Gabb Wireless Black Friday Special #BlackFriday #GiftGuide

Review of the phone to follow shortly, but as of now, I can highly recommend this service. It’s perfect for kids and families.  Check it out, and this is a really great deal. Perfect time to buy.

Thanksgiving evening until midnight on Black Friday Gabb Wireless is giving away a Gabb Z1 smartphone with the purchase of a Gabb Basic service plan. The Black Friday offer is available at using the onsite promo code and is limited to 5 lines per family.

Should You Allow Your Child to Have a Cell Phone?

Modern parents are plagued with all kinds of technology-related issues where their kids are concerned, revolving around the dangers inherent in allowing kids to access the unlimited information and instant connectivity provided by the online arena and the mobile space. On the one hand, you don’t want to deny your children the value that modern technology provides in terms of learning and staying connected, but you also know that you can’t watch them every second to ensure that they’re exploring in a safe and healthy manner. And when it comes to giving your kids cell phones you may be even more torn. While the prospect of being able to reach them at any time is certainly appealing, the other side of the coin is that they have unlimited access to calling, texting, pixting, and in some cases, data. This is a scary thought for most parents. So should you allow your kids to have cell phones? Here are just a few things to consider before you head to the Apple or Verizon store.

kids cell phonesThe first thing to consider is the appropriate age at which to allow kids to have a cell phone. Let’s be honest, at some point you’re probably going to get them their own phone, but at what age are they prepared to take on this privilege and responsibility? Some parents provide their kids with cell phones while they’re still in elementary school, but chances are that this is a little early. Consider why your kids might need a cell phone, or why you might want them to have one. Likely it’s because they’ve reached an age where they are allowed to be without adult supervision. For [Read more…]