bblüv Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier Review

Clean Air is a Top Priority

Our most important and a immediate need is to breath and providing clean air free of allergens and other impurities is something we all want in our homes. No matter what our age this is important, but for a baby’s new lungs definitely consider bblüv Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier.

image of Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air PurifierThe ionizer in the Püre and HEPA+ filter work with activated carbon. The filter removes up to 99.7% of allergens and pollutants like bacteria, mites, mold, viruses, (hopefully not in the air but…) smoke. Even odors, pollen, and pet dander can be taken out of the air. My dog may be a non shedding breed but that doesn’t mean he is dander free or doesn’t carry in allergens from rubbing up against all kinds of nature on our walks. 

On a technical level the bblüv Püre 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier removes particles larger than 0.3 microns, which sounds really, really tiny. Go science! Even indoor allergens can trigger asthma year round not just tied to growing season. Mine are so much worse when the citrus trees go into bloom, but that doesn’t mean I am every fully allergy free. Reducing exposure is the first step, but not always possible if you want to step outside your door. You can however control the air in your home.

image of bbl. air filter on white backdropThe small size makes it easy to find a place for in your baby’s room or anywhere else in the house. The unit comes with one long lasting filter, the cord and the main unit. You will need your own wall plug. It just has the cord which ends in a USB so if you have an extra plug from a cell phone or other device laying around you can use that. If you don’t have an extra that you can dedicate to the filter you may need to buy one. Plugging and unplugging it can be a major pain. Also when it is plugged in the light on the power button can be pretty bright.

bblüv Püre 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier is a great option for a healthier environment for your family. The air we breath fuels our entire body and we can’t do much to improve what we are exposed to out in the world. Make your home a safer environment to breath in and know you are taking steps to protect and nurture your little one.

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Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Make Every Trip to the Store a Relaxing Hammock Ride

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock with munchkinWhen you think of hammocks beautiful beaches may come to mind, or lazy afternoons in the backyard, perhaps thoughts of camping in the woods. Shopping carts are unlikely to be your first association, but Binxy Baby may change that. The shopping cart hammock takes your next visit to the store from hassle to harmony.

Keeping your baby safe and comfortable is absolutely the goal with any product you are purchasing. Functionality and easy use are also key and the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock has all of that. Basically this high quality two layer fabric hammock is designed to clip onto the sides of a shopping cart so you can strap your munchkin in for a secure ride. If you want to use your carseat instead of placing the baby directly in the hammock that works too. In fact it is the safe way to have a carseat mounted onto a shopping cart, just use the strap that comes with it.

carseat and the Binxy Baby HammockThe hammock is designed to have an incline, or tilt so the baby’s head and neck are supported while they ride. It can hold up to 50 lbs. and stretches to fit most standard carts. I love the three point seatbelt to keep my little one in place while I navigate the isles. Once he is loaded there is still plenty of room to load in the groceries. Binxy Baby has awesome designs you can choose from to show a bit of your style and when you are done loading your shopping bags into the car packing up the hammock takes seconds. I can either put it in my diaper bag or keep it in the car with my reusable grocery bags so I am sure to remember it for every trip.

Shopping cart with Binxy Baby hammockA happy baby makes for easy shopping, getting rocked by the motion of the cart has kept my kiddo calm and quiet through our outings. I was also constantly getting compliments about how happy and comfortable my boy looks in his hammock and what a great space saving idea. I love the great material, beautiful pattern, strong fabric, quality crafmanship, soft and comfortable feel. Overall this is just a great product to have, easy to use, easy to store, and the shopping cart hammock makes my son easy relaxed company.

You can find out more at the Binxy Baby site or on Social Media at TwitterFacebookInstagram


WIN – Baby Magic & Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

Finding Great products that you can use Day in and Day out with your little one is very important, but can be very tricky. These must have baby items from Baby Magic and Boudreaux’s will be sure to leave you completely satisfied.

About Baby Magic:

Baby Magic is a true legacy brand – they believe in a tradition, and that nothing bonds parents together like shared experiences. Take comfort in knowing that when you bathe your little one with Baby Magic, that just a few short years ago your parents were probably doing the same. For 65 years, they’ve been creating magical baby smiles from one generation to another, and bonds that last a lifetime.

About Baby Bath Time:

This wonderful Baby Magic Original Hair & Body Wash has the original scent that moms have loved for generations. This easy-rinse baby wash is gently formulated to preserve the natural moisture of your baby’s skin, and is enhanced with vitamins for extra care.

About Original Baby Lotion:

The Baby Magic Original Baby Lotion is a rich, creamy, non-greasy lotion formulated to absorb quickly, while softening and nourishing your baby’s skin. This hypoallergenic baby lotion formula is mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin, and enhanced with vitamins A and E to help retain the natural moisture of baby’s delicate skin. It is specially formulated for baby skin conditioning and protection.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love Baby Magic Products and have used them with all 3 of my children. The soaps and lotions not only smell amazing, but they also work just as amazingly. I have always and will continue to use these awesome products.

About Boudreaux’s Butt Paste:

Maximum Strength Butt Paste.

  • Twice the rash-kicking treatment of Original and non of the harsh ingredients of some competitors.
    • Provides thickest barrier of protection against diaper rash
    • Paraben – preservative-, and phthalate-free
    • Maximum strength treatment and protection
    • Pediatrician-recommended

My Thoughts- This product is absolutely amazing. A diaper rash is something that happens to every baby at some point. It helps to know that there is a great product out there to end the Diaper Rash swiftly. I am happy to own this product and continue to use it on a regular basis as well as a preventative measure.


Baby Magic & Boudreaux’s Butt Paste are both giving away a $35 prize. 1 Lucky winner will receive:

  • 1 Baby Magic Original Baby Lotion
  • 1 Baby Magic Original Wash
  • 1 BBP Max Strength Jar
  • 1 BBP Max Strength Tube

Giveaway Ends July 12th @ Midnight

Open to U.S. Residents Only.

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Must Have Baby Items from Balboa Baby

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I am one of those people that loves to find neat baby products to use. I must admit that when I found Balboa Baby, I was incredibly excited. They had amazing practical products that were adorable and at an affordable price.

About Balboa Baby:

Shirley Pepys, founder of Noel Joanna Inc. (NoJo) and her son Noel Pepys have teamed up with Dr. William Sears, best known as “America’s Pediatrician,” to create fashionable and functional products to make life simpler for parents and better for babies. Balboa Baby designs contemporary, unique products using luxurious fabrics and distinctive prints. They  will continue to find innovative ways to make parents’ lives easier, their babies happier and to give them both opportunities to bond and experience life together.

About the Carseat Canopy:


This amazing Carseat Canopy has some awesome features:

  • Reversible design in two unique prints, easy to reverse.
  • Velcro tab closures for a universal fit.
  • Can also be used as a colorful playmat or blanket.
  • Measures 42″ height x 31″ width.
  • Keeps the sun out & protects from the elements.
  • Machine Washable.

About the Nursing Cover:


  • Structured reinforced neckline holds fabric away from mom, permitting easy eye contact.
  • Developed, tested, and recommended by America’s Pediatrician” Dr. William Sears.
  • Generously sized to give nursing mothers full coverage while providing baby room to move.
  • Contoured design with fashionable details and convenient pocket.
  • Can also be used as a stroller cover.
  • Measures 26″ height x 46″width
  • Machine Washable

My Thoughts:

I am absolutely in love with each of these amazing products. The carseat canopy has came in handy since day one. When she was first born it was incredibly bright for her to be out in that sun and we also live in the Kansas Wind. It was completely necessary for me to have a product that would cover the carseat well!  The nursing cover comes in handy anytime that we have company and she is hungry as well as when we are out and about and she is ready to eat.

Tiny Love On-The-Go Essentials for Baby

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own. For more information, see “I Disclose”.

With a 3 children finding ways to keep all of them content is incredibly important. Tiny Love is absolutely amazing about creating every product that you could possibly use to be able to keep your baby and toddler happy and content.

About Tiny Love:

Tiny Love is a multiple award-winning global toy and baby products’ company that puts special emphasis on the issue of baby’s development. Ever since the company was founded in 1991, their goal has been to create products that would support baby’s development from birth and offer smart solutions to parents’ genuine needs. Today, their products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide, helping babies and parents enjoy quality moments together and individually.


About Spin ‘n’ Kick Discovery Arch:

This is the only stroller arch on the market with stimulating activities for both hands and feet. Filled with fun features such as a 7-page crinkly peek-a-boo book and puppy rattle, this arch will never leave baby bored while on-the-go. The arch easily attaches to strollers and baby carriers for simple, portable fun – perfect for travel. 20160829_094204

  • Reinforces self-discovery and cognitive development with a wide selection of fun features and toys.
  • Uniquely designed with stimulating activities for babies hands and feet. For extra interest, you can swap between the arches – changing between the hand and feet activities.
  • Arch easily attaches to strollers and baby carriers and angles towards baby for perfect positioning.
  • Designed with contrasting colors that stimulate baby.


About Crinkly Raccoon:

This is the perfect light-weight clip toy to take along with baby everywhere! The adorable, doble-sided peek-a-boo toy unfolds for baby to explore basic patterns and stimulate senses, and the crinkly texture assists in developing fine motor skills.

  • Cute light-weight clip-toy that is perfect as a take-along
  • Double-sided peek-a-boo toy with black and white images
  • Adorable all-smiles expression and basic patterns designed especially for young babies
  • Crinkly, textured body helps stimulate tactile senses and develop fine motor skills


My Thoughts:

I have been incredibly impressed with both of these amazing products. My daughter loves playing with the Crinkly Raccoon both on her carseat and even more fun when she is laying on her tummy time mate. She loves to stare at the wonderful pictures on the bottom of the raccoon as well as to look at his sweet face.

The Discovery Arch is absolutely amazing. I have been so excited to give this a try. My daughter is a little young to play much, but she sure has enjoyed looking at the new toys and seeing all that she will soon have right at her fingertips. We are on the go a lot so I love that I can use the discovery arch in the stroller as well as the carseat. I love the easy portability of this awesome product.

Tiny Love truly is the creator of the majority of my must have baby products. As I look around the house I can’t count how many items I have from Tiny Love on my hands. These toys, just like all the other Tiny Love products are not going to disappoint you in anyway. They are products that you and your baby are going to love together!


If you are interested in purchasing either of these items or seeing any of the other wonderful products that Tiny Love has to offer, head on over to their website.


DockATot- Must Have Baby Product

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own and honest.  Please see “I disclose” for more information.

As most of you have realized or noticed by now, I have had another baby :). Over the next few weeks you can be lucky enough to look forward to finding out about some of the greatest baby products that are on the market today. I want to share with you some of my favorites that I can not live without! The first one to share with you is the DockATot Deluxe.

About DockATot:

The DockATot is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. This was created with love in Sweden with a strict emphasis on design and comfort, there is simply nothing else like it on the market that allows mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with baby.

The Difference: The differences are in the sheer innovation; love and luxury that have been exhaustively thought out in the design process, with their own children in mind. Every material and detail is carefully micro-managaed to ensure the highest quality of breathability, non-toxicity, comfort, and convenience.


The Convenience: Sure it’s stylish, but that’s only the beginning. DockATot travels easily form place-to-place and features a plush cocoon- like design for optimal protection and durability. The 100% cotton fashion sheets are machine washable, allowing for easy changes for life’s messy moments.

The Philosophy: Babies need a nurturing and cozy surrounding and feel calmer being in a smaller environment, which mimicks the mother’s womb. DockATot creates a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted.

The Collection: With two sizes ranging from 0-36 months, the Grand and Deluxe DockATot are the only products that will transition with your child through every stage.

The Promise: The DockATot has been rigorously tested and is fully compliant with both federal law and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision proposed standards, setting a new standard for baby lounger design and comfort.


DockATot is both a luxury and a necessity for any parent who wants their little one’s earliest years to be nestled in a happy and healthy cocoon of comfiness.

20160622_202743About DockATot Deluxe:

The Deluxe Dock is the ultimate docking station for your baby ages 0-8 months old. Multifunctional and multitasking, the DockATot Deluxe offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. Deluxe docks are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel. Additional covers are available for purchase to match your mood, room, and style.


18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long (29 inches with clasps closed and 34 inches with clasps open).


My Thoughts:

I absolutely love the DockATot Deluxe. It is for sure one of my favorite products that I have ever used with a newborn. It is a great place for her to hang if I need to set her down on the floor, but out of the way of our dog and my other children. I also think that it is an amazing spot for her to take naps when we aren’t always at home and her bed isn’t necessarily available. We are getting ready to go on a vacation in a few weeks, I am definitely planning on taking this amazing product with us to use for her to sleep in! I would recommend this great product to anyone that is having a baby. I am hoping to get the DockATot Grand when she outgrows this one as well!



If you are interested in purchasing this great product for that sweet baby in your life, head on over to their website and order the one that matches your lifestyle.

Exederm: The perfect product for Eczema

Disclosure: The Exederm products mentioned below were provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

Theres not much more in life that really bothers me than my babies being hurt, or in pain or discomfort. Having eczema is no fun at all and I am definitely always willing to try anything that might help them with the pain. Exederm is an amazing product in my book.

About Exederm:

Exederm is a sensible approach for anyone with eczema, dermatitis, and dry or sensitive skin.

  • No fragrance
  • No parabens
  • No Lanolin
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Color or Dyes
  • No (SLS) Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • No (CAPB) Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • No Phthalates

The National Eczema Association has honored exederm children’s skin care range with its coveted ‘Seal of Acceptance’ award. In fact, each of their five baby eczema care products scored a maximum 5/5 from the review panel. 
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Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer

Disclosure: The Take-Along Bouncer from Tiny Love was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.


With babies it is always very important that you prepare for taking them along with you. Babies are so hard to prepare long or short visits to places with. They always need somewhere to sit and sleep if necessary. The Take-Along Bouncer from Tiny Love is the perfect solution for this problem.

About Tiny Love:

Tiny Love is a multiple award-winning global toy and baby products company that was founded in 1991 by Shoshi and Isaac Oren. The couple branced into the field of developmental toys with the aim of creating products that would support baby’s development from birth through 24 months and offer smart solutions to parents’ changing needs. Today, Tiny Love’s products are available to babies and parents in more than 50 countries worldwide.

In January 2014, the Tiny Love brand was acquired by Dorel Industries, an established corporation that has a respected juvenile division. The company’s portfolio includes well-known and strong global brands, such as Maxi-Cosi, Bebe Confort, Quinny, Safety 1st, Cosco, and Baby Art. The company is a leader in child safety and protection and its ongoing mission is to Care for Precious Life.

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