21-Day Tummy: The Revolutionary Food Plan

As the holidays are winding down and resolutions or goals are made many people find themselves making a goal to lose weight. It’s no wonder considering we eat the most around the holidays. We’re stuffed like turkeys and well, who can help it? Good food is hard to pass up, which makes this 21-Day Tummy diet brought to you by Liz Vaccariello a solid win for anyone needing to jump start their year and make some healthy choices.


Diving into the book right away you are thrown a lot of helpful facts and tips. There’s practical tips everyone would need not just those trying to lose just holiday pounds or more.

Many of the recipes in this book are focused on getting the system working well. If our gut isn’t working the rest of us isn’t doing too good either. So many other plans target just dropping the pounds not the fact that some foods can trigger reacts deep within and cause us even more troubles. I found this to be a major plus in the book.


The recipes were easy to follow as well as easy to make. There’s simplicity in here and true focus which can really help those who suffer from a slow digestive system. This should jump start the gut and get you ready to start feeling better inside and out. I made a lot of sides from the books, salads and some of the dressings which are fresh and tasty.
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