Distracted Driving Month and how to combat it with @Megabus #ad

In order to raise awareness on how dangerous Distracted driving is to everyone on the road from the driver themselves, or the passengers or to other drivers on the road.

A safe alternative to driving while distracted is, not driving. Instead take a bus.  Megabus is one of the most reliable cost effective ways to get from city to city across the country. Megabus.com is an affordable, express bus service offering city center-to-city center travel for as low as $1. Megabus.com operates service to and from more than 120 major cities in North America from 23 hubs in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Gainesville, Los Angeles, Memphis, Mobile, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Francisco, St. Louis, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Washington, D.C. and Toronto.

Megabus is a leader among double decker bus lines. They have:

1. Invested $1.5M in a central support system which monitors all the buses activities in real time supported by a staff 24-7. With a SmartTire alert system, speeding alerts, real time and GPS tracking. The GPS tracking system allows megabus.com to identify any low bridges and automatically lowers the suspension when going through planned routes with low clearance, like the Lincoln Tunnel.
2. Put seatbelts in all buses in 2007, which is not currently a federal requirement.
3. Instituted a policy requiring two drivers onboard between 12 and 5 a.m. and drivers are required to take nine hours off in between shifts instead of the required eight hours.
4. megabus.com utilizes GreenRoad Eco-Driving Technology: GreenRoad gives drivers the information, tools and motivation they need to drive safer. The system detects risky maneuvers and warns drivers so they can self-correct in real-time. GreenRoad analyzes more than 150 maneuvers, across 5 categories – acceleration, braking, lane changing, cornering, and speeding. At the management level, powerful analytic tools let megabus.com identify potentially hazardous areas and problematic trends before they lead to serious incidents.

Personally we enjoy a road trip as much as the next family, but for daily commutes my husband does take mass transportation and thoroughly enjoys it.  That may sound strange- but remember, we live in NJ- AKA the land of eternal traffic.  It can easily take 2 hours to go 12 miles in rush hour traffic, and that’s not a joke.  Mass transit helps, a lot. And it’s easier then driving.

The ability to nap, read, or play on his portable gaming devices in the hour long commute is a great way to wind down at the end of the day and leave work at work and leave the stress at the office.

Megabus is also great for students coming for the weekend or holiday, relatives coming in to visit, or just to take a trip toa new city for the day, weekend of longer. Whatever the trip is, pick safety and fun and pick Megabus.com

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of megabus.com. The opinions and text are all mine.

A Guide To The Very Best Ways To Save On Travel

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There’s something extremely exciting about visiting new places and learning about other cultures. The only problem with travelling is the cost – vacations rarely come cheap. While you might find a deal on your accommodation, for example, your flight tickets may end up costing you an arm and a leg. Travel can be a lot of fun, but if you’re not smart about it, it can leave you with an empty wallet and a drained bank account.
The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you the earth to travel abroad. If you know all the best tips and tricks for saving money on travel, it can actually be relatively affordable. To make travel a little more budget-friendly, we’ve compiled a list of all the very best money-saving travel tips. From booking your flights to choosing where to stay, we’ve got you covered. For everything that you need to know to cut the cost of travel, keep reading.

Avoid peak time travel

The price of flights varies significantly depending on the day and time that you choose to fly. If you want to save on the cost of plane tickets, the best thing to do is avoid booking for peak times. A peak time ticket can cost up to three times the amount as an off-peak one, so it’s worth being choosy about when you travel.

Try out a few different dates and times and see what the price difference is between flights. You’ll often find that on weekdays, daytime flights are the most affordable. While on weekends, flights late at night and in the early hours always tend to cost less. If you take the time to compare the best times to travel, you can significantly reduce the cost of your trip.

Use travel comparison sites

It’s not just about the time you travel at, but also who you choose to fly with. There are plenty of online comparison sites that allow you to not only compare the cost of flights but also show you what the cheapest airline is. Don’t be put off using budget airlines just because they’re seen as being cheap. They work just the same as standard airlines but they charge around half the price.

Of course, it’s not just flights that travel comparison sites can help you to save money on. They can also help you to save on the cost of accommodation, by showing you the best low-cost accommodation options. Take the time to use comparison sites and you can ensure that when it comes to the cost of your trip, you keep it as budget-friendly as possible. One of the best travel comparison sites is Skyscanner.net, so take a look and see if you could save.

Collect air miles and travel points

Have you ever heard your fellow travellers talking about their air miles and how they cut the cost of their trip? Air miles can be a great way to cut the cost of your travel, as they can be put towards the cost of your plane ticket. If you have enough air miles, they may even completely cover the cost of it. The question is, how do you build up air miles?


The easiest way to gain a lot of air miles quickly is to sign up to a credit card that comes with a big incentives scheme. Some credit card companies offer up to 100,000 travel points to new sign ups, so applying for a credit card is definitely worth considering. To find out more about the best credit cards for saving money on travel, check out Upgradedpoints.com and have a browse. There’s plenty of information on here to help you make an informed decision about the best card for you and your travel needs.

Obviously, you also earn points every time that you fly. You can also earn points by shopping in certain stores and using specific websites to order products online. Even buying your weekly food shop could give you air miles, if you shop in the right place, that is. Some hotels offer a travel points scheme as well, so before you book, it’s worth finding out about this. Want to save on the cost of travel – make air miles your best friend.

Book early or last minute
You might have already heard this one, but it’s definitely worth repeating. One of the best ways to save on the cost of travel is by booking your flights, accommodation and transfers either early or late. The best option is to book early so that you have plenty of choice over what you select. Booking late may save you money, but it won’t give you much choice.

If you’re going to book last minute, you need to be decisive. As well as using last minute booking websites, it’s also worth looking on the websites of your flight company or hotel of choice. Sometimes, the cheapest deals are on the company’s direct website, so it’s always worth starting there. You can find out more about last minute deals by visiting Nerdwallet.com.
Book tickets to attractions in advance

When it comes to keeping the cost of travelling low, it’s not just about how you travel and where you stay. The expense that comes with getting out and about while on vacation can be high. However, if you opt to book tickets to sights and attractions in advance, often you can save on them.


Many places offer a 10 percent discount for booking online, as well as group deals. So if you’re part of a big travel group, it could be worth booking everyone’s tickets together. By ordering your tickets in advance for each sight and attraction, over the course of your break, you could save a lot. So this is definitely something that’s worth looking into.

Save on food with deals apps

To save on the cost of food – restaurants can be expensive, use deals apps. There are plenty of apps that not only work at home but also abroad too. So before your trip research the best ones for where you’re going and download them. You can then get an idea of the types of deals on offer and which are the best places to eat and drink.

There you have it, all the best tips and tricks for saving on travel. It’s no secret that going abroad can be expensive, so any way that you can save is worth thinking about.

Great American Road Trip Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore


There is so much to see in America that even mature people still encounter new sights. That is why taking a domestic road trip could be the best choice for your vacations this year. Spain and other European countries might seem exotic, but there’s no need to travel that far. The climate in the South of France is not unlike that in states like Nevada. In truth, temperatures in the US often exceed those recorded in other Western countries. So, do yourself a favor and holiday in America this year. You’ll support the local economy, and you’re guaranteed to love the experience. Just make sure you use the following tips.

Pack clothing for all weather conditions

If you want to travel across the country, you’re going to encounter many different weather patterns. So, it’s wise to prepare for anything you might encounter. Keep some jumpers and jeans in your suitcases alongside those t-shirts and shorts. Make sure you also pack enough underwear and socks for the journey. While you’ll probably have to wash your clothing along the way, it’s nice to have some new briefs. People who plan to take their children should remember coats and boots to ensure they never feel cold. Like it or not, there’s often a strong breeze in the mountains of Montana.

Determine your route and tell someone

Next up, it’s sensible to plan your entire route ahead of time. IOS TripAdvisor and similar tools will make that easier. You can let friends and family members know where they can find you during your journey. If you get into trouble for any reason, they should notice before the situation becomes dangerous. Arrange to call them on specific days from particular locations. They will then know to alert the authorities if your call doesn’t arrive. The other advantage to planning your route is that you can make sure you don’t miss anything interesting. It would be a real shame if you drove through Nevada without visiting the Grand Canyon. However, that might happen if you didn’t research the route before leaving home.

Download some travel apps

There are many good travel apps you can download to your smartphone. TripAdvisor is currently the most popular solution on the market. It’s ideal for those who want to learn more about tourist attractions or accommodation. However, the Shofur Android solution is also making waves at the current time. Applications of that nature allow travelers to book seats on buses anywhere in the country. It’s wise to have something like that on hand for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you never know when your car is going to stop working. Secondly, your smartphone will handle all the hard work and even direct you to the bus stop.

You should now have a good grasp of the actions you need to take during the next few weeks. Failing to prepare for your road trip could mean you run into many different issues. So, take some advice from this page, and but the tips into practice. People who ignore this information are more likely to have negative experiences. That is why I decided to publish an article explaining everything today. With Easter just around the corner, it’s probably not too much time before you get behind the wheel.

Why Dubai Is One Of The Most Popular Destinations For 2016


If you’re thinking of a great family vacation for 2016, you may not have considered Dubai. As a family vacation destination, it provides so much. If you’re willing to take the kids on a plane and visit somewhere new, then Dubai may be the perfect vacation hot spot for you.

Dubai is growing all the time. New buildings and properties are springing up in record time as more and more people realise the value of being here. In just a few years, Dubai has become a vacation hot spot, from almost nothing. Sure, there is a lot of money here. And yes, some things may be quite expensive. But if you’re looking for an experience that can’t be matched, you may just find it here.

Many tourists come here to spoil themselves. Luxury and fine things are both big business in Dubai. You’ll find gold toys, and diamond encrusted cars. There are plenty of celebrities here buying them too. But Dubai also offers an incredible itinerary for families with children too. The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is a firm favorite for a great day out. And if the sun is too much, you can find even more great activities indoors.

There are aquariums, ski slopes and trampoline centers to enjoy. And if you fancy something lazy to do, there is always plenty of space on the beach. There are beach clubs to suit all ages, and plenty of indoor venues just along from the main parades when you need to get out of the heat for a while.

You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation. You can stay in an Islamic hotel and enjoy the full Halal experience. There are luxury hotels or private villas to choose from too. Dubai has become a very metropolitan destination. You can find accommodation and activities that will suit every family, whatever your background.

Getting to Dubai can be quite tiring especially for the kids. When you arrive, it might be easier to book a driver to take you from the airport back to your accommodation. This means you can start your vacation right way and relax. And if it’s relaxation that you’re looking for, you are spoilt for choice in Dubai. There are dozens of highly rated spas, or you can enjoy a comfortable stroll through the old towns.

Shopping is high on the agenda of most tourists that come here. But you don’t have to visit the expensive boutiques. Instead, you can find some charming local stores selling delightful items in the traditional styles. They can make great souvenirs, and they provide a lot of interest while you are here. There are also many great places to dine. You can enjoy a wealth of worldwide dishes, or sample something a little more local.

A vacation in Dubai provides everything you might be looking for. You can relax or be active and sporty. You can bathe in luxury with shopping or pampering spa treatments. And best of all, you can witness some of the most incredible real estate ever built. So why not come and enjoy the view from the Burj Khalifa?

Summer Road Trip Essentials

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Are you channeling Thelma and Louise this summer? If you’re gearing up for the road trip of a lifetime, here are some essentials to pack in your trunk.


A summer road trip is all about sun, sea and sand. Pack your swimwear and some light layers for evenings. Choose a mixture of laid-back daytime outfits, beach attire and a couple of smarter looks for going out. Try and pack light, as you may have limited space.

Sat nav

The films often show glamorous starts wrestling with paper maps with the wind blowing in their hair, but the reality is that sat nav is a lot easier. Plug in motel postcodes and landmark sites to navigate your way without any stress or arguments with your co-pilot. Take a map with you just in case the road layout has changed, or your sat nav stops working.

In-car charger

If you’re planning to spend long periods of time in the car, it’s wise to pack an in-car charger. You may need to make calls and you’ll undoubtedly need your phone to stop off and take some snaps.

First aid kit

You never know when accidents could happen, and it’s always best to be prepared. Bring a first aid kit with you to treat any scrapes and scratches you pick up along the way.


Don’t forget your shades, the ultimate road trip accessory. Not only will your glasses give you that retro road trip look, but they’ll also enable you to enjoy the views without squinting.

Beach accessories

Load up your trunk with beach chairs, a Frisbee and a bat and ball for endless hours of playing around and lazing in the sun.

Sun cream

Even the most beautifully golden sun-kissed skin can burn, so take care to protect your skin. Apply lotion before you sit out and avoid the powerful midday sun. You will need to be particularly careful if you have fair skin, or you burn easily. Wear a sun hat, use a high factor and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Drinks and snacks

There’s nothing worse that trying to drive when all you can think about is feeling hungry and thirsty. Stock up on bottles of water and some snacks to keep you going on long drives. You never know when you may hit traffic or puncture a tyre, so it’s best to be prepared.


If you’re a keen photographer, or you want to keep a photo diary of your trip, a camera is a must. Don’t forget to bring a charger and a spare battery.


If you’re crossing borders, you’ll need the relevant identification documents with you. Check what you need before you go. In some cases, you may need a tourist visa. Always make sure your passport is in date before you make any travel plans. It’s also highly beneficial to take out travel insurance if you are planning to travel to a different country.

If you’re looking forward to a summer on the roads, follow these simple packing guidelines to avoid any hassle and have an incredible time!

Top Tips For Planning A Family Ski Trip


Going on a family ski trip will give you all the chance to spend time in the great outdoors, having fun and learning new skills. Skiing is fantastic for families with kids of any age as more and more child-friendly classes and slopes are becoming available. It’s often been noted that the children often surpass their parents skiing abilities by the time the trip is over. But before you start booking hotels and choosing your ski gear, here are some top tips to help you plan the most perfect trip possible.

Stay somewhere local

It’s no secret that skiing can be strenuous, especially after a full day on the slopes. The last thing you want to do after such a long day is spend hours travelling back to your lodging. Remember that your children’s legs will tire before your’s do. So walking for miles or having to make multiple transfers to get back is not ideal. So wherever ski resort you decide to travel to, make sure your accommodation is local. Chalets, condominiums and hotels are just a few options you have and these will vary is size, price and quality. Always book with a reputable supplier such as tremblant hotels, who can accommodate families for a more comfortable stay.

Plan other activities
While skiing is the main reason you are planning this trip, try to include some alternative activities to do as well. Kids can get bored easily, and they may not want to ski every second of every day. Plus if it’s your first time, you all may find that your bodies need time to acclimatise to the ski positions and the weather. Being cold and wet is not something every child will enjoy so always have a backup plan just in case. You could go shopping around the local towns or visit other tourist attractions that are age appropriate. It will make the trip far more enjoyable for everyone and give your body a chance to rest and stay warm in between.

Make sure everyone has the right gear

While you might have the right ski gear and equipment, it’s unlikely that your young children will. It might be beneficial to hire their equipment as they are still growing. So you need to ensure that the ski resort or hotel you are staying with can provide your children with the appropriate skiwear and equipment. You should be able to find this out online or call the directly if you are unsure. It’s always better to find this out before you get there. Otherwise, your child may not be wearing the right sized clothing which can expose them to the cold and harsh elements. Equally not wearing the right boots or using the correct equipment can increase the chance of injury. So always make sure the right gear can be provided to every member of your family before you book.

You should now feel more confident about planning a one in a lifetime ski trip for your family. Always wear the correct gear, check the weather forecast and stick to the ski regulations to keep everyone happy and safe on the slopes.

6 Stunning Spots in Jamaica Every Traveler Should See

The shores of Jamaica attract millions of visitors every year. With plenty of budget holidays and low cost accommodation, there’s never been a better time for a Caribbean holiday. If you’re planning to explore this tropical island, be sure to visit some of these jaw-dropping natural wonders.


Mystic Mountain

The famed Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is home to one of the most popular, most exhilarating attractions in Jamaica. Starting your adventure into the heart of this rainforest, walking routes or a chairlift will take to you to the summit of the 700 foot mountain. Admire the spectacular ocean views before hopping aboard a bobsled. Set on a 1,000 meter metal track, you’ll whizz down the mountain and take in the vibrant eco system along the way.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

No trip to Jamaica would be complete without sampling one of its beaches. Doctor’s Cove in Montego Bay is one of the best — a sweeping strip of palm fringed white sands. It’s long been attracting visitors from around the world with many believing the crystal waters have rejuvenating and curative properties. Even the cynics can agree, this is one of the most relaxing spots on the island.

Martha Brae River

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Jamaica’s rural landscape with a guided tour down the Martha Brae River. Locals lead the expedition aboard a bamboo raft which offers an authentic insight into the region. Expect beautiful fauna and flora and make sure you bring a swimsuit. There are lots of chances to cool down with a swim and escape the midday heat.

Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

Covering an expanse of 200,000 acres, this national park is a nature lover’s paradise. The preserve is home to more than 800 endemic plant species and over 200 species of tropical birds. Hike deep into the rainforest and you can marvel at towering waterfalls and jaw dropping scenery. The adventurous can also climb to the summit of Jamaica’s highest point, Blue Mountain Peak.


Dunn’s River Falls

One of the island’s national treasures, this collection of cascading waterfalls is Jamaica’s top-grossing attraction. Visitors can amble across the gentle tiers of limestone or take a refreshing dip in one of the plunge pools. Arrive early and you’ll avoid the crowds of tourists for a secluded experience.

Black River

Spanning over 50km, Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica. Its murky depths are home to a huge array of fish species and crocodiles. It may not be safe for swimming but visitors can take a guided boat tour and learn more about the diverse ecology. Along the way, you’ll spot herons, snowy egrets and many other beautiful bird species.

Take some time to visit some of these must-see attractions on your next Jamaica holiday and you’ll be guaranteed an unforgettable experience. It’s just one of the world’s most fantastic islands you can visit.

Could Vegas Be Perfect For A Family Vacation?

What do you think of when you picture Vegas in your head? I imagine most people immediately form the image of gambling in their mind. A murky casino, filled with smoke and crowds of people bent over roulette wheels. Well, let’s cast that image aside right now. First, casinos in Vegas are nothing like that. They’re stunning with golden walls and beautiful designs that are a pleasure to spend your time in. However, that still doesn’t help when you’re thinking of somewhere to take your kids. Kids won’t be allowed on the casino floor. You might think that this makes Vegas a pretty awful choice for a family holiday. But you’d be wrong. There are lots of things you can do as a family in this massive playground.

See The Lights

If you’re staying in Vegas with your family, you need to go out and explore the city at night. Hire a limo and get chauffeured around dazzling displays of colour and wonder. The neon lights of Vegas will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You can even go and check out the Eiffel Tower. Or at least, the Vegas version of this famous monument. It’s just as impressive as the real deal. Every hotel has a different show and display so you could spend hours travelling around without getting bored.

Incredible Accommodation

If you have the cash, there is some truly incredible accommodation to stay in when visiting vegas. There’s a hotel that has a roller coaster built into its roof. Or how about an outdoor glass lift, similar to the one your kids might have seen in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Vegas is a place where dreams come true, and they’ve certainly tried to give kids things to enjoy as well. In one hotel room, you can bowl a strike in your room. Yes, there is a room in Vegas with it’s own bowling alley. It will cost you a fortune to rent but would it be worth it? I think so.

See A Show

Not all the shows in Vegas are R rated. In fact there are quite a few that are perfect for the whole family. Don’t forget that this is the place where fame sensations come to wind down their career. Or just take a break. If you have a look at this site you can get Vegas tickets for Justin Bieber, Billy Idol or Celine Dion. There are shows for every generation, no matter how old your kids are.

Explore Outside The City

Don’t forget when you visit Vegas you’ll be nearby a number of other sites such as the Hoover dam. Take your kids to view this monumental man made achievement. If you head over there in the early hours of dawn, you’ll be in for a tremendous view not to be missed.
I hope you see now that Vegas isn’t just a place where adults can gamble their life savings. It could be the perfect destination for a fun family adventure that you’ll never forget.