Battle of the Baby Diapers: Cloth Versus Disposable


Baby products make up a huge industry that caters to millions of parents, infants, and young children around the world. Of these products, diapers are among the most important of all due to them being essential items for all newborns up until the little ones have been successfully toilet trained. Babies go  through thousands of diaper changes until they turn two or three, which means they rely on good-quality baby diapers to stay clean and comfortable day in and day out.

The biggest discussion on baby diapers concerns whether the cloth or disposable variety is better. Each type of diaper has its own set of staunch supporters, who swear by the type of diaper they have used for their babies.

Traditional cloth diapers consist of a piece of soft cotton cloth wrapped around a baby’s waist and secured on both sides with safety pins. While some people still use this type of diaper, modern cloth diapers have changed a lot. Not only are they more stylish now, but they also feature an outer layer made of waterproof material, which prevents leaks from getting on to furnishings or clothes. The closure is often made of Velcro, which is reminiscent of disposable diapers.
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Bedtime with PULL-UPS®

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PULL-UPS Night*Time for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bedtime in our house is an ever evolving ballet of movement, slowly running down to Little Man sleeping. This ballet has always had a few main components-

1)bathroom visit



4)bathroom visit


The initial bathroom visit is supposed to be the only one, before bed but usually isn’t. This visit includes teeth brushing,face washing and a use of the facilities. This is very important especially in potty training. Initially there is resistance in this step because this signifies the end of the day and the beginning of bedtime. With a few fun thing thrown in this step could be made allot more enjoyable for all involved. Take a look at PULL-UPS Night*Time Glow in the Dark . These diapers will glow in the dark after half a minute of light exposure and come in some cool character designs like Disney Princess and Lightning McQueen from Cars. Little Man loves anything Cars, especially Lightning. There are also coupons available which start at $1 value but can build up to $2 if you share the offer with friends and family. A nifty contest to win a $100 [Read more…]