Budget-Friendly Outdoor Activities for You and Your Kids

Looking after your kids is a full-time job that doesn’t end until you see them walking out the door for college. And, while they are time-consuming and the worst enemies of your budget, we know you love them more than anything else in this world. Although we know your children will love a room full of toys and visits to Disneyland, not all activities should be dictated by big money. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy an entire day outdoors even when you’re on a limited budget. All you have to do is dress season-appropriate and get inspired by some of the activities we chose that will put a smile on all the family members’ faces. 


Outdoor painting

Who said kids can’t have fun without leaving the house? Painting is one of the most therapeutic activities for children and adults alike and has proven extremely beneficial in fighting depression, anxiety, and mild forms of autism. 

The key behind turning this simple activity into a fun day outdoors or indoors is to let your kids have full control of what they paint and where they paint. Hand them the colors and brushes and allow them to fully express their personality. 

Although the walls of your living room or their room are more appropriate, if you don’t want to display your kids’ mural art for everyone to see, you can choose other surfaces to paint. The barn, the garage or the attic are full of walls in desperate need of a childish makeover. And, if everything else fails, you can ask your offspring to paint on a wood board, an old door or a window frame, a sheet or an old piece of canvas. 



Growing plants is a rewarding activity for the entire family. First, you’ll have all the help you want to plant and look after your seeds. Secondly, you’ll give your children the chance to become more responsible by looking after the plants, as well as spend some quality time outside, away from their phones and tablets.

But, what’s really amazing is that you will get to watch the entire growing process from seeds to fruits and provide organic fruits, veggies, and herbs for your family. You don’t even have to own a big backyard as you can plant in portable greenhouses, window boxes or small pots. 

If space is a problem, you can start by growing cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs like oregano, basil, parsley or rosemary. Chili peppers and flowers can also be easily grown indoors, in small pots. 


Shooting a crossbow

If you want your children to develop more tactical skills, you can start with fishing and learning to shoot a crossbow. At https://www.fisherpants.com/best-crossbow-target/ you will find a wide array of targets specifically designed for children and beginners, made of strong and reliable materials that won’t break easily. 

You can practice on these soft targets before trying out trees and, ultimately, switching crossbows for hunting guns. 


Visit a farm 

Most of the kids from the big cities don’t even know what they’re missing when it comes to the simple pleasures of life. Instead of having them binge-watching their favorite cartoons or spending hours on the Internet playing online games, why not take them for a real fun day outdoors?

Most small children love animals but won’t have a lot of opportunities to see real cows, kids, goats, bulls or llamas when they spend most of their lives between four walls. Plan a trip to the closest animal farm and watch them as they discover how to milk a cow, feed the chickens or simply play with bunnies. 

Animals also have a therapeutic effect on children and can teach them compassion, empathy, and even cure depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. 

4 Tips to planning a Greek holiday on a budget

Any serious traveler dreams of seeing the Greek islands. After all, who is not enticed with the blue and white aesthetic of the beautiful Santorini, or the cliff side beaches in Zakynthos? Most people think that you would need to prepare a lot of money just to enjoy a vacation getaway in this beautiful archipelago.


But that is far from the truth. While it will be more expensive than a vacation in your country, there is a way to travel to Greek while still on a budget. Check out some tips you can follow so that you can start planning a trip to Greece soon without having to break the bank.


  1. Book as early as possible – if you’re already experienced in traveling, especially abroad, then you know that the earlier you book your flight and accommodation, the better deal you can have. Especially if you plan to go there during the summer, the more expensive it will be. So start your search as early as now. Find good deals on accommodations. Look for travel blogs that give tips on places to stay other than the famous hotels in the area. You might be able to find affordable hostels and the like. If you plan to travel around the islands using a plane, you would also need to book early as they can be sold out if you wait until the last minute to buy.


  1. Get a package deal on your ferry tickets – a great way to save money on your travel expenses is to look for package deals. There are many companies that offer traveling from one island to the other using ferries, as many consider these the most economical way of transportation. There are companies offering a tour of five or even eight islands on just one ferry ticket! That’s a great deal and you also will not have a hard time planning your itinerary as you can just find out which islands you will go to and research on the best sights and activities to do there. Check out this  Greek multi-island hopping holidays with HostelBay Fast Ferry Pass to get a good package for your island hopping.


  1. Go there during the off-season – the great thing about Greece is that the beautiful Mediterranean weather makes it an ideal location throughout the whole year. So unless you can only travel during the summer, it would actually be a good idea to explore the islands during the off-season. Not only is it cheaper, you also won’t have to battle with both tourists and locals who are also on vacation. It might get too crowded in some tourist sites which might make it less enjoyable for you.


  1. Eat like the locals – Greece for sure has a lot to offer when it comes to local cuisine and delicacies. You might be tempted to try some famous restaurants in the area based on reviews you’ve seen online, but you might find the price may be too steep for your budget. Try to befriend the locals and ask them for suggestions on where you can eat. If the locals go there, whether it’s just a street food stall or a hole in the wall restaurant, you can be sure that you will enjoy the food.