The Perfect Christmas Cocktail

Looking for the perfect drink to try this holiday season?  You and your guests will love the flavored vodkas by Van Gogh -they add that little something special that makes the drink over-the-top good.

Dessert Fizz

Christmas drinks

1-1/2 oz. Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka
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Amazing Chocolate Cocktails

Got a chocolate lover in your life?  Maybe you are looking for an amazing “signature drink” for an upcoming party.  You will love  the flavored vodkas by Van Gogh – they do all the work for you, just mix and serve!  So delicious, and there is nothing overly “girly” about them, so the guys will enjoy it as well.
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Christmas Cocktails – Reindeer Tracks

Looking for the perfect drink to try this holiday season?  You will love this- the flavored vodkas by Van Gogh take it to a whole new level that your guests and you will love.

Reindeer Tracks

Christmas drinks

2 oz. Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate

1 oz. Hazelnut liqueur
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Fourth Of July Cocktails

fourth of july drinksBerries & Basil Summer Punch

Serves 10

What’s Inside:

· 1.5 oz. SMIRNOFF No.21 Limited ‘American Summer’ Edition

· 1 Can Frozen Limeade

· 3 Cups Pineapple Juice

· 2 Cups Lemon-Lime Soda

· Strawberries, Limes, Basil

How to Mix It:

Stir together ingredients in large pitcher. Add crushed ice to serve.


GAWCo Family Shot 300 dpi

Great American Wine Company

Settle in for some fireworks this holiday with a delicious glass of the Great American Wine Company which recently launched a line of three varietals with a distinctly American look. Each variant makes the perfect accompaniment for celebrating America’s independence with close friends, and the red, white and blue bottles provide the perfect patriotic touch! The Great American Wine Company is a proud supporter of the USO who will receive a $100,000 donation to support its efforts to provide thousands of programs for US troops and their families worldwide. The three varieties offered include:
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The Architecture of the Cocktail

1451411_10200925844007741_1625109235_nHave a dinner party coming up? Holiday party? Special dinner that needs some fabulous true and amazing cocktails? Well you’ve found your go to book right here. The Architecture of the Cocktail – Constructing the Perfect Cocktail from the Bottom Up by Amy Zavatto is a one of a kind must have for anyone who enjoys to entertain and or just wants to impress a guest with a perfect drink.


The book starts off with a list of specifications, or the index for all the symbols used throughout the book. This is what makes up the picture of each drink. It also shows you the mixing symbols, whether to shake or stir so be sure to read the beginning of the book before you begin.


Moving onto the drinks it’self there are 75 drinks in the book and each comes with directions, notes on how to assemble and even tips to avoid any mishaps say using a vegetable peeler to slice the skin of an orange and avoid the bitter part. Good tips, easy to follow directions, you really can’t make any mistakes in here. Along with each drink there are some little history tidbits, or a story behind the drink, it’s a nice addition.
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Halloween Themed Cocktails

Halloween is approaching, and it would only be appropriate to get in on all the festivities with some fun, seasonally-themed cocktails that are spooky and delicious.

Below please find cocktail recipes for both the Vampire Delight, utilizing one of SMIRNOFF’s newest flavors SMIRNOFF Wild Honey Flavored Vodka, and the Blood Orange Bloody Mary, featuring SMIRNOFF Citrus Flavored Vodka. They will be the best trick or treat goodies you’ve tasted in a while!

Haloween cocktails

Vampire Delight

Serves 1