Enter to WIN K’nex Building Fun

No matter what your expertise in gaming there is always another way to interact with you digital entertainment. Either through more games in the series, plush based on characters or construction sets to further expand your in the game setting. The later being my personal favorite because then little ones can use all kinds of other characters to join in on the fun. Today we are looking at a few of the newest K’nex toy lines associated with video games. The games are Super Mario 3d world, Plants vs Zombies and Titanfall. The list may seem to have big difference between one another but one of the common threads between them is fun and K’nex.

K’nex are America’s number one building set with unique shapes and snapping pieces with bring your imagination to life. Not only are there bricks and struts to use but also big flat swatches that almost look like stretched plastic to hold the pieces together. From Mario’s platforms to a walking zombie-fied football helmet the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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