Looking for the Perfect Travel Purse?

If you give me a big purse, I will carry everything in it. I do mean everything. Snacks for the kid, tissues, lip balm, hand cleaning products…the list goes on and on.
Ladies, I am going to let you in on a little trick. The secret to looking great while on the go doesn’t require effort. It requires you to find a style that flatters you, that is comfortable, and that will enhance your  your wardrobe subtly. Who would have thought that adding a bag to your look could be a game changer?

20150502_195156I am not talking about any bag either. I am talking about a Baliboca bag. These are pretty sweet for a Mom on the go. If I am dashing off to an after school event with the kid, or having a family fun day at the Zoo. My Baliboca Neoprene Shoulder Bag is great. I stays with me, requires no hands, and best of all, it can discreetly slip under my coat or sweatshirt if I want.

Now this is huge. You don’t want to know how many times I have been the lady that could just drag a suitcase in wheels around for all of the stuff motherhood requires. The Baliboca shoulder bag is great for helping me just say no to becoming a walking vending machine.
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Is Your Health Safe When You Travel?

Traveling the world can be a wonderful experience. You get to take in new sights, see a ton of history, embed yourself in other cultures, and create lifelong memories. However, while the experience may be fun, traveling to other countries also puts you at risk.

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Not only do you run the risk of getting lost or being taken advantage of in other countries due to your lack of direction and/or inability to speak the language, but you are also exposed to illness and disease that you may not be exposed to back home in the US.

Getting sick in another country is not always ideal. Not only do the doctors likely not have access to your medical records, which could put you at risk if you have an underlying medical condition or allergy to medication they aren’t aware of, but you may not get the best possible treatment either. In order to ensure your safety while traveling to another country, use the following tips.

Get vaccinated.

Different countries have different illnesses and diseases, and in order to travel to certain countries, you may be required to get certain vaccinations. Before you go, check and see what vaccinations you need to travel out of the country, and then set up an appointment with your doctor to get vaccinated. Keep in mind that some vaccinations may require multiple doses, so this isn’t something you can put off until the last minute. Plus, you’ll also need proof that you were vaccinated in order to board the plane, so be sure you keep all records and documentation on hand. Getting these shots done will help eliminate your risk of catching a disease while you’re traveling, which will help to keep you safe.

Research doctors/hospitals.
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Get Your Kids to Buckle Up #KidsBuckleUp

We all know that getting our kids to listen can be a challenge.  There are times you lose the battle, but as long as you win the war, right?  One of the battles you really can’t afford to lose is the battle to buckle up.  Not only is it a lifesaver in a car crash, but it will keep them safe in all those little “road skirmishes” most of us deal with on a regular basis.  Kids who buckle up as soon as they get in the car, every time, will develop that habit, and it will be one that they won’t break as they get older and start driving on their own- so start young, and never let that one go.

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Parenting a tween involves compromise. But here’s one rule that should not be up for debate – the car doesn’t move until everyone is wearing a seat belt. If you say it, and if parents buckle up themselves, your tween will buckle up. And if they don’t, that’s a fight worth having. It might just save your tween’s life.

pic5Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children age 1 to 14 in the USA?  Over the past 5 years, 1,522 kids ages 8-14 died in car, SUV and van crashes. Of those who died, almost half were unbelted.  As children get older they’re less likely to buckle up. The percentage of child passengers who die while riding unrestrained generally increases with age and is most pronounced among 13 and 14-year-olds regardless of seating position.
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The weirdest spas and treatments in the world


Nowadays, healthy life and longevity have become most important things for individuals. Some people are even more willing to have a healthy life instead of family. There are numerous therapies, exercises and eating habits which modern man incorporates into life just in order to stay healthy and take care of its body. In that regard, it is no wonder that massages and spas have becomes such a fab as of late. Given that many of us are working during the entire week and that our body suffers enormously while being strapped to the chair, it is normal that many people are seeking a reprieve in one of those salons. But, like any other thing which becomes popular quickly, it led to different consequences. Today, in order to provide a unique and never before seen service, many parlors are offering weird types of treatments for their customers. These are some of the craziest ones.

  • There is one particular hotel in Sweden which is providing a special sexual service. And no, it is not about prostitution. This orgasm hotel is providing couples with luxurious rooms filled with sex toys and posters meant to spice up their sexual life.
  • If you are a type of person that hates cold, Chinese flame treatment is just the thing for you. It is thought that flame improves the body by keeping it safe from different microbes and cold during winter days. Naturally, in order to keep the customer safe, there is double cloth which is put on his or hers back before its set on fire.
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How to Get the Most Out of Domestic Travel

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When most people say they want to travel, they imagine traversing the globe for vastly different cultures and scenery of foreign countries. However, many travelers simply don’t realize the wealth of amazing travel opportunities available right here in the United States.

A vast and diverse landscape, America offers as many new experiences as international travel — at less than half the price. For outstanding and unforgettable travel, you don’t need a passport or a massive savings account. Here’s how you can get the most out of your U.S.-based travels.

Find Uncommon Destinations

Some people are turned off by the idea of domestic travel simply because they don’t anticipate a trip to Boise, Idaho or Des Moines, Iowa to be especially thrilling. Yet, a vacation is only as exciting as you make it; if you select a dull destination and maintain a sour attitude, you probably will have an unhappy vacation. The United States is hiding thousands of exciting places to visit, so as long as you do some research and chart a course for some fascinating spots, you undoubtedly will have an excellent time. To get you started, here are some suggestions for domestic destinations you likely never considered:

  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona. A slot canyon made of vibrant red sandstone carved into surreal shapes.
  • Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming. The largest hot spring in North America, surrounded by a rainbow of colors from bright reds and yellows to crystalline blue.
  • Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario. The largest waterfall in the world, and a natural destination for couples in love.
  • Whitaker Point, Arkansas. A single stone crag jutting out over 100 feet of empty space, offering unprecedented views of the stunning Buffalo River country.
  • Hamilton Pool, Texas. A giant natural pool surrounded on all sides by steep grotto walls, formed when the hollow dome of an underground river collapsed.

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Top Destinations In India

India has long been a place of pilgrimage for individuals who seek to learn about other cultures, those searching for spiritual enlightenment, or others who love a flavourful cuisine. Travel to India can be more complicated than other destinations due to certain India Visa requirements, but as long as you plan your trip accordingly, you should be in for a wonderful adventure!

If time permits, make plans to visit the historical Madurai in the city of Tamil Nadu. Located in Madurai you will find the most extraordinary and significant temple in south India, which is called Meenakshi Temple. For those traveling on a tight schedule, Meenakshi Temple would be the top temple to visit in the south of India due to it’s bright colors, history of culture, and it’s geographic location. Madurai itself is over 4,000 years old, but despite its age, it has managed to continue being a major center for Tamil ethnicity and education. If you travel to Madurai in April, you will come across individuals celebrating the annual 12-day Chithirai Festival, highlighting the re-enactment of the astronomic wedding of their God and Goddess.
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Meet the New Face of Aviation: Private Jet Charter Companies

When it comes to traveling with your family or friends, you tend to consider all of your options. You look for something that’s affordable, that’s stylish, that fits your schedule, and that fits your needs. In some scenarios, the perfect fit for your travels would be a commercial airline. They’re affordable. They travel almost anywhere. And they can accommodate your group.

But commercial airlines are not the only option when it comes to flying. Instead, you should meet the new face of aviation—private jet charter companies. Jets.com and other private jet companies are expanding businesses that are now more popular than ever, and here’s why.

They’re Stylish

If you truly want to travel in style, then you’ll want to charter your own private jet. These jets come in a variety of different options, and you can easily travel in comfort and style. You can opt for oversized leather seats with all the amenities you like, which is much better than sitting in a small overused seat. Some jets, depending on your needs, will also include tables and chairs for you to conduct business meetings. You can also opt for WiFi, TVs, and other luxury amenities to ensure you get to your destination in the style of your choice.
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SeaWorld – A Giant WaterShow #Florida #Travel @Seaworld

sea worldEver want to feel like you are part of a giant water show? Then head to SeaWorld in the rain, LOL.

This week has been a rainy one, but we have not let that dampen our fun! Little Man loves animals, so SeaWorld was a must-do for us. Shamu had a wonderful “One World” show that is not to be missed, rain or shine. This was exciting for my son, because he was convinced that the whales were splashing us the entire time (it was a very, very wet day). The music and acrobatics of the animals were amazing, and I guess they didn’t mind the rain, either, LOL.

05 30 12 447Next up was Dolphin Cove- it had stopped raining (we thought), so we headed on over to visit the dolphins while we waited for Shamu’s Happy Harbor to open up. We watched them play for a few minutes- then the sky opened up again and we made a break for it! LOL (You can pay an extra fee to feed the dolphins if you want to at certain times of the day). [Read more…]