Hallmark Halloween Decor Review and W!N @HallmarkPR

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls!

How can you throw a wonderful Halloween get together without scaring the pants off your more sensitive, smaller guests as well as adult ones? How about by having Hallmark help with the decorating and Halloween shopping? Hallmark are the greeting card experts and have been for years. Halloween cards are great for any occasion, with bright colors, meaningful words, or and silly phrases. Some cards are even decorations as well, these large cards can open up and be put out for display. Hallmark is also known for their holiday decorations including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and of course Halloween. Their Halloween line is ever-expanding and constantly getting spooky, playful decorations and this year is no different. Here are a few highlights:

My Pet Ghost is a little jar that holds your choice of 3 ghosts, each with their own personalities including Genevieve Ruffles, Julian Hijinks, and Maxwell McSpooky. When the top of the jar is pressed the ghost lights up inside and give you some spooky insight into the ‘life’ of a ghost in a silly fun way. Little Man really liked this little pet, he was endlessly amused by it/her. He took it to his room to scare off any rouge monsters that may creep up in the night. Hey, whatever works.

Another spooky decoration is the new Witch’s Hat Door Decor. The hat hangs on the door and is motion activated. All you have to do is walk in front of it and it [Read more…]

Top 5 Reasons Parents Shouldn’t Force Kids to Go to College

Going to college is a big decision for young people today, and it is an important consideration for many parents as well. It is natural to want your children to succeed in life. For some, a college education is the best path to success and career options, however this is not necessarily the ideal path for all. There are many roads to take. Difficult as it may be, consider these top 5 reasons not to pressure your kids into going to college.

  1. The Education Sham
    Many people now live under the impression that a college degree is the key to finding a place and a career in one’s preferred industry, but this is not always the case. Many graduates with bachelor’s degrees have a difficult time finding jobs after college. Some industries are more difficult than others, but the US economy is in such shape right now that the job market is extremely rough, fiercely competitive, and often barren. To put it bluntly, a degree is not necessarily the golden ticket to a career.
  2. The Debt Burden
    Many college students now find themselves accruing debt throughout their academic years due to simply being unable to afford the rising cost of college tuition. This is something that students and parents alike are concerned about, and with good reason. It is not uncommon for students, unable to find jobs related to their studies, to continue working menial jobs just to manage living expenses and try to pay off student loans.
  3. Other Paths
    College education is certainly not the only path to success. Some of the most successful people in America, [Read more…]

Homemade Coffee Creamer

Coffee, let’s face it. It’s a must! What goes better with coffee than a cookie? No this isn’t going to be a cookie recipe, it’s Homemade Coffee Creamer! You’ll have to add the cookie in afterwards if you really want it 🙂

I used to run out of creamer all the time but skimmed through a frugal cookbook to come across the easiest ever recipe. Why didn’t I think of making it myself before? No clue, now though I have fresh cream to my own liking.

You can add different flavors, like caramel or french vanilla, add some mint in there if it floats your boat! Use skim, half or whole milk. You decide what goes into your creamer and be happy with it. On with the recipe!
[Read more…]

6 Ways to Get the Best Deal on Private Jet Flights

When it comes to group travel, many people simply wind up paying too much. They don’t realize, for example, that a private jet flight can be significantly cheaper than flying commercial when you’re talking about a sizable group of people. Not only that, there are a number of tactics you can use to get even better prices when you book your private jet flights.
Here are some tactics you can use to charter a jet and save money for your company or group:

  1. Start by looking at “empty leg” flights.

When someone charters a private jet and is staying in the destination city for more than a day, the chartered jet often has to fly back to its home airport empty. The charter jet company factors this into the original flight’s cost, and so they’re not losing money in doing so.
However, most charter jet companies do try to recoup additional costs by offering seats on those return flights. An empty leg flight can cost as little as half of the normal cost of a private jet flight.
In order to take advantage of empty leg flights, you need to be flexible in your travel arrangements. You need to be able to postpone, reschedule, or extend your travel. In some cases, you can take an empty leg flight one direction (either going to or from your destination) and schedule a regular private jet charter for the other leg.

  1. Consider private jet “pooling.”

Some private jet companies will allow individuals to share a private jet with other passengers at a reduced cost. This is closer to the idea of flying commercial; you pay for your seat, rather than chartering the entire plane. You still get the benefits of flying charter, such as the private tarmac and luxury service, as well as direct flights.
Not all private jet companies allow pooling, but for those that do you can expect to save as much as 30-50% off the cost of chartering the jet.

  1. Look at fractional ownership.

If you’re flying 50 hours or more each year, fractional ownership might be a better option for you. Fractional ownership means that you own a portion of the private jet’s time. You might own 1/16 of a jet, for example, as well as being responsible for a portion of its maintenance fees as well as hourly flying charges. [Read more…]

Top 5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Credit Cards

Americans are simply inundated with credit card debt. We are a country in the
red, starting from the federal government on down, and it’s no surprise we’re in the
financial mess we currently find ourselves. Although we could spend all day wagging
our fingers at the government and our trillion dollar deficit, the truth is it’s up to us
parents to show our children the way. Credit should be a resource, a way to qualify
for major life purchases such as cars and houses, and a fall back in unexpected
emergency situations. The problem is, most people don’t use their cards this way. Kids
are impressionable, and they look to us to show them the proper approach to life. But
parents are also battling advertising, and billion dollar corporations that make their
money on ill-prepared young adults getting in over their heads. If you want to help them
avoid the pitfalls of debt, here are the top five things to teach your kids about credit

First and foremost, a free t-shirt isn’t a good reason to take on a credit card.
Although the Credit Card Act of 2009 made it much more difficult for card companies
to profile young adults and push them into picking up a card with free giveaways and
spring break contests, that doesn’t mean they aren’t finding other ways to target our
children. Our kids watch us flashing the plastic when making purchases, and they want
that very adult experience. But you have to teach your child to look at the real financial
benefits and detriments of every us bank credit card offer, and not to pick one up because of some free

You also must explain how building credit works. A good credit score takes you far
in life. It allows you to buy a car when you need one, and qualify for a mortgage at a
reasonable rate. And it doesn’t happen by accident. Teach your kids how credit is built,
through consistent purchases paid off in full each month. And be very clear about the
consequences and limitations they’ll [Read more…]

Dry Rub Grill Recipe

Here’s a good dry rub recipe, I’ve used it on tons of grilling food and love it. Simple, easy, but not the best picture though, sorry about that, I can’t make ribs look good. LOL

This is a super simple, super easy never fail dry rub recipe that I was given years ago. I add and subtract ingredients though just to change things up now and again. Perfect for summer and even better perfect for Father’s day! I have used this on all kinds of meat though I don’t like it on fish. We used this on spare ribs this past [Read more…]

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Vision

Not only does a child’s diet play an important role in keeping their eyes healthy, so
does preventing potential injury to the eye and eye area and spotting and treating eye
problems or infections. Here are five ways to make sure your child has the best vision

1.) Make Sure Your Child Gets Regular Eye Exams– Visiting your doctor regularly
is an important step in maintaining your kid’s eye health because they can monitor
any changes or potential problems. Every time your child goes in for a body checkup
make sure the doctor spends some time on their eyes as well. Children’s eyes change
rapidly and need to be monitored regularly. If your kid wears glasses or contact lenses,
it is even more important because their eyes change and need to keep up with their
corrective lenses, contact or glass. One popular brand of lenses is the Air Optix Aqua
which lets eyes breath and can be easier for kids to wear.

2.) Kid-proof Your Furniture– It is almost impossible to keep accidents from
occurring but you can do your best to make sure you lessen the damage of these
accidents. Hardwood floors can be slippery and rugs that have slip-proof coating can
prevent falls. Look for hard corners and sharp edges on furniture and either remove
those items or buy (or make) rubber sides that take the edge out of them, so to
speak. Block off access to areas that are too dangerous and fence off the stairs when

3.) Keep Chemicals Out of Reach– Furniture is not the only hazardous [Read more…]

4 Tips on How To Get the Most Out of Costa Rica on the Cheap

Costa Rica is a great country for nature lovers. The problem is that ever since it became a popular place for travelers it also became expensive. Since not all of us can afford spending a small fortune on a vacation I came up with a list tips to save you money and have great adventures.

How to Save When Visiting Costa Rica:

1. Arenal and La Fortuna – Secrets to fun and cheap adventures such as: La Fortuna Waterfalls, Hanging Bridges and Hot Springs – go without a guide. You don’t need a tour for these places and this way all you do is pay for the entrance fee which is a fraction of the price for a tour.


2. Monteverde Cloud Forest – Head to the private reserves of Santa Elena or Monteverde and simply do the hiking and exploring on your own. There is so much to see and do, and quite frankly a guide doesn’t really point out anything that isn’t obvious.

However, if you want to see tons of animals, including colorful frogs, take ‘the night tour’ instead of the regular day tour. Believe me it is worth the $25 per person. During the day tour you don’t see as many frogs and animals. There are many interesting Costa Rica tours to choose from and this is just one of them.


3. Manuel Antonio [Read more…]