Fun Summer Travel Items For Kids

It’s summertime, and if you are anything like us, you are traveling more then usual. So what to do with wiggly kids? Here are some fun ideas.

seat pets

Road trips are part of every kid’s rite of passage- we all remember fighting with our siblings in the backseat, and trying to get some sleep on those long drives. Now, kids can have it easy with soft and cuddly SeatPets. These came out a while ago, but now have a new and improved version. They are softer, with animal faces that are sweet and silly that kids will love to hug during road trips (and all trips). They come in varieties such as lion, cow, ladybug, cat, dog, monkey and monster- each for $19.99. Each Seatpet also comes with a bonus backpack strap, making on the go even easier (say if you are transferring cars or taking a plane first) and hands free, so junior won’t forget their new buddy in some random location. These plush and snuggly pals are sure to please any kid and keep them from whining in the car- as well as encourage a comfortable – and quiet- nap.

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peppa pig playset

Want to encourage excitement in the little guys? Let them have their own adventure with a good friend- Peppa Pig. This precocious pig from across the pond delights children on TV, and now has a line of toys and books available, such as this Picnic Adventure Car. Kids will love to act out their own road trip with Peppa and George (included) and the bright red family car, which plays songs and says phrases [Read more…]

In the Car Games and Tunes for Family Trips

Long family car journeys, and even some of the relatively short ones for that
matter, are often made much more problematic by the kids getting bored in the back.
We all seem to moan about it and complain that they’re “doing our heads in” and that
“we’ll turn this car around in a minute”, but we’ve been in their booster seat in the
past – trips in the car can be very, VERY dull at times.

car ridesEndless motorway miles are dull enough for the driver, it’s no surprise that the
passengers are bored and even your partner might start to go into “child-mode” and
start asking if we’re nearly there.

A lot of the problems stem from the type of car you have. A lot of the older or
more uncomfortable models can make your body go numb on the journey, which
makes you fidget and want to start stretching out. Fortunately, the majority of the
latest family cars are much more child and family friendly, with plenty of space and
comfortable seats, (take a look at some of the latest models in the range at
for examples of some of the latest new and used cars).

To liven the journey up a bit for all parties, you could do a few things. Just
keeping each other entertained for a while is a great way of keeping the tensions
away and also ensuring that you stay alert – which is key for the driver who may
find [Read more…]