Creating Memories During Your Travel: The Do’s and Don’ts

hot air balloons

Do you have a vacation planned soon? If so, you should be excited about the memories that you will create. First, however, it’s essential to know what not to do and what to do when traveling. Here are some of the best ways to create lasting memories and avoid some common pitfalls during your travel experience.

Plan and Prepare Adequately

This is the best way to avoid any inconvenience you might experience during your trip. Make sure that your luggage is complete, with all items in it, especially if you are going on a more extended trip where you will need them at some point or another. Preparing correctly also ensures that you have everything for an emergency, so nothing wrong happens while abroad.

Include a little spontaneity. While it is essential to plan and prepare adequately, you cannot plan everything ahead of time, so make sure you include room for some spontaneity in your schedule as well. It will ensure that you get the most out of each experience during your travel, allowing you to create lasting memories without any stress or worry. 

For example, if something is happening close by while walking around town where you are staying, go check it out. You might enjoy yourself immensely even though you initially meant things to happen differently.

Be Creative and Daring

Do not be afraid to try out new things and use your imagination. Sometimes, this is the only way to truly enjoy travel because it will show far more about yourself than any other experience ever could. It’s a great idea to practice being creative before travelling as it gives you a good understanding of what works best for you. 

It then makes spontaneous ideas like trying something adventurous much easier when on holiday or away from home.

Capture the Moments

Get a camera of excellent quality. There are affordable options available, too, if you do not want to spend much on the equipment at first. Those cameras should have enough memory space as well since they will be helpful during your travel adventure. Plus, make sure the battery life lasts long so that you can take pictures anytime and anywhere without having any problems with charging or changing batteries.

If you cannot get a good camera, you can still use your smartphone to take photos during your travels. Make sure you can take pictures at any time, during sunsets, sunrise, or even night sky photography. You cannot pass up the opportunity of having a good nature’s background. 

Take as many pictures as you can. Make sure your camera is ready to capture the moments so that you do not miss anything special during your travel experience. Try taking many photos from different angles and distances just in case some might look good later when going through them again at home or uploading them online where everyone can view them. Also, take a photo of yourself with friends and family members, since those will be memorable for you all, especially if you take a group selfie and capture the memories of your journey.

Do not forget to share those pictures with everyone, especially if they are part of the experience, whether planned or unexpected. It is also lovely to include some comments about what happened during each picture, like where you were, who else was there, or how that happened. 

Make sure all friends and family members can view them, too. These should be available for sharing through different online platforms such as email attachments, making things easier when sending files around instead of having multiple copies saved on other location storage devices.

Go Offline and Enjoy the Trip

Avoid being glued to your phone. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and take many photos, but this can also be disruptive. The constant snapping takes away from what you’re experiencing at that exact moment. If you can, set aside time for taking pictures during the trip, so you don’t miss out on anything. 

If it makes sense, consider bringing an extra camera or two around with you just in case there are moments when one isn’t enough. In addition, try not to multitask while traveling. It might seem like a good idea because you can post multiple updates/photos at once after the vacation is over, but doing too many things will prevent you from enjoying yourself.

Have Wonderful Company

It’s essential to enjoy traveling with the people you love. However, if for a short distance, consider hiring a car or using public transport so that you do not inconvenience your friends too much. And if you are traveling to a place where the language is different, it would be great if you take lessons in that language before you leave.

For a long-distance, consider all the possible options for traveling with a group of friends and decide which mode will be more convenient for everyone. This way, you avoid discontentment in your relationship because one person is uncomfortable or unhappy about something you decided without their consent. In addition, at least two people from the party can communicate well enough in English to help if needed – especially when there isn’t anyone who knows the local language around them.

Let Go of the Negative Emotions

When you leave your home country to travel, it is difficult not to wonder about the people who will stay behind. You may feel guilty for leaving or sad at saying farewell while others are happy and excited for you, which makes it more complicated too. 

While there’s nothing wrong with feeling negative feelings during this time of transition, letting them take control can affect how much joy you get out of your trip. As hard as it might be, try to let go of these negative emotions by focusing on what lies ahead instead.


In conclusion, creating memories during your travels will help you remember the good times from a trip. This article provided information on what to do and not to do when creating those lasting memories while traveling. As long as you follow these pointers, your experience should be unforgettable!


Top 10 ATV Trails To Try Out This Holiday Season

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you know that the USA has plenty of sources for your
entertainment. While some people love natural adventures such as trekking, rock climbing, and
skiing, others love a bit more oomph in their choice of thrills. Regardless, the country has a
beautiful landscape with plenty of options for all, including motorsports. If you love the thrill of
being behind a wheel and off-roading, ATV and UTVs are an awesome choice for you!
However, not many know the most famous trails to explore. Today, we’re going to change that
and bring you our 10 best ATV trails in the country for you to enjoy!

Moab, Utah
This is one of the greatest places to ride your UTV or ATV! You will find a huge number of
frequented trails and a huge stretch of unpaved dirt roads surrounding Moab, making it the
perfect haunt for ATV and UTV off-roading enthusiasts. Abundant in red rock terrain, canyons,
and trails, the Arches and Canyonlands are amazing national parks in Moab if you love a good
challenge. The best part is the spectacular view that awaits at every turn!

The Paiute Trail, Utah
The Paiute Trail for ATVs is the largest in the US, which puts it right at the top of our list.
Boasting over 2,000 miles worth of trails in central Utah, you will get to ride by stunning rock
formations, wild flora, lakes, and diverse fauna. The central loop is an ATV rider’s fantasy.
Created with almost 300 miles worth of primary trails, it spans out over four counties in Utah and
will take you about 25 hours to finish.
See it to believe it; you will thank us later! The most optimal time of the year to visit this trail is
from August to October. Plan to spend at least a couple of days here since it is a long ride.

Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis, California

If you have not yet taken an ATV or UTV for a ride out to the dunes, you haven’t seen anything
yet. The Imperial Sand Dunes are situated in the southernmost part of sunny California. With
over 20,000 acres available to off-roading enthusiasts, these are not just the biggest sand
dunes in California, but also the largest recreational sand dunes in the U.S! Some of these
stunning dunes are as high as 300 feet above the desert surface.
If you don’t have your own ATV, Las Vegas ATV mobiles are often available for rent for hours or
days. You will also find campsites or cabins to rent if you’re going all-in for a full-on riding

The best time to visit usually starts from late September through April. This circuit is operational
all year, but summers are too hot for ATV and UTV rides in South California.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia
This place is one of the most well-known riding terrains across the country. Also called the Trails
Heaven it sports more than 600 miles of professionally handled trails as unique as scenic
mountains to looped forest covers. You can visit this trail system any time of the year for a good

Brimstone Recreation Area, Tennessee
This trail boasts more than 300 miles of off-road terrain for ATVs and UTVs. Spanning across
19,000 acres in the northeast of Tennessee, it sports stunning riverside scenery, picturesque
overlooks, and a choice of mountainous terrain.

Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee
The joy of riding around privately owned trails is of a different level since the experience is
highly thrilling. The Ride Royal Blue Resort is known to be one of the best UTV riding trails in
the US. Riders can seek the thrill of off-roading across 600 miles with beautiful waterfalls and
fauna. You will also find the trails distributed as per the level of difficulty across the terrain.

Joe State Park, Missouri
St. Joe State Park has more than 2,000 acres worth of trails, play zones, hills, and flatlands for
off-roaders to have some fun on their ATV and UTV. The trails extend through woods and sand
flats, making it the perfect experience. Here, you will also find 4WD vehicles, advanced
vehicles, dirt bikes as well as dune buggies. You can either explore the area on wheels or walk
through the campsite to enjoy a weekend off.

Maine is considered the ATV and UTV trailblazer’s paradise. With more than 6,000 miles of
legal UTV trails, it is professionally managed and you will find regular additions to the trail for an
improved experience! You can explore the different levels of difficulty and tricky terrain across
the state. You can ride through the woods, dirt, mud, and snow depending on the location and

Ocala National Forest, Florida

Ocala National Forest is situated in central Florida and the north of Orlando, with over 200 miles
of trails for ATV riders and 80 plus miles of off-road trails for bigger automobiles. You can enjoy
visiting about 600 lakes, springs and lakes , or hit the beach after you’re done exploring dirt

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon
This is the largest patch of coastal sand dunes in the US. The Southern Oregon coast
recreational area spans over 40 miles along the cusp of the Siuslaw River up to Cape Blanco at
Coos Bay. It has dunes as high as 500 feet in some regions which can also extend two and a
half miles inland! You’re in for a fun time if you choose this place and love water. Take a dip in
the cool waters, or hot springs.

Wrapping Up:
There are hundreds of off-road UTV and ATV trails or parks all over the beautiful country, but
we have covered the most popular and diverse trails. Our collection will give you a long list to
add to your travel go-to’s, making off-roading a fun adventure throughout the year. Don’t forget
to follow all the off-roading safety measures, including the correct gear, equipment and clothing
for the best adventure of your life.

Tips for Traveling with a Medical Condition

Having a medical condition shouldn’t stop you from living your life and seeing the world. Holidays are a great way to make new memories, escape the daily grind, and explore the beauty the world has to offer. It can be difficult to take holidays as often as you may like, with things like work and money being barriers. That’s especially why, if you have a medical condition, you shouldn’t let this be another barrier to travel. 

traveling with medical problems

There is a lot to think about when traveling with a pre-existing health condition, but with the right planning and forward-thinking, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go away. The benefits of a holiday can far exceed the extra effort required to go abroad. 

#1 Speak to your medical professional 

It is important that you first speak with your doctor or medical professional before making any plans to travel. Speak to them about what you are thinking of doing, and they will be able to advise as to whether it is possible, and if any precautions or adaptations are required to ensure your health and safety remain a priority. Once you have their permission and advice on what kind of holiday is okay for you, you can start to make real plans. 

#2 Pick an appropriate location 

It is hard when you have a medical condition, to feel like it dictates your life. But it is important to find a compromise; one that will allow you to stay safe while enjoying travel. You must consider the factors surrounding your holiday, for example:

  • The amount of traveling involved 
  • How many stops are on the route of your travel 
  • The temperature of the location and whether it is appropriate for your condition 
  • Does the accommodation meet all your requirements 
  • Could you travel with a specialist provider for conditions and disabilities?

#3 Prepare your supplies 

If you have spoken to your doctor or medical professional about your travel plans, they should be able to assist with what you may need when you travel. As a general rule, it is important to overpack your medical supplies by more than 50%, especially if you need specialized equipment or medication. You must also check all your equipment against flying rules, to ensure that you do not get stuck at the airport and have to throw items away. For example, if you have a colostomy bag and need to take colostomy supplies with you, then it is advised that you pre-cut your bags, take wipes instead of liquids, and take your supplies in your hand luggage, to ensure nothing is lost. It is important to conduct research for your conditions and speak to others who have experienced the same, for the best advice for traveling.

#4 Get familiar with the location 

Conduct your usual research, such as planning the itinerary, locate the local shops, sites, and exertions, etc. It is also important to check the accessibility of the location, for example, if you need to be close to water, toilets, elevators, or stop off for regular breaks. 

Before booking, make sure you locate the closest medical help/supplies in case it is ever needed.

Having a medical condition should not stop you from traveling. All it takes is a little research, planning, and equipment and you can enjoy your holiday.

Dogs That Make The Best Roadtrip Companions

dog on roadtrip

There is nothing better than packing up your car or truck and heading out on a Road Trip for a couple of days on the open road. And there is no better way to spend that time than with your best furry friend. 

Dogs are amazing companions and are man’s best friend, and they will provide you with constant friendship as well as entertainment during your trip. 

But which breeds of dog make the best road trip buddies? There are so many dog breeds out there to choose from, but we have rounded up which ones we think are the best to bring along with you on the open road this year. 

Labrador Retrievers 

The top choice and absolutely the best companion to bring with you on a road trip has to be a Labrador. Labrador retrievers are the most stunning and friendly dog breed around, and they are the ideal companion on the road. Their patience as well as their goofiness makes them ideal for long car rides because they will likely either fall asleep or pop their head out of the window and enjoy the breeze! If you have a Labrador, now is the time to find a Sierra for sale and head out on the open road for a good time. 

Springer Spaniels 

English springer spaniels are one of the most entertaining dog breeds of all. Their incessant tail wagging and hopping through long grass is enough to make anyone laugh, and they are also full of energy that will carry on long after you have given up for the day. As a Road Trip buddy, springer spaniels will keep you motivated and when you do go for walks and hikes, they will pull you along even when your legs get tired. These friendly and sociable dogs will keep you feeling motivated and alert even when all of your energy has drained. 


It is no surprise that huskies are on this list, since they are built to be sled dogs and made for the great outdoors. A husky can be your motivation as well as your best friend on an adventure, and as well as this they will provide some unique music for you in the car journey! 

French Bulldogs 

If you want a dog who will be the ideal companion for a laid back road trip, a french bulldog is a great choice. This tiny little sacks of dynamite are always happy and peppy, and they will provide you with the perfect cuddly companion on the road. Frenchies love to stick their head out of the car window and they are also patient meaning the long car journeys won’t bother them at all. 


Collies, particularly Border Collies, are one of the smartest dog breeds of all and this makes them ideal for joining you on an adventure. Collies love to work and love to be in new situations, and this means every new place you visit will be like a new playground for your collie. Plus, they are incredibly obedient meaning letting them off the lead will not be a problem no matter how far from home you travel. 


How to prepare your backpack when going camping this summer

It’s time to get out your camping stuff from the garage and venture out into nature. Since you probably haven’t glanced into your storage bin for quite a while, some items may be damaged or obsolete. Be mindful to keep a minimal load on your shoulders. You won’t really have to tote a big load if you choose basic camping equipment and trim down your stuff to the essentials. Just pack a single compact backpack for your weekend excursion.

It’s imperative that the first things you pack are your medicines, plus it is better to carry some as a precaution to avoid allergies or travellers diarrhoea. 

If you’re trekking into a wild campground or vehicle camping at a planned site, sleeping and surviving in the elements for any length of time necessitates some planning. Below are all of the backpacking necessities you must keep in mind for a short-term or multi-day excursion, and also a few extras which might allow sleeping on the ground a lot more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to make a list

Spend some time considering what you might need for a decent vacation; You may not be a harsh camper, but refrain from going above and beyond. Divide the list into various sections, such as resting, eating, cooking, and camping necessities, which will make your strategising a bit simpler. As a last check, you can search up to see what others usually add to their list and make the required changes.

Ditch the fancy gear

Camping is largely about going rough and making it with (even without) those everyday conveniences. What do you need a large, expensive tent for when you can get by with just a tarp or a hammock? Can’t go about without your daily dose of coffee? Try honing the skill of cooking coffee over an open flame and see why everyone talks about it so highly.

One bag rule

Camping should imply having only about one bag per person, with kids under ten sharing a bag. The backpack ought to be prepared to carry clothes, bathing essentials, and entertainment. Savvy campers use luggage organisers to make items easier to find: To keep everything neat in one bag, toiletries go in the toiletry kit, undergarments and accessories in their own storage cube, and so forth.

If you can’t carry your own backpack for at least five minutes, it’s an indication that it might be too heavy, and you should take some things out.


Preparing for a camping vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic is not the same as packing for any other holiday. You must first shield yourself from the harsh weather conditions, which can change dramatically from day to night. Even in the summertime, the sand and valleys can be scorching during the day but cool down at night. That implies you should be more concerned with practicality than with aesthetics.

For a weekend in the woods, you don’t need to carry dozens of clothes. Instead, each individual will require just a sleeping bag, a few clothing items, and hygiene essentials. Of course, if you’re only going for a weekend, carry only what you need, plus one extra shirt or pair of jeans. After all, camping is about enjoying nature, and a little dirt and grime is part of this journey.

Self-care is still important

Going minimalist does not imply cutting back on the fundamentals. Carrying biodegradable toilet paper and soap, bug repellent, necessary prescriptions, sunscreen, a small sewing kit, rope, and a first-aid kit is an intelligent campers packing strategy. Moreover, you should accommodate almost all these items inside a single compact toiletry kit. 

Try to survive without luxuries

Anything that merely serves as a comfort object shouldn’t be a part of your luggage. Bringing items such as enormous lights and heaters defeats the point of camping. If you dislike coping with a windy or cold night, try renting an RV or a cottage rather than pitching a tent.

A little forethought goes a long way. If you stuff whatever you possess into multiple backpacks without contemplating, you’ll be sorry when you have to carry that massive burden through into the steep woods. Furthermore, once you reach your destination, you will have a headache trying to find everything. So the best camping advice is to pack light and utilise organisers. This is the only way to go for a weekend camping excursion.

3 Travel Methods, and Whether They’re for You

There are dozens of ways to travel if that appeals to you. If you own a vehicle, you can drive it across the country to visit relatives or take that much-deserved vacation. You might go solo, or perhaps you want the whole family to come with you.

You can also fly, which gets you where you’re going faster than most other options. You can be on the other side of the country in about six hours, flying from coast to coast. You might also use an RV, bike, or many other options.

In this article, though, we’ll talk about some less conventional travel methods. We’ll also talk about some potential drawbacks and benefits of each one.

Tour Buses

Tour bus travel appeals to some people, and not so much to others. One nice thing about tour buses is that if you decide you want to take one to a destination, you don’t have to drive. If you’re not the most confident driver, handing over the duty to someone else might appeal to you.

You can also meet some friendly people on tour buses. The group seems to form a loosely-knit family unit for the days you are together. You might even meet some lasting friends that you stay in touch with long after the trip concludes.

If you’re single, you might find a new significant other while on a tour bus. You also have plenty of opportunities to see sights along the way. Many tour buses stop at natural wonders, like the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore.

You also might get on one that goes to Vegas or Atlantic City. Senior gambling junkets like this are very popular, so if you’re in that age group, this might be for you.

On the other hand, tour bus crashes do occur sometimes. You never know if the driver will fall asleep at the wheel or allow their smartphone to distract them.

At the moment, Covid-19 is also a concern. The pandemic is not over, and even if you’re fully vaccinated, you might feel like now is not the right time to check out a tour bus vacation for that reason.

Oceanic Cruises

If you love being out on the water, an ocean cruise might make sense. These cruises sometimes start in places like New York and let you sail off to the Caribbean or other exotic and desirable destinations.

On these cruises, you can get a luxury cabin if you can afford one. You can experience fine dining in one of the ship’s restaurants.

Some of these cruise ships also have veritable theme parks right there on the premises. There are swimming pools and even roller coasters or go-cart tracks on some of the largest and most elaborate ones.

As far as possible negatives, Covid-19 is a concern again. Some people don’t feel like now is the right time to mix with other individuals, even out on the water where you don’t necessarily have to crowd close together indoors.

You also might get seasick. You can always take medication to combat that, but some people are not comfortable out on the water, and nothing is ever likely to change that.

RV Traveling

RV travel splits the difference between camping and the traditional road trip. The road trip aspect comes from owning or renting a large vehicle and driving it along America’s byways and highways. You can also stop to camp at various sites around the country, though.

If you are a confident driver, you will have no problems maneuvering a massive vehicle such as this. You can easily take the whole family with you, and even some friends and neighbors if you like.

You can all enjoy stopping at roadside attractions and diners. You might park the RV and go for hikes in the woods, planning out a route so you can see and experience some natural and human-made wonders.

RVs are expensive, though, so buying one might not be in your budget right now. You can always rent one, but if you do, you may not feel so comfortable about driving it since you are probably not used to it.

RV rental or ownership isn’t a bad move these days, though, since the pandemic persists. If you drive an RV around the country, you can avoid direct human contact that’s essentially necessary with the other two options we’ve mentioned.

Take some time and think about whether any of these three sounds suitable for you.

The Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World

Golf is arguably one of the oldest and most history-soaked sports available. Often stigmatized as been an event for the elite, in recent years people from all ages and of all backgrounds are beginning to see the potential and beauty of this sport. That being said, when you consider the breath-taking and exclusive aesthetics of some of the courses that people play on, it’s not surprising that so many people once believed it to be a sport purely for the upper class. Here is a list of some of the most breath-taking golf courses in the world. 

Augusta National, August, Georgia, USA

Tiger Woods was recently named as having one of the most iconic masters victories of all time and it was at the Augusta National where he won his first. Chances are, if you ask any golf fanatic for one course that they would like to play on the most in the entire world, they would say the Augusta National. 

It opened in 1933 and was originally designed by Alister Mackenzie, who as a result created one of the most scenic and beautiful golf courses you could ever visit. It is 18 holes surrounded by woodland and flora, which includes its now famous azaleas. 

Sentosa, Singapore 

On the coast of Singapore lies to the exclusive island of Sentosa, which contains on it two championship golf courses, both of which come equipped with not just clubs and flags, but the awe-inspiring views of Singapore’s glorious skyline. 

Whilst still feeling in the heart of a city, this course also comes with a contrasting sense of isolation as it hosts the elite tournaments of the Asia Pacific Amateur, HSBC Woman’s Champions and the Singapore Open. Widely regarded as one of Singapore’s greatest courses, the Serapong Course is on every golf enthusiasts bucket list; however, it should be noted the New Tanjong course is worth playing too. 

Cypress Point, Monterrey Peninsula, California, USA 

Another course in the USA, Cypress Point has a 16th hole which is arguably one of the most notorious in the world. On a completely remote island, surrounded by waves crashing against rocks and with the only crowd being the beautiful Californian sky, there’s no surprise so many golfers come to this course just to experience the 16th hole.

Opened in 1928 and designed (once again) by Alister MacKenzie and Robert Hunter, this course takes players breath away the minute they step onto the rough. Similarly to its neighboring course Pebble Beach, it plays alongside jagged coast lines all along the Pacific Ocean. What’s not to love? 


These are merely three of the most beautiful courses in the world. Realistically, an entire book could be published that dives in to the beauty of some courses, the history of those who designed them and the history of the course itself. Other honorable mentions include the likes of Banff Springs, St Andrews, Ballybunion, Adare Manor, Swinley Forest, the Legend Golf Course in Entebeni in South Africa and Old Head in Ireland. 


5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone When Travelling

Many people travel with their romantic partners, friends, or family members. This makes perfect sense – after all, it is natural to want to visit new countries and cities with those that are closest to us. 

However, the greatest travel companion of all is not a fellow human, it is a piece of technology. That’s right, it is your smartphone

That beautiful little device that fits in your pocket is the key to having the ultimate traveling experience. The benefits that phones bring to traveling are incredible – honestly, it makes you wonder how people used to survive without them! 

So, let’s get into 5 of the best ways your phone can optimize your traveling experience to make it one to remember! 


  • Use Google Maps to guide you when walking


Generally, traveling involves a lot of walking. 

This is where Google Maps comes to help. It can direct you wherever you need to go when you are on long walking trails and can even save you if you get lost.  

Remember, walking is super important when traveling, and is one of the main reasons why traveling is great for your health. Here are some more reasons why traveling is good for your health, if you want to learn more.


  • Take high-quality selfies and videos 


When the weeks and months pass by after you return from your travels, it is truly a sad time. 

You feel a lot of nostalgia and (most of the time) wish you could hop in a plane or car and return to traveling again. However, most of the time this is not possible. 

But here is the good news. The memories you make whilst traveling live on in picture-form. Any time you are missing traveling, you can pull out your phone and look at all the selfies and videos took whilst you were out there. 

So, when you are next traveling, make it your mission to capture all those amazing moments through selfies and videos. Just remember, though – do not take dangerous selfies!  


  • Make use of translation apps 


Translation apps are true lifesavers when it comes to foreign travel. They can help you order food, ask for directions, or have conversations with locals – basically, they open endless opportunities. 

Some good translation apps to try on your iPhone or Android are: 

  • Google Translate (learn more about Google Translate here)
  • Microsoft Translator 
  • Scan & Translate + Text Grabber (which is particularly useful for dealing with documents and written messages) 


  • Use free messaging apps to save money 


Smartphones come with a wide range of free messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – talk about 21st century convenience, right? 

Naturally, these apps can save you major costs when traveling, as you do not need to do international calls or texts. 


  • Get weather updates 


There is one giant fear that everyone has before traveling: the weather. 

When people travel to a nice destination, they pray that it is sunny and warm – after all, you do not want to go to Spain and have your break ruined by bad weather! 

Therefore, it is a good idea to get weather updates through your smartphone that keep you up to date about upcoming weather conditions. For example, there could be a heavy rain forecast for the next day, so you will be able to plan accordingly around it.