React Mobile Safety App

Have you ever stepped outside and realized its a bit darker and more ominous then you originally thought?

Maybe the quick walk over to your car after a long night at work, through a dark parking lot, where corners could hide any sort of savage criminal mind.  When these times occur, there is a new app available to help make you feel better and if need be, act as a life saving device.  Enter React Mobile.


React Mobile is an app for iPhones and Andoid smart phones.  The way the app works is easy.  There are a few different ways to activate the app, one way is with SOS, this mode sends a text message and email to your contacts and emergency contacts while also prompting to dial 911.  In an emergency this can prove to be incredibly helpful.  Instead of being a victim lost to the streets everyone will know where you are.  There is also a “Follow Me” mode which sends updates with where you are to a  selected few in case something happens where you cant click the S.O.S. button.  Follow Me can also be used when trying to get someone to get to you in a crowded area, like a concert or live event.  This can be quite empowering for anyone who feels lurking eyes on them, or just wants an extra layer of safety while running in the morning or at night.  The app is also good for your loved ones.  I know it would make me feel better knowing my little guy had this on his phone, if he had one, when he is out and about.  I’d imagine a parent of a new driver would appreciate this as well as a parents of a child aged student.  A spouse of a late worker or someone with a night shift position.  The situations where React would come in handy are numerous and unfortunately more common then you’d hope.
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Monsters Mixer Twitter Party!

This is a sponsored post as part of my being asked to host this Twitter party.  Opinions are my own.

monsters app

Halloween is nearly here!  While the kids are off at school, stop by the #MonstersMixer twitter party at 11am EST to win games and gift certificates.
Monsters Mixer is not only an Ebook, but also a kids creative app.
This app is a monster builder where players can edit their own monster by choosing among plenty of different options.
Players can give their own voice to the monster by recording it, feed the monster and make it grow, play jokes like splashing a cake on his or her monster’s face, take a picture with their monster, save their favorite monsters into a photo gallery, and more.  Who says monsters need to be scary?

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Totoya iPad case

Ok so what is a Totoya? Other then a misspelling of Toyota. 🙂 It is a cool digital and physical life toy for your kids- and it’s really cute.

This toy has two equally important characteristics. One is the physical fluffy part, it is a big white cute monster which doubles as a tablet case and a plush for kids. The monster is about the size of a small pillow case, or just a bit bigger then an iPad itself. Once inside the Totoya, your iPad is completely enclosed all around by a layer of plush creature, saving it from possible disaster. The stuffing is soft and huggable, giving your iPad a more natural, stuffede-animal feel. This extra softness is especially useful once we get to the digital component of the product, part two- the app.

The app itself is available on the App Store for free, and is a personality for your new Totoya monster. There are a few variants available, including YetYet, Robotto, YetX, and RobX. (Two of which are for your iPad and two of which [Read more…]

National Geographic Apps

Check out this digital fun for kids!

National Geographic has a great new app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is called Look & Learn Animal Alphabet. The app consists of 6 games containing over 60 animals and 100 photographs. The games are: A-Z animals, which teaches kids letters by associating them with animals, sounds and fun facts. Find the ABC’s is letter choosing to reveal a funny animal picture and fact. Connect the Letters is like connect he dots but with numbers and animals of course. Flamingo Flier is a game where you control a flamingo and must collect letters in the African landscape. Learn to Write teaches kids how to write letters and give them cool rewards after every letter. Mask Maker is the pure fun in this line up it lets you take photos with your device then put a funny animal mask on the photo and save ro email ti to your friends and family.

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