1MORE Headphones Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on headphones this holiday season from 1MORE and Puro Sound Labs. From kid’s safety to stylish, true wireless listening, to gaming there’s something for everyone to enjoy, with most products retailing at under $100.

1MORE Headphones Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Use Discount Code BFCM on usa.1more.com for 35% off site wide  11/29 –  12/6.


Regularly $99.99 on Amazon and PuroSound.com

20% off at $79.99



Regularly $49.99 on Amazon and PuroSound.com

20% Off at $39.99



Regularly $79.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon

Over 37% off at $49.99



Regularly $79.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon

25% off at $59.99


PuroCalm Earmuffs:

Regularly $29.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon

40% off at $17.99



Regularly $29.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon

33% off at $19.99


Also Puro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals can be found below: 

November 28 – December 2

PuroQuiet: Regularly $99.99, On Sale for $74.99

BT2200: Regularly $74.99, On Sale for $54.99

PuroCalm: Regularly $29.99, On Sale for $17.99

PuroPlugs: Regularly $29.99, On Sale for $17.99

PuroGamer: Regularly $79.99, On Sale for $49.99

Gabb Wireless Black Friday Special #BlackFriday #GiftGuide

Review of the phone to follow shortly, but as of now, I can highly recommend this service. It’s perfect for kids and families.  Check it out, and this is a really great deal. Perfect time to buy.

Thanksgiving evening until midnight on Black Friday Gabb Wireless is giving away a Gabb Z1 smartphone with the purchase of a Gabb Basic service plan. The Black Friday offer is available at GabbWireless.com using the onsite promo code and is limited to 5 lines per family.

Cryptocurrency and Entertainment

With the advent of the internet, online commerce has taken the world by storm, and this will surely continue for the foreseeable future. Instead of going to a physical location to purchase goods and services, you can buy most anything online with free shipping. To make these transactions even more comfortable, the majority of banks have created virtual wallets which enable consumers to make purchases instantly. When you do travel to the store, you can use the NFC technology inside of your smartphone to tap the terminal. With this said, you no longer need cash or physical cards when shopping either online or in-person. Since physical money is falling out of favor, companies are looking for ways to introduce digital currencies to the public. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other offerings have failed to catch on because they are not exchanging hands. Recently, Facebook announced its cryptocurrency, which is receiving support from many organizations. Moving forward, entertainment personalities such as David Guillod may be using this technology to transact in the entertainment space.

Adopting Cryptocurrency

For longer than anyone alive can remember, the physical currency has been the primary source of transactions, and it will be difficult to change. When internet users first had access to online commerce, many individuals were wary of having information and identities stolen. It took quite a few years for this behavior to become routine, and now users often buy items with a straightforward click. In retrospect, many exciting processes have become second-nature for humans, and digital currency will eventually follow suit. With many independent entertainers gaining favor with the masses, they could potentially connect directly with these audiences with digital currencies.

For this type of technology to catch on, the entire economy will have to become more malleable for this to occur. Also, including Blockchain and cryptocurrency education in school curriculums will help speed this process along. As it stands, many consumers are still unaware of how the banking industry functions and are not prepared for the overhaul of the financial system quite yet.

Making Transactions in the Future

Eventually, many people will experience physical reality with a form of augmented reality layered on top. With 5G around the corner, it will be possible to integrate more types of technology into reality. Instead of using an outdated form of currency that is still tied to things such as the Automated Clearing House (ACH), consumers will slowly gravitate toward digital options. With Facebook leading the charge for this type of currency in the mainstream, it would be wise for these partnering organizations to tie this cryptocurrency to entertainment.

Blockchain and Independent Films

With the advent of the internet, independent film companies have come about readily, and this does not seem to be changing. Now, more than ever, the ability to make an independent film is accessible to pretty much any individual with a screen. Before this period, making films was reserved for big studios that were given massive budgets. Movies from these large studios are still responsible for the majority of the revenue earned in this industry, but independent films are beginning to make some noise. Film producers such as Heather Parry have seen this industry over the years, and it continues to evolve as time continues. Independent filmmakers have turned to solutions such as blockchains to receive proper forms of compensation.

Providing Faster Revenue Channels

Traditionally, there are a lot of channels independent film companies must go through before they receive compensation. Companies of this nature regularly receive publishing deals from bigger studios and are often the last entity to receive payment. With the introduction of Blockchain technology, this would no longer be the case. Independent film companies would receive more direct revenues, and these filmmakers would earn more money as a result. Since these individuals are responsible for the overall creative process that reaches the audience, they should receive compensation as quickly as the more prominent entities or even faster if possible.

Reaching Target Market Faster

Since consumers have an endless amount of options to choose from when it comes to visual entertainment, consumers often look toward independent companies to find new offerings. At this time, there appear to be a lot of remakes and sequels in the film industry. While these films are often engaging and draw large crowds, innovation in this space is happening in the independent film sector. With Blockchain technology, independent filmmakers can reach target audiences directly through partial ownership programs. With crowdfunding becoming a big part of the gig economy, many consumers look for avenues that can assist independent artists and filmmakers. As a partial owner, the consumer will become a part of the process and will recoup an investment in real-time once the film begins to make money.

At this time, you no longer have to go through more prominent channels for any form of entertainment. Films of all kinds are released each day from across the world, and this will only continue. For those who have a keen interest in the film industry, this is an incredibly exciting time for independent filmmakers. It is only a matter of time until Blockchain technology becomes integrated into this space.

10 No-Stress Ways to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays

You are looking for ways to make some money for the holidays. Here we share some low and no stress jobs that will get you to making money within weeks.


  1. Try AmazonTurk.


AmazonTurk is a marketplace for work that requires humans to complete the work. This services gives businesses access to a diverse and scalable workforce while giving Workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete. You only need to create an account and await to be approved. Once you are approved start with surveys. Pay can happen as long as you make more than $1. The money is sent to your bank account or to your Amazon Gift account.


  1. Try ride sharing.

People always need a ride to some where. Why not let it be you and in your vehicle? This is similar to a tax service, but done via an app. People download the app such Lyft and you pick them up from their location. Everything is done via the app including you signing up to start making some money.


You have lots of flexibility because you sign on and drive when you want to. You can get paid as soon as you sign up and are approved.


  1. Sign up for AmazonFlex.


With AmazonFlex you could make a few hundred dollars per week. You simply go to the Amazon stock warehouse near you and start to deliver packages to Amazon shoppers. You use your own vehicle and you work the hours that are convenient for you. You could make anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour. AmazonFlex is hiring in certain cities, so this option may or may not be available near you.


  1. Sell items from home online.


There are plenty of things laying around your house that you could sell. Online sites such as Ebay, CraigsList, and the numerous apps that are local to an area can help you to sell items. You can also go to a yard sale and buy items, then place them online to sell. Buy low and sell high.


Instead of hosting a yard sale you can simply place the items online to sell. You can get the cash as soon as someone is interested in what you have to sell. Make certain the photos you put up are nice in presentation.


  1. Petsitting

Walking and taking care of someone else’s dogs will earn you some extra cash. If you like dogs and pets, then this is going to be a fun way to make money. This is a low stress way to make some extra money.


There are many companies for dog walking. Look some up online for your area and you will be surprised how many need your help. When working with a company you will get paid less. You can make more money by starting your own service. On the website, Care.com, you can create a profile and find people who need your services.


Within a week or two you could have cash in your hand. You could also have your own clients within that time frame or sign up for one of the companies hiring near you.


  1. Airbnb.

Do you have a guest room or couch in your home? You could rent that space with an account on Airbnb. You will need to list your space on the website and put up some good photos. When people are looking for an alternative to a hotel they will find your listing for your area. You could get cash soon. Your first booking could happen within three days. It is best to price your space lower than others so that your calendar can fill sooner. Once you have more reviews you can increase your pricing.


  1. Join TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit is a site where you can sign up to perform gigs. No need to hunt for clients because in TaskRabbit they pop up. What is your skill? If you are in to handy work, then many people will need your services. If you clean people’s homes or can help people with moving, then you will be busy. There are other small tasks that you can assist someone else with. You could be getting paid as soon as a few weeks. You must attend an orientation session first.


  1. Start tutoring.

You can teach English online with a few online tutoring companies. The hours are centered around Asian countries, but you could be online teaching soon. You could also offer tutoring online at tutor.com. You’ll need to build your own clients. You could be paid within one month if you teach English online. With tutor.com you could be paid after your first client. Both ways require one to three weeks of onboarding.


  1. Sell textbooks.


If you decide to sell textbooks make certain to choose textbooks that are going to be used in the coming semester. If you have textbooks from previous semesters, then this is the perfect time to sell them. Earn some cash by selling on Booksrun. The website has a buy back program. They even provide a shipping label to send the books to them. You can receive cash or store credit.


You have to sign up on their website, type the name, ISBN, author or keyword in to the search too and then print the shipping label. Follow the prompts and your book will be in the mail soon and the cash will be in your account.


  1. Find temp work.

Finding a temporary work agency is easy. Do an online search for those near you and they will get you in the office for identification checks and necessary tests such as typing or your resume review. They will call you when they have a job that matches your skills. You could be paid very soon – within two weeks if they have open positions.

How Fintech is Creating Financially Stable Families

In today’s economy, many families struggle to make ends meet. Paychecks go just far enough to meet expenses, leaving little cushion for events that can break a budget, such as an expensive car- or home repair or loss of income. In fact, according to a survey by JP Morgan Chase Institute of one million Chase customers, 50 percent experienced a monthly income swing of 30 percent or more between 2012 and 2015. For lower income Chase customers, the percentage rose to 50.

Living on tight margins increases stress levels. Worry can become constant when even a minor upset can cause a family to fall behind on essential bills. Often, families resort to credit cards and payday loans, which can make their stresses even more acute in the longer term. Debt is the opposite of what families struggling to make ends meet need. Savings provide the key to relieving financial instability. For the millions of families struggling with financial instability, Fintech has created exciting products that boost savings, reduce debt, and make managing household bills easier.


Even is a three-year-old app that assists customers with fluctuating incomes. Even calculates the family’s average monthly income over past paychecks and advances the difference when paychecks are low. It then collects the advances when higher paychecks arrive. For workers paid on commission, freelancers, and employees dependent on tips, Even can be a lifesaver. Though freelancers, salespeople, and servers may take home huge paychecks, they also get skimpy ones when business slows. Often, savings are depleted and workers wind up with debt, overdraft fees, and late payment fees as a result. Even puts an end to that destructive cycle.


Digit helps households save money on a consistent basis. Saving often eludes people because they lack a consistent, large chunk to put away every month. Often, the only way to save or increase savings are through tiny increments. Digit analyzes users’ pay rates, bills, and spending. When a chance to add to savings occurs, Digit automatically deposits the money into an interest-bearing savings account.


This app takes all the stress and angst out of paying the monthly bills and guards against late payments. Prism creates reminders of payment due dates. Users are able to pay their bills when the reminder comes simply by clicking on a button. Prism ends long periods of time spend logging in an out of multiple accounts or, for the old fashioned, writing checks.

Fintech also assists in finding low-interest lending opportunities. As everyone on a tight budget knows, paying huge interest rates hurts. Ascend Consumer Finance, for instance, provides consumer loans with rates much more competitive than payday lenders.

Credible provides a multi-lender platform for securing private student loans. By using Credible, student loan borrowers are able to shop for the most competitive student loan rates. Unlike federal student loans, private student loan rates vary greatly by lender. Choosing the best option saves borrowers thousands of dollars in interest payments.

In an era where high living costs take an increasing proportion of Americans’ incomes, saving money has never been more important. 

Subscription Box Gifts for Everybody in The Family + Coupon Codes for Each One

Are there times you give and give and give only for you to realize that you totally forgot about your needs? If yes, it is about time you did something about that. It is okay to be selfless but how about you tried out something that would give to your family and you as well? One way to achieve this is by subscribing to monthly gift boxes. The following are some of the coolest subscription gift boxes for your entire family. Notice that all of these boxes offer discount codes, Coupon Cause is a great site for finding the most recent deals for any of these subscriptions.

Fido – PawsAndPals

Subscription by Paws And Pals delivers high-quality toys, accessories, treats for your furry pal. At PawsAndPals.com you will find three subscription plans – deluxe bag at $40, novelty bag at $ 30 and the sample box at $20. Paws And Pals allows you to custom size your gift box by indicating the size of your dog. Now the ball is in your court- place an order and get your Fido’s tail wagging!

Paws And Pals Coupon: 10% Off with Newsletter Sign Up

Teenage Son – LootCrate.com

LootCrate.com is one of the best website leading to fun such as entertainments, sports, gaming and pop culture to deliver monthly theme subscription boxes for geeks and gamers. Loot crate provides a monthly mystery crate for pop culture fans that comes packed with super amazing exclusive collectibles and apparels from your favorites games, movies, and tv shows. In the monthly crate, you will find super cool t-shirts, capes, fancy sunglasses, and a cartoon magazine for the teens.

LootCrate.com coupon: +5% Off First Month Crate with Code LOOTR15

Mom – BeanBox.com

Are you a mom that loves coffee? Then beanbox is the subscription box for you. BeanBox delivers monthly subscription gift boxes with coffee right at your doorstep. BeanBox.com offers different types of coffee packages which include, a single bag of coffee and some other four different coffees in a smaller bag. Read about organic coffee brands at thehomemakersjournal.com if you don’t have good ideas about the benefits of different coffee box. BeanBox is known as the U.S coffee capital due to the variety of coffee they offer such as the Lighthouse Roasters, Conduit Coffee, Kuma Coffee and Herkimer Coffee.

BeanBox coupon: 50% Off any Bean Box Subscription with code FRESH50

Dad – BBQ Box

Most men are not naturally acquainted with cooking. But there’s need not to worry anymore since the BBQ Box is there for you, BBQ Box is a package of packed foods, that stimulates your craving for food. The sets include marinade, Rub, Jerky, snack, a package of premium wood chips, and one custom recipe from Myron Mixon showcasing the best of your box from BBQ. Therefore, dads have all reasons to celebrate BBQ Box since all the stressful time when wondering how to get cooking and come up with that delicious pie is over. All that is left for you to do is to place an order and the pie will be delivered to your doorstep   

BBQ Box coupon:15% Off First Box – CMOON15

The Artistic One – Doodle Crate

Most children are artistic in nature and they love drawing, shading and other simple art projects. This art increases the creativity of the little ones. Doodle Crates offers different materials for assisting the young kids from the age of nine to sixteen years in their artwork which includes yarn, washi tapes, inspiration sheets, video tutorials and easy to follow step by step instructions to guide the children as they do their artwork. The packages are delivered to the doorstep once you place an order.

Doodle crate coupon: 30% Off First Month’s Crate with Code CAUSE30

5 Ways that your business may be impacted when you are low on supplies

Running a business is not always easy. There are a lot of things that you need to consider. From building marketing strategies to thinking of ways to cut costs, there are a lot of things you need to know in order to keep the business running. One of the most important things that you need to consider is the consistent flow of your supplies. You need to have proper prior planning on your supply strategy since having low supplies can greatly affect your sales and operations. In whatever important decisions you have to make, you will always have to look back on your supply chain strategy.


Here are 5 ways that your business may be impacted when you are low on supplies.


  1.       It can slow down the administration operations.


The administration department is the backbone of any company. They act as a link connecting staff members, vendors, and other departments. They do most of the paperwork needed to help the business running. They also manage the distribution of supplies to other departments and when there is low supply, it can slow down the operations on their part and other departments. For instance, if a certain department store is out of Eftpos Paper Rolls, the operations department will have a hard time printing receipts and when that happens, the administration and accounting departments will have a hard time tracking and documenting the business’ expenses.


  1.       It can affect customer satisfaction.


When your business is running low on supplies, it can greatly affect your customer’s satisfaction. Naturally, people can get impatient and in this fast-paced world, everyone wants to have their order fulfilled as soon as possible, with no delays. And as an important factor in running a business, customer satisfaction should always be uploaded and be given importance. Failure to do this will give your competition a greater chance to be the authority in your business field.


  1.       It can directly affect the profitability.


It is important that your business has enough supply to provide for their customers to maintain the consistent flow of supply and demand. When you are low on supplies, it can directly affect your sales operations giving your competitors a better leverage than you. Customers naturally want businesses that can provide them what they want as soon as possible. Running out of stock will drive your customers to find other companies and when a certain company can provide them consistently, you will lose their loyalty and eventually, it will affect your sales and profit.


  1.       It can ruin your reputation.


When you are constantly running out of stock, it can send a message to your customers and potential customers that you are not reliable. It can ruin your reputation as a business and people will soon go to your competitors instead.


  1.       It can be challenging to attend to returns.


When you are low on supplies or constantly out of stock, attending to returns could be a potential problem. For instance, when a customer returns a damaged product that is still under warranty, you are expected to process a replacement as soon as possible. If you are unable to do this as soon as possible, it can lead to dissatisfaction.