Love Your Pup? Try SquarePet #DogFood

Got a dog you love? Us too. In addition to our own pack, we constantly rotating pups as we are involved in rescue and fostercare. You can definitely call us “dog people”. Our pets and our foster pups are a huge part of our lives, even traveling with us at times. If you are followers on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that we are always out and about with them, and the dogs are always into something interesting, haha. (Not to mention, I think both Shayna and Cooper have a nicer wardrobe then I do!)

We recently got to try out this new dog food, and they really liked it. We were send the low fat variety, and while none of our fur babies are hefty, they still really enjoyed the food. I tend to cook for the dogs since that horrible dog food scare a few years ago, but I always keep a bag of dry food on hand for the days that I run out. Which I do, not irregularly. But I won’t give them just any dog food- it has to be good quality, and I won’t give them anything I can’t pronounce or know what it is. Some people make fun and say they are “just dogs”, but really- your dog is family. Mine are. And I think they should be treated as such.

They really loved the food, and I think your pups will as well. If you are looking for something to try out, or to upgrade your current dog food, I would definitely give SquarePet a try. Your pups will thank you.

cute puppy

More About SquarePet Veterinarian Formulated Low-Fat Solution Dog Food 

  • VFS Low Fat Formula contains two key protein sources from Pacific cod and ocean whitefish meal which are certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) to be sustainable and wild caught.  These lean and high-quality fish are combined with highly digestible sources of carbohydrates including USA grown non-GMO rice, and vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced feeding to help support gastrointestinal health.
  • Providing precisely balanced nutrition that has been developed by a veterinarian and a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, SquarePet VFS Low Fat Formula leverages the inherent nutrition found within natural high-quality ingredients to create veterinary inspired solutions-based diets.
  • Its proprietary soluble and insoluble fiber blend supports a healthy gut microbiome and is fortified with antioxidant vitamins and minerals to help defend against free radicals.  In addition, the diet is packed with crucial Omega-3 essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA which support the immune system and cognitive health
  • VFS Low Fat Formula from SquarePet is free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives.
  • It is proudly made in the USA with no ingredients from China.
  • SquarePet’s VFS Low Fat Formula dog food can be purchased online and at local pet specialty retailers nationwide.
  • Available online and at independent pet retailers throughout North America.
  • MSRP of $71.99 for a 22-pound bag

Our New Additions To The Family #DontShopAdopt #RescueMe

So, as any followers on Instagram my have noticed, we have added to the family. We recently added two adorable pups to the pack. We went for one, but ended up with two. You know how that goes. We just couldn’t stop thinking about that adorable little face, so we had to go back.

Welcome home, Shayna and Kofi!

rescue puppy

And tiny Shayna, my first “little dog” ever (foster or personal pet).


rescue chiweenie

We are so excited to have new bundles of love around here. They have made the pandemic more adventurous, that’s for sure!

I post a lot of photos on Twitter and Instagram, so if you aren’t following and like to see puppy photos, link up 🙂

Happy Monday, all.

5 Best Dog Friendly Cities in Europe

Europe is a dream travel destination for many people. While the same sentiment is expressed by people who love traveling with their dogs, they have to be a little more discerning when it comes to choosing specific countries in Europe that will be more welcoming of their pet. Here, we reveal five of the best cities in Europe where you and your dog will surely have the best time together.

Prepping for Your Trip

Before anything else, you have to plan very well for traveling with your pet. Wherever you’re coming from, it is likely that the best way to travel with a large dog or a small dog is by taking a plane. Research on the procedures and requirements of taking your pooch with you and you will have resolved a big chunk of the whole “travelling with a dog” challenge!

Dog-Friendly Cities to Visit

In no particular order, here are five European cities that are known for being very dog friendly:

  1. Berlin. A popular travel destination for art and culture, this German city is also one that is very friendly towards dogs. One of the best ways to get around with your dog is by joining a walking tour of the city’s top historical sites. Alternatively, a steamer cruise ship is a more relaxing way to get around – and one that welcomes dogs as well. The highlight of Berlin as a dog-friendly European country is the pet-friendly nature of its public transportation system. For as long as you get the right ticket, you’ll have no problem exploring around with your pet. The city also has many cafes and apartments that welcome dogs and go the extra mile to make them feel right at home.
  2. Amsterdam. You’ll immediately know that Amsterdam is pet-friendly once you realize that the city is practically teeming with dogs! The reason for this is probably because Amsterdam has so many beautiful parks that are perfect for sightseeing with a dog or two. Except for galleries and museums, dogs are pretty much allowed all over the city. Places that have no choice but to decline dogs as visitors have a sign that says ‘no dogs allowed’ for your information. They are also allowed to travel for free on public transportations, with the exception of trains that have a dog surcharge of 3 euros.
  3. Prague. The capital city of the Czech Republic has made a lot of effort to become a more dog-friendly city, which likely contributes to its increase in tourists. Most restaurants welcome dogs, and many proprietors even offer small meals for your hungry, four-footed co-traveler. Prague also has a lot of parks which you can explore with your dogs, and pet-friendly beer gardens are aplenty as well. As for getting around with your dog, the basic rule is that they need to be muzzled before they hop aboard. While the city still needs to work on increasing pet-friendly accommodations, a bit of research will yield several that are very accommodating to pooches such as Pod Vezi. In Prague, make sure to catch a flick at The Aero – the continent’s lone dog-friendly cinema! An annual dog film festival, Aero Pes Fest, is also a must-attend event for all dog lovers.
  4. Barcelona. Barcelona locals truly love their dogs, which is why they warmly welcome yours as well. In fact, the locals are very showy of their affection towards pets compared to other European cities. If you’re looking forward to the tapas experience, you’ll be happy to know that many notable places are also dog-friendly and even offer water should your pooch be parched.
  5. Paris. Dogs are an omnipresent feature of Paris, and you’ll instantly see how much the locals love their leashed pooches. They accompany them to the hottest restaurants, the most luxurious boutiques, inside taxicabs – everywhere! While there are some established rules about where dogs can and cannot go, Parisians basically ignore these or try to circumvent them. Dog friendly hotels are also plentiful, and some are even known to provide a welcome basket for both the tourist and his trusty, four-legged side kick!

Excited for your great European adventure with your dog? These tips will surely make it a lot more enjoyable – for both you and your pet!


3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe Outdoors

Dog’s are truly man’s best friend and if you have kids then he becomes their best friend as well. We do everything we can to keep our dogs healthy, happy, and safe, just as we do our children. However, pets, of course, aren’t always inside of your home. You have to let them out, take them for walks, and let them get the exercise they need. Unfortunately, there are many hidden dangers lurking out there to harm your pooch. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top ways you can keep your dog safe when he’s outside, whether he’s with you or just running around the fenced in the backyard alone.

Safe From Getting Stolen 

No dog is safe from being stolen. Whether you have a hunting dog, a Pit Bull, or a mixed breed, there is no guarantee that someone isn’t going to see your pet at the dog park or in the backyard and decide they would like to have that pet for their very own. This is where a dog GPS comes in handy for dog owners. GPS dog tracking collars can help you track down your lost pet, whether you are hunting for cougars in the mountains or simply letting him loose in the backyard. Such a device would also serve to help track down dogs who have managed to escape the backyard, which might end up being a more likely scenario than Fido being dognapped.

Safe When Walking 

Let’s face it, no matter how much your dog loves you, if they see a squirrel in the trees at the dog park or a cat across the street at home, they are apt to run off and not come back no matter how much you call them. Having your dog on a dog leash when you’re outside is the best way to ensure they don’t get away from you and become lost. There are many different kinds of dog leashes and harnesses out there to choose from, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs for the size of your pet.

Safe Around the Campfire

Dogs are forever children and if they are curious about something, then they are going to sniff around it to find out how it ticks. This can lead to a heap of trouble when it comes to being around a campfire. Not only can it lead to your pet being hurt, it can also lead to your house or campsite burning down as well. The best way to protect your pet from a campfire is by always extinguishing open flames, making sure that young puppies and kittens are kept away from the campfire at all times, and pet proof the area you’re in for fire hazards.

These are just a couple of the ways that you can keep your dog safe when they are outside. Whether it’s a GPS to keep them from being stolen or a well-rounded plan to keep your pet away from your open campfire, we all love our pets and we all do everything we can to protect them from harm.

Make Sure Your Home Is Healthy for Your Dog

Having a dog at home is an incredible way to ensure companionship and make great memories. However, it can also be challenging. After all, your furry friend will probably be curious and adventurous, and you want to ensure that your dog is not in any danger when he is simply roaming or exploring around.

If you have a pet dog, check out the following tips for ensuring that your house is safe. By taking some steps to make sure your home is good for your dog, you can create a space where you, your family and your dog can have great experiences for years to come.

Make Sure Cabinets Are Latched or Locked

When you have a dog at home, it’s important to make sure reachable cabinets latch or lock. That way, a dog cannot get into the cabinet and eat or tear up whatever is in it. (This includes food, medicine, chemicals and more.) By keeping your dog out of the cabinets, you can ensure that he doesn’t ingest something that will hurt or kill him.

Only Have Non-Toxic Plants

Do you have house plants around your home? If so, make sure they are non-toxic. That way, if your dog takes a bite, he won’t be poisoned. If you’re not sure if your plant is poisonous and you think that your pup may have eaten some of it, call your vet. You may have to bring your dog and the plant into the vet but he or she will be able to tell you if your dog is safe, and if not, treat him for any potential health effects.

Give Your Dog a Comfortable Space

Your dog should have a comfortable space to retreat to especially if he gets stressed or anxious. This means that your dog may want a crate of his own, or he may want a bed in a spot where he can hide away if something scary happens. If your dog’s special place is upstairs and he has aches and pains, a medication like Carprofen may help for inflammation in dogs. It takes away pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia (as well as other joint diseases) and can help make it easier for an older dog to do things like climb stairs or ease into small nooks and crannies.

Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

Your dog may love to drink from the toilet. In reality, though, that’s a bad idea. If you use cleaning products in the toilet, your dog can be poisoned. Or, if your dog is small enough, it’s possible he can crawl into the toilet and drown. Make sure that your toilet lid is closed, and that way you can use the bathroom when you need to and ensure that your dog doesn’t encounter anything hazardous there.

Be Careful With Wires

So many things in your house have wires: your television, your computer and your alarm clocks (etc., etc.). Make sure that you tie up loose or dangling wires and keep them out of the way of the dog. That way, your dog won’t be tempted to chew on them (which can cause shock and damage your electronics) or he won’t trip on them when he is running around.

Having a furry friend at home is a great way to warm up a space and make it feel loving. However, you can’t just bring a dog into your space without first ensuring that you’ve done the proper prep work. If you do the work to make sure that your space is safe and healthy for your dog, your family and your pets can enjoy a fun, stress-free life together.


Canine ideas: discovering the great outdoors with your dog

travel with your dog

There’s a reason why the dog is called man’s best friend; that’s because they’ll want to go with you everywhere, given half a chance. And that includes on adventures out into the great outdoors. In fact, a canine can be the perfect companion for discovering, exploring and trekking the countryside – within reason. In order to do it properly and safely, though, there are a number of things you ought to think about first…

Let off the leash?

Ideally, of course, with all that open country yawning ahead of you, any dog owner would love to let their pal run free, but it’s not always feasible – and not always legal to do so. In which case, you’re going to need a decent, durable leash, one that preferably gives 4-6 feet of slack. You might even go the whole hog and get one that’s manufactured from climbing rope. Alternatively, you could just make your own from climbing rope – the advantage being it’ll absorb a lot of tugs and pulls, ensuring it’s both easier for the dog and your otherwise aching shoulder.

Food and hydration

Water. It’s all-important for humans when they’re on the move (it’s estimated we need as much as between nine and 13 cups of fluids a day!), so remember to bring your own bottled water, but it’s just as important for the canine species. What you’ll need then is a portable bowl that’ll pack easily into a rucksack. And, if you’re unlikely to pass water fountains or natural water (streams, rivers or ponds), then bear in mind you’ll need to share your water with your pooch. Sustenance is important too – so be on the look-out for specially-made energy treats for dogs to ensure they don’t tire when you’re out together.

First aid kit – dog and human

No dog lover relishes considering this, but when you’re out with your pooch pal there’s sadly always the (very slight) possibility something will go wrong and you’ll run into an emergency. If the poor mutt’s health – or even life – is suddenly in danger then, you’ll have needed to prepare for all eventualities. That means packing a doggy first aid kit. What to include? Well, some items will crossover with what you’ll need for human-focused first aid, such as antiseptic wipes, tweezers (for removing dirt and small stones from wounds), bandages and gauzes and tape to secure these in place. However, it’s also advisable to pack a big plastic syringe and a dose of hydrogen peroxide, which should aid in inducing vomiting should the dog have ingested poison of any kind.

And this is a good juncture to point out that while you’re out with your pal, you should look after yourself too. Making sure the first aid kit has enough to help you out of a sticky situation’s a must, as well as having food for yourself (maybe granola bars for energy) or perhaps you fancy giving supplements a go to keep up your vitamin and nutrition levels? Both Biocare probiotics (to maintain gut bacteria balance and healthy bowel function) and Megahydrate (for full-body hydration thanks to its silica hydride ingredient) are good examples.

Pick up the poop!

This should be a no-brainer; hopefully it is. If you’re putting so much effort into ensuring you enjoy the great outdoors with your pooch you should also take the time to be a good dog owner by cleaning up after your canine chum. To that end, bring with you a roll of bags or recycle a plastic shopping bag – it’s good for the environment; in a way!

And finally…

If you love the idea of roaming the countryside with your dog enough, you might be prepared to fork out for a doggy life jacket. For the pooch that has everything then? Well, yes; but this bit of kit will enable them to paddle away to their heart’s content and ensure you have total peace of mind as they do so. Be sure to opt for a version that sports a handle on the back, though, so you can pull them up and out of the water when it’s time to be getting on – or even time to be going home!

Top Holiday Travel Tips for Dogs (and Win an Amazon Gift Card)

While the holidays are supposed to be full of peace, love, and fun, they can also be stressful, especially when traveling is involved at the busiest times of the year. It can be great to bring your dog along with you while traveling, but doing so also increases the things you must do and keep in mind to ensure a safe, happy trip. From packing a dog emergency kit to bringing along a DIY dog fence, there are many things you can consider ahead of time to help things go as smoothly as possible. Here are the top travel tips to keep in mind this holiday season with your dog.


Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

If you’re taking a road trip, you want to make sure your dog is as safe in the car as everyone else in your family. It’s a great idea to invest in a dog seat belt, which will keep your dog restrained in the car. If you don’t, at least place your dog in their crate during the ride. Not only is this safer for your dog, it prevents your dog from getting into the front seat and causing an accident by distracting the driver. Never allow your dog to stick their head out of the window of a moving car.

Contain Your Dog Wherever You Are

One of the worst nightmares you could experience would be to lose your dog while on a holiday trip. To avoid this, make sure your dog is contained at all times. While outside, if they are not in a fenced-in yard, they need to be on a leash. Of course, never leave your dog tied up unattended. If your dog is trained on an invisible dog fence, you can bring a portable version with you. It’s an excellent tool for containing your dog at rest areas, campgrounds, or in the yards of loved ones who don’t have a fence. However, it’s a good idea to supervise even the most well-trained dogs when in unfamiliar territory, even when using a wireless dog fence.

Pack Dog Emergency Essentials

If you have the extra money, it’s convenient to purchase a dog first aid kit to keep in the trunk of your car or bring with you on trips. If not, create your own. You essentially need to pack the same things as a regular first aid kit, but with some extra paw-sized bandages. Your car emergency kit should also include extra dog food, extra water, extra bowls, an extra collar and leash set, and an extra blanket for the furry member of your family. Also bring along a copy of your dog’s vaccination record and any necessary medical information, including medications.

Ensure Your Destination is Dog-Proof

Wherever you are staying with your dog, do some thorough dog-proofing before you relax and let your dog roam, especially if your loved ones don’t have a dog of their own. Make sure things like medications, cleaning supplies, candy bowls, and lit candles are out-of-reach. There are several types of common holiday plants that are toxic to dogs, too. Mistletoe, pointsettia, and holly should be moved to an area your dog cannot access, so you don’t even run the risk of your dog ingesting fallen leaves. Pine needles are also toxic, and the water from the tree stand can be, too. If there is a Christmas tree that your dog won’t stay away from, keep them in a separate room or position your electronic dog fence around the tree as a safety barrier.

Ask Others to Follow Safety Guidelines

Make sure whoever you are staying with is aware of certain safety concerns for your dog. For example, ask your loved ones not to feed your dog any table scraps unless you approve, and caution them not to leave their plates or drinks unattended. Alcohol, chocolate, and xylitol can be fatal to dogs, and other foods such as onions, raisins, grapes, nuts, bones, fatty foods, coffee, and tea can cause dogs to get seriously ill. If you are using an e-collar or electric dog fence, make sure others are aware. Also remind children that dogs don’t like hugs or kisses.

While traveling, remember to watch your dog closely for signs of stress. Signs of stress in dogs include pacing, panting, growling, freezing, staring, cowering, and hiding. Any behavior that’s unusual for your dog could be a sign they are overwhelmed, so try to give them a quiet, dark place that they can rest alone with plenty of water to drink. If your dog gets sick or injured, be sure to call your vet’s office or emergency number as soon as possible.

These holiday travel safety tips come to us thanks to the ongoing educational efforts of; Dog Fence DIY provides dog owners with an affordable alternative to pricey and complex dog containment solutions.
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Best Ways to Pamper Your Pup #FurryFoodie #ad #Walmart

Disclosure- This post is Sponsored post by Lunchbox.  All opinions are my own and honest.


Dogs are part of the family. There are there for us when we are feeling down, want to jump with us when we are feeling happy, and want to snuggle with us when we sleep. Any good pet owner knows that the best way to keep your dog happy and feeling his best, is to make sure that they are well cared for. That includes making sure that your pup is pampered and spoiled.


Ways to spoil your dog:

  1. A bed of their own: While dogs love to sleep where you are, in your bed if they are allowed, or on the furniture, a dog also likes to have a bed of their own. It can be a great place for dogs to unwind after getting too excited and it can be their own space.
  2. Walks: It is important to keep your dog active, and a walk around the neighborhood is a fun way to do that. It gives the dog a chance to see and smell new things and mark some new territory. Just like people, most dogs like to get out and see different things.
  3. Special treat: Do you like having a special treat or candy? Your dog does too. It doesn’t matter if it is given as a reward or as a nightly addition to their meals, giving your dog a treat will make him happy.
  4. A trip to the dog park: If your dog likes other dogs and love to have the chance to run around without his lease, the dog park might be a fun option. It gives the dog a chance to get out some energy and have the freedom to run around that they do not normally have. Since most dog parks are fenced in, you do not have to worry about them getting lose. Plus, just like kids, some dogs love to play with other dogs. Someone to chase and run with and jump on.
  5. A Great Dog Food: A dog needs a food that will give him good nutrition plus has a taste that he wants to eat. IAMS offers a Visible Difference, available at Walmart, that gives a noticeable improvement in energy, skin, coat and digestion. IAMS is 100% proactive nutrition and has 0% fillers. IAMS Visible Difference products are the perfect way to cater to your Furry Foodie.



When you purchase IAMS from Walmart, you can receive a collapsible dog bowl in the mail when you text or upload the receipt. After purchasing one of the participating IAMS Proactive Health, Healthy Naturals, Grain Free or Premium Protection eligible products at Walmart, shoppers can text “DOGBOWL” with a photo of their receipt to 811811 to get a free collapsible dog bowl. This offer is valid on purchases made from 9/15/15 – 11/30/15.

pic 10

What is your favorite way to spoil your dog?