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For great educational and entertaining toys that are authentically and beautifully detailed and can be passed down for generations, and hands-on way for kids to learn about and develop an appreciation for the world’s animals and their habitats, while fostering hours of imaginative play, check out Schleich Toys.

imaginative play

Children can get to know a variety of farm animals with Schleich’s Farm World range of toys. The lifelike Schleich creatures and play accessories inspire children to learn while they play, opening the “barn door” for fact-based as well as imaginative farm stories.

With Schleich’s Wild Life range, kids can trek through the Savannah, go on safari and experience thrilling adventures at the watering hole with lions, zebras and rhinos, as they get to know the jungle creatures that live in the dense, tropical rainforest.

Young horse lovers can visit the horses on the paddock, feed them in their stalls, transport them to tournaments and then brush them down in the wash area.

Small and nimble, big and strong, massive and winged, dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes – and kids can learn about them all with Schleich’s dynamic and “fierce” Dinosaurs range! From primordial giants like the T Rex and Kentrosaurus to the Raptors, there are enough amazing creatures to satisfy even the most intrepid young explorers.


Field Station: Dinosaurs is a 20-acre outdoor Jurassic expedition in Secaucus, NJ where explorers come face-to-face with a living, breathing 15-foot Mighty T-Rex, wander among 32 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, feed the baby Hadrosaurs, participate in dozens of scientific shows and games, and see Dinosaurs Alive!, a new 3D movie. To purchase passes go to or call 855.999.9010.

dinosaur parkIn addition to regularly scheduled programming, Field Station: Dinosaurs presents:

Balloon Weekend (Sat. and Sun. June 22 and 23):

It’s a festival of balloons at the Field Station! Six-time world champion balloon artist, Mark Verge, will build a life-size T-Rex balloon sculpture, last season’s hit show “Dinosaur Balloons from Around the World” returns, and hot-air balloon demonstrations are featured. Plus a handful of lucky guests will win a tethered ride in the famous RE/MAX balloon (weather permitting).

Dozin’ with Dinos (Sat. July 13 and Sat. Aug. 10)

This overnight adventure is the ultimate cretaceous campout. Explore the lantern-lit dinosaur

trails, see Dinosaurs Alive! 3D, share s’mores and songs by the campfire with the Dinosaur

Troubadour, sleep under the stars and awake to a spectacular New York City skyline sunrise. A healthy breakfast is courtesy of Whole Foods Market, Paramus.

Museum Weekend (Sat. and Sun., July 20 and 21)

The Field Station celebrates museums and showcases the best in the tri-state area. Check the park’s website for the most current list of participating museums. Children are invited to bring their own dinosaur toy, picture, or “artifact,” and have it cataloged and displayed at the Field Station’s first Kid Museum.

LaQ DinoTrux Weekend (Sat and Sun., Aug. 3 and 4)

What’s [Read more…]

VTech Switch and Go Dinos @vtechtoys

Want to see a cool new toy that is both a dinosaur and a vehicle? It is way cooler then you are thinking- even if what you are thinking is very cool.

Take a look at these nifty new VTech Switch & Go Dinos. Each dinosaur can be changed from a dinosaur that roars and gives Dino-facts into a driver/pilot in a vehicle saying cool driver things like “Saddle Up, Partner!” There are at a minimum 10 phrases per Dinosaur for the starter Dino’s, and at the high end, 40 for Brok, the biggest of the crew.

These Dino’s are big. Brock is the largest, and he is very pliable for a transforming toy that is still transformable for little hands. This is a big deal, because as transforming toys go- the bigger they are, in general- the more complex the transformation often times is, frustrating little ones and leaving them with either broken toys or a lack of interest. It is very nice to see a big Dino transforming into a truck in 7 easy steps. Going from Dino roaring, into truck revving, in a matter of minutes. Little Man had a blast changing back and forth, and after a few times watching daddy change it, he was able to all by himself.

Each Dino comes with an accessory- some bigger then others, depending on the Dino in question. Aan example is the big Brachiosaurus [Read more…]