can be as simple as preparing the foundation, mounting the frames, and then covering the roof, though those with more intricate designs may require professional assistance.

Garages come with more intricate installation requirements. You need to erect four walls fitted with windows and a door. This can take anywhere from a few days to many weeks to assemble, whereas carports can be assembled in just a matter of a few hours. 

Security and Protection

This is perhaps the starkest differences between temporary garages and carports. While both can provide adequate protection against extreme elements, carports are nowhere as safe as temporary garages. Carports are normally used to create an extra shelter to hold items in patios, outdoor workspaces, DIY pavilion, etc. However, an open-style structure like a carport cannot offer protection against threats like theft and the elements at the same level as fully-covered portable garages with lock and keys. 


When it comes to style and aesthetics, you won’t run short of options for both carport and portable garage. Both usually come either in fabric or steel materials or a combination of both. You can even use bricks and stones to build either of them. As such, you can leverage on a wide breath of design options to help ensure your carport or temporary garage blends seamlessly with your property. You can also choose either to have them attached directly to your house or any existing structure or to erect them as a freestanding structure.

Ultimately, the type of carport or temporary garage that’s best-suited for you depends on your unique preferences, taste, security needs, and budget. If you’re just looking for an outdoor shelter for your car and other belongings in a highly secure environment, then carports will serve you well. But if you need to secure your car not just from the elements, but also from theft as well, you might want to consider a temporary garage instead.

Still not convinced about which of the two is best for you? You can reach out to us today for professional advice on how best to protect your car. We’ll help you choose and set up a carport or a temporary garage that’s right up the alley of your vehicle storage needs.

Unusual Uses of Kratom

Kratom is a versatile herbal supplement. You can use kratom for various purposes. Kratom grows in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. All these places have different regions where kratom grows. The people there use kratom for many purposes

If you would like to try out kratom, you can find it here Different strains have different uses. Some are usual while some are unusual and not so common. Today, we will learn about the usual and unusual uses of kratom. So, let’s get started!

Unusual Uses of Kratom

Kratom is a drug that can be used for a lot of purposes. You can use the leaves, and powder of kratom to make a lot of things. To get the most out of your kratom powder, you should use it in every way possible.

Using kratom for pain relief and stress relief is common. But, using it for other purposes is relatively new. So, what are these purposes and how can you get the most out of kratom? Let’s find out!

Kratom Incense

You can make kratom incense using kratom powder. Incense is used for relaxing and so is kratom. So, why not combine the two things?

Many people make incense from kratom. You can find many vendors that sell kratom incense. You can also find incense kits to make kratom powder.

Why Make Kratom Incense?

Kratom incense gives a relaxing aroma. Using makko, you burn the kratom incense and it releases smoke. The smoke is what gives the effects of relaxation and calms your mind and body.

Many laborers in Southeast Asia use kratom as incense. It gives them energy, relieves body pain, and relaxes their mind.

The reason why you should make kratom incense is that it is one of the best materials for relaxation. Many kratom strains are best for relaxing purposes. The best strains for this purpose are the red and green vein kratom strains. If you use one of these strains to make your kratom incense, you will get the best experience from it.

How to Make Kratom Incense?

Making kratom incense is easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to make kratom incense from kratom powder:

  • Mix kratom powder, other herbs powder in a bowl. Add the makko powder in the bowl.
  • Add water in the mixture until it reaches a dough-like consistency.
  • Roll the dough on bamboo sticks to ¾ of the length. Wrap wax paper on the sticks.
  • Set the sticks aside for 12 hours. Turn the sticks so that every side of it gets dry.
  • When the sticks dry, light them up and use them.

Kratom Tincture

You can make kratom tincture at home using kratom powder. Kratom tincture is a new form of kratom. Many vendors sell kratom tincture. But what’s better than making it yourself?

If you have some extra kratom powder, making a tincture from it is its best use. Making kratom tincture is not hard; it is easy and fun. You can make kratom tincture in only a few hours.

Why Make Kratom Tincture?

The purpose of kratom tincture is to enhance the effects of kratom. When you mix kratom powder in ethanol, the mixture becomes potent. You get more intense effects than any other form of kratom.

As kratom tincture is highly effective, you don’t need a high dosage of it. Even low doses of kratom tincture give you intense effects. It also works faster than other kratom forms. Moreover, the effects of kratom tincture last for 8 hours.

Even kratom extracts don’t give you such intense effects. So, if you want to experience the intense effects of kratom, you can make kratom tincture.

If you use kratom leaves and grind them at home, it will be more potent. But it is fine if you make a tincture with kratom powder too.

How to Make Kratom Tincture?

To make kratom tincture at home, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Add 4 ounces of kratom powder and 1 liter of ethyl alcohol in a glass jar. Mix the two things thoroughly so that kratom powder is mixed with ethyl alcohol.
  • Add citric acid to the mixture. Use a pH strip to check the pH of the mixture. The pH of the mixture should be 4. Stop adding citric acid once the mixture’s pH has reached 4.
  • Seal the jar and put it in a dark and cold place. The temperature of the place should be very low to get the best quality kratom tincture.
  • After a week, take out the mixture. Strain it to get rid of the powder.
  • Put the liquid into a tincture bottle and your kratom tincture is ready to use.

How to Use Kratom Tincture?

You can use kratom tincture in various ways. It depends upon your preference. But the following ways are the most common ones to use kratom tincture:

  • Swallowing
  • Adding to Food and Drinks


There are two ways of swallowing kratom directly. The first one is simple; swallow the desired dosage of kratom tincture.

The other one is called sublingual dosing. In this method, you put the desired dosage under your tongue for 30-60 seconds. After that, you swallow the rest. This method is more efficient than swallowing without keeping under your tongue.

Adding to Food and Drinks

You can add a few drops of kratom tincture to food and drinks. Most commonly, people add kratom tincture in coffee and tea. You can also make brownies using kratom tincture. Check out some other kratom recipes here.

Common uses of kratom include:

Kratom is a great pain reliever.

  • It reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • You can use kratom for opioid withdrawal.
  • It improves your sleep quality. You can use kratom for insomnia.


Now that you know how to get the most out of your kratom powder, what are you planning to do with it? Do you think kratom tincture is good for you or will you make kratom incense?

If you have extra kratom, you should use it in any way possible.

5 Practical Tips For Aspiring Parenting Bloggers

Your parenting in sights, anecdotes and cautionary tales are well worth sharing with the world. Your insights are often moving, consistently witty and a joy to hear whenever you regale your friends at get-togethers. You’re great at capturing the little nuances that make the life of a parent and tell stories that resonate strongly with other Moms and Dads who are in the same boat.

As such, it’s only natural that you might be thinking about trying your hand as a parenting blogger. Someone who can provide parents all over the world with witty insights and a relaxing respite. Your posts can be something that parents can enjoy with their morning coffee and even help to make their parenting journeys a little easier. But while there are lots of sites out there that can help you get started as a blogger, there are fewer that can prepare you for the realities of blogging as a parent, for parents.  

Rather than provide a step-by-step guide (because nothing great was ever assembled by numbers). Here are 5 practical tips to help you find success as a parenting blogger…

Blog every day 

You’re one of many trying to make their presence known in the blogosphere. And in order to make your mark, you need a solid library of content behind you. That means taking the time to blog every day and improve your chances of getting noticed in online search results.  

Keep your audience and their needs in mind

As important as it is to keep blogging often, you also can’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Whatever you do, don’t copy and paste other people’s material for the sake of populating your website, as this can incur harsh penalties from search engines. Instead, try and focus your attention on your audience.

What to they want to read? What pain points, frustrations and anxieties can you address in your writing that can make your work more valuable to them? Not only can this make your work of consistently high quality, it can also ensure that parents keep coming back to you for daily insights, scroll through your blog and jump from page to page. All the behaviors that search engines love to see. 

How do you know what your readers want to find out more about? Just ask them! Which brings us to… 

Become part of the community

You’ll find it much harder to build an audience in a vacuum. Become a part of a blogging community. Reach out to other relevant bloggers. Support and promote other blogs. This will all help readers to build a string relationship with you and your blog. 

Use free (or affordable) tools that will make your life easier

Blogging can become a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are all kinds of tools to make your life easier. Need a hand choosing relevant keywords? Try Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest tool. Need to copy a stat from an infographic that you want to use in a post? Use a tool like Prizmo to copy text from image. Want to make your posts more search engine-friendly? Try using a free WordPress plugin like Yoast.  

Find an affiliate program that your readers can get behind

Finally, joining an affiliate program is a great way to monetize your blog while also providing greater value for your readers. But rather than choosing a program that gives you more money, find one that gives your readers access to products that they actually want. 

After all, an affiliate program can only work for you if readers click on your affiliate link!

How can we make our older parents feel happy?

Old age can be the worst part of anyone’s life if they have no one to take care of them. If someone wants his parents to live longer, he must stay devoted to his parents’ mental health. Many times, teenagers and adults find it difficult to please their parents, but entertaining your parent is not hard. You only need to engage them in some productive activities. 

Mothers are easy to please, but fathers are a bit different. Especially those who have just retired from their job. It is not unnatural or strange; if anyone is asked to stay home after a long period, it will irritate him.

Do not forget to call them.

People feel insecure once they get old, to make them feel empowered, just like they did to make you strong; you should call them regularly. Especially if you have a mother, do not skip a day; even a 10-minute call can make her day. Staying away and unconcerned can break their heart, as no parent expects such an aloof behavior from their beloved child.

Empathize with them 

Think like a friend; you are now a grown-up. Being an adult, you can easily understand the problems and issues your parents must be facing. Do not try to force them to stay happy and positive; aging is a series of several losses, so negativity is a natural phenomenon.  

Plan the parties for them

Just like your kid, your parents also need to feel special once in a while. You can plan a retirement party and send the retirement party invites to your parents’ house to give them a surprise or plan your father’s 60th birthday. 

The same goes for the birthday, design a wonderful birthday invitation with a photograph of your parent when he was young, or you can simply pick up from the trending 60th birthday invites . Whatever you do, make sure that the invitation must go like a surprise; surprises can make them happy.   

Show them the world 

Do not let them feel as if they are useless and cannot understand the new world. Take them with you when you are out to explore some new things. Do not forget that they were the ones who taught you everything. 

Say, if your parents are not aware of social media, you must tell them what it is and how they can engage with it and politely teach them so that they may not feel left out. It will create a sense of reliability and self-confidence in them.

Help them find their potential 

Ask your parents what they wanted to become, say if someone’s parents wanted to become a swimmer, then you must admit them to a swimming school. Tell them that it is never too late. They can still explore their potentials, and it is the right time to fulfill their dreams. Always think that they left their ambitions only because they wanted you to succeed in life, and their old age is the time to repay.  

Let them join clubs 

Ask them to stay social and active, not be a bossy or authoritarian person; instead, tell them the benefits of joining certain groups. Show them some impressive examples and let them understand the effects. 

Plan the get-togethers

Most parents tend to leave their friends because they are unable to find time for the social circle. Now, when you are settled, and your parents are free, it is the perfect time to reconnect with their friends. You can organize meetings and surprise parties for your parents and invite all their friends. This way, they will meet the old people who will ultimately make them feel young at heart.

Do not discuss petty matters.

If you want your parents to stay healthy, do not share things that can stress them out. Only share those incidents that are serious, and you need their guidance to sort out the matter.

Help them deal with any pain

Older parents are prone to all sorts of chronically painful issues throughout the body. Typically, they suffer from arthritis – particularly in joints like the shoulders and hips. So, you can make them feel a lot happier if you help them deal and cope with these pains. Try to find out what is the best treatment for arthritis in the shoulder, hips, wrists, neck – wherever the pain may be! If you can come to them with solutions or ideas to ease the pain, it will make their lives so much better. They can do more things, feel more independent, and might become more active.