Love Your Pup? Try SquarePet #DogFood

Got a dog you love? Us too. In addition to our own pack, we constantly rotating pups as we are involved in rescue and fostercare. You can definitely call us “dog people”. Our pets and our foster pups are a huge part of our lives, even traveling with us at times. If you are followers on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that we are always out and about with them, and the dogs are always into something interesting, haha. (Not to mention, I think both Shayna and Cooper have a nicer wardrobe then I do!)

We recently got to try out this new dog food, and they really liked it. We were send the low fat variety, and while none of our fur babies are hefty, they still really enjoyed the food. I tend to cook for the dogs since that horrible dog food scare a few years ago, but I always keep a bag of dry food on hand for the days that I run out. Which I do, not irregularly. But I won’t give them just any dog food- it has to be good quality, and I won’t give them anything I can’t pronounce or know what it is. Some people make fun and say they are “just dogs”, but really- your dog is family. Mine are. And I think they should be treated as such.

They really loved the food, and I think your pups will as well. If you are looking for something to try out, or to upgrade your current dog food, I would definitely give SquarePet a try. Your pups will thank you.

cute puppy

More About SquarePet Veterinarian Formulated Low-Fat Solution Dog Food 

  • VFS Low Fat Formula contains two key protein sources from Pacific cod and ocean whitefish meal which are certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) to be sustainable and wild caught.  These lean and high-quality fish are combined with highly digestible sources of carbohydrates including USA grown non-GMO rice, and vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced feeding to help support gastrointestinal health.
  • Providing precisely balanced nutrition that has been developed by a veterinarian and a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, SquarePet VFS Low Fat Formula leverages the inherent nutrition found within natural high-quality ingredients to create veterinary inspired solutions-based diets.
  • Its proprietary soluble and insoluble fiber blend supports a healthy gut microbiome and is fortified with antioxidant vitamins and minerals to help defend against free radicals.  In addition, the diet is packed with crucial Omega-3 essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA which support the immune system and cognitive health
  • VFS Low Fat Formula from SquarePet is free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives.
  • It is proudly made in the USA with no ingredients from China.
  • SquarePet’s VFS Low Fat Formula dog food can be purchased online and at local pet specialty retailers nationwide.
  • Available online and at independent pet retailers throughout North America.
  • MSRP of $71.99 for a 22-pound bag

What You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy


Flu season may be winding down for humans, but there have been over 1,000 reported cases of canine influenza in Chicago in the last few weeks. To help dog owners better understand the virus, here are some key facts from the American Veterinary Medical Association:

What is canine influenza?

Canine influenza (CI), or dog flu, is a highly contagious infection caused by an influenza A subtype H3N8 virus first discovered in 2004.

What are common symptoms of the infection in dogs?

In the mild form, the most common sign is a cough that persists for 2-3 weeks. However, some dogs can develop signs of severe pneumonia, such as a high-grade fever (104°F-106°F) and faster breathing. Other signs in infected dogs include nasal and/or ocular discharge, sneezing, fatigue, and refusing food.

Is every dog at risk of infection?

All dogs, regardless of breed or age, are susceptible to infection.
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Natural Dog Bed from Savvy Rest

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.  For more, see “I Disclose”.

Our dog Cooper is a bit of a bum.  He likes to lounge around all day, all over the place.  He’s not, however, a huge fan of lying of the floor- not his favorite.  He likes to be wherever we are, of course.  I don’t like him on the couch or in the bed, so what’s the next best thing?  A doggie bed of his own, of course.

pic6We recently got him the Natural Dog Bed from Savvy Rest.  It’s really a nice bed- I’m sort of jealous of it, LOL.  Super soft and smushy, it comes it various sizes and two bedding fill options.

About the Natural Dog Bed

The Savvy Doggy™ supports your pooch in pure comfort. Organic cotton twill surrounds a sturdy core of pressure-relieving, snooze-inducing natural latex. Choose formed or shredded fill.
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Win a Wash ‘n Zip Dog Bed

I am sure by now you have all seen about a zillion photos of our newest addition, Cooper.  Cooper is new, 2 and a half years old, and hails from NYC. He’s had a rough start, coming to us with a previously undiagnosed illness (fun surprise there!) but is settling in.

Cooper likes to snuggle.  He is above laying on the floor- I can tell you I have never seen him sit on a hardwood, laminate, or tile floor- he will condescend to sitting on the carpet, but he won’t lay there.  For a shelter dog, he sure is persnickety!

Cooper thinks he needs to be on the couch if we are- which is tricky, because there’s not a whole lot of room if we are already on the couch. If it’s just one person, sure, or me and the kiddo.  But not if there’s more.  Enter the new Wash ‘n Zip dog bed.

washable dog bed

The bed in it’s smallest size.

The Wash’nZip Pet Bed is made of sheets of batting which are sewn into the outer seams and box stitched.  This assures that the interior filling won’t shift and the dog bed will always hold its’ shape, no matter which size you fold it into (you can make it a few sizes, which is pretty cool).  You can double it over and make it a small mat, open it up and make it full size, or unzip it and it becomes a blanket or a couch or carseat cover.
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A Dog’s Life

Say hello to my little friend!  No, really.


This is Cooper Cthulhu– can you guess who named him?  You got it.  Not me.

He’s a 2.5 year old boy who hails from NYC.  He seems pretty chill so far, and really, really likes toys.  Like, a lot a lot a lot.  He thinks he needs to be in my lap when I’m typing, which can be a challenge for both of us.  Don’t tell him he’s not a lap-dog, he won’t believe you.
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