Best VTech Baby Toys To Keep Your Baby Entertained

All of my go to toys are from vtech. VTech offers a wide variety of educational toys that will keep babies and kids of all ages entertained for hours. If you took a look into any one of my kids toy boxes you are bound to see more than one vtech toy. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


Light & Spin Tug-A-Bug:

Pull the ring on the Light & Spin Tug-a-Bug™ to see a colorful light show inside the spinning shell. Press the friendly caterpillar button to hear it sing a song, play music and say playful phrases. The easy-grasp ring attracts your little one’s attention with three rattling beads. Use the link to attach the cute snail to strollers, car seats and diaper bags for fun on-the-go. With two friendly bug voices, colorful lights and a spinning shell, your little one will love playing with their smiley snail friend!

Lil’ Critters Singin’ Monkey Rattle:

Your little one will go bananas for the Lil’ Critters Singin’ Monkey Rattle™! Press its light-up tummy to hear playful songs, music, encouraging phrases and silly sounds. Shake the monkey to hear monkey sounds and fun phrases or see the tummy light up. Twist the bananas, slide the rings or spin the rolling ball to help develop fine motor skills. The easy-grasp handle is perfectly sized for little hands to give it a shake or for mom to grab when running out the door for playtime on the go. Your little one will love to monkey around with their new friend!

Play & Move Puppy Tunes:

Press the Play & Move Puppy Tunes™ music button and start grooving! This adorable dancing puppy rocks, sings and plays the guitar. Explore the drum, piano and saxophone buttons while listening to 30 melodies in classical, jazz and pop music styles. Then, press the music button to hear three songs. Two colorful lights flash with the music, attracting your baby’s attention. Grab this music player and never miss a chance to dance!

GearBuddies Lion & Mouse:

Go for a friendly spin with the GearZooz™ GearBuddies Lion & Mouse™. Connect the Smart Gear™ mouse and turn the handle to watch the gears spin! Placing the mouse on the lion’s back triggers fun phrases and stories. Turn the handle gear to hear a melody, then turn the handle faster and faster to speed up the melody! Press the light-up button to hear fun stories, or roll the lion to hear playful sing-along songs. Then, mix and match with other GearZooz™ playsets (sold separately) for more gear-rific fun!

My Thoughts:

These toys are perfect to have on hand. They are fun, educational, and little enough that they travel easy. I have a bag that I keep in my van for toys for Lee Lee and you can find all of these toys in that bag. It gets drug out at football games, baseball games, and when we are driving down the highway and he has had enough of being in the van. They are prefect for little hands and little minds. There bright colors, lights, and sounds keep little ones mind going and engaged. The handles and buttons are easy for little fingers to hold on to and push. In one way or other all of these toys work on some kind of fine or gross motor skill and concentrate on some kind of educational concept. If your family is constantly on the go or if you are looking for fun little toys to have on hand these are perfect for you!




Edushape Ladybug Sorter Makes Learning Fun

Being a mom of four on a limited budget I have picked up on a few hidden secrets that only mothers know. The most important one is that the best kind of toys are the ones that offer a wide variety of skills and uses. Edushape Ladybug Sorter does just that! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


Equally comfortable on the table, floor, bed or bath, the cute Ladybug Sorter provides educational and developmental play. The Ladybug Sorter can float on its firm Edu-Foam lily pad bottom and include six unique shapes to for sorting fun, water play and learning.

My Thoughts:

The beauty behind this toy is that it can be used just about anywhere. It can be used on the floor, on the table, in the bathtub, or in the kiddie pool. Outside of the ability to be used on multiple surfaces it also has multiply education values. It is perfect for practicing fine and gross motor skills. It works on their logic, reasoning, and hand-eye coordination skills. While doing this all it also helps improve their visual sensory development. This toy is a dream come true for us mommies. It’s educational and has multiple purposes.

The question is does it pass the kid test? Short answer is yes. My six year old and my one year old both love playing with it. Carly tends to play with it mostly in the bathtub while Lee Lee tend to plays with in on the floor. I can truly test to the fact that this ladybug is one that is built to last. It has held up through many tosses from Lee Lee. There is not a scratch or dent on it.

This fun learning toy is a great gift idea as well as a way to encourage hands on problem solving in a colorful way. My kids have had a ton of fun with it, so I am sure any little one in your life will love it too!

Great Gifts For Your Kids

The cold and eventful festive days are coming up quickly, which means lots of fun events for adults but long stuffy days indoors for kids! Being stuck inside during holidays can be boring, making your little ones cranky.

Let me introduce to you some creative solutions to beat the hard-to-cure holiday cabin fever! Cooper and Kid–creatively curated kits designed especially for kids to have fun while learning. Squirrel King–craft kits that transform a child’s reality into an imaginative world of colorful squirrels and the homes they live in. And last but not least, Zoonicorns–the unique combination of unicorns and zebras into adventurous plush toys, with a creative children’s book to bring the characters to life.

STEM learning kits

Cooper and Kid is all about making dad cool again and doing what matters most–bonding with the kids! Cooper & Kid has everything a dad needs in the winter for educational fun (think STEM) with his kids! Each Cooper Kit is fun-in-a-box with endless hours of amusement…no more mindless TV shows! Each kit contains a huge box of fun, with themed projects, toys, books and ideas that dads and kids will truly enjoy. Together they can build rocket ships, take off with sky lanterns or explore the world of butterflies — there is so much to create and discover!

An activity book guides dads through the theme and the contents of the box for hours of fun. Plus, the shipping box turns into a toy too! Sign up for the Cooper & Kid subscription online and every three months a Cooper kit is delivered to dad at home. The subscription price is $65 per quarter.


The fun, unique and ingenious Squirrel King kits are a swirl of intellect, engineering and creativity delivered with a hands-on approach that inspires a thirst for knowledge. Designed for ages 8 and up, the Build with Stickers kits combine two things kids love — stickers and building. Each colorful kit includes novel stickering techniques — no glue involved — and all the materials for children to build, create and explore, making awesome toys in the process…and making those rainy days educational and fun! With Build with Stickers kits, STEM (science, technology, education and math) principles are explored in an age-appropriate manner.


The new Build with Stickers Kits are available on the Squirrel King Craft website and at select retail stores, priced from $5.99 to $7.99. The original Squirrel King Craft kit is also available on the website and in over 200 stores across the country, and in a range of choices for $9.99 to $69.99.

Zoonicorns are enriching youth with life adventures™ and creating wonderful imaginative worlds.  My son really enjoyed the book and the plush zoonicorn- something to cuddle and a friend to take to bed later and give him good dreams, just like the young animal in the story.  He thought that was fun.  As my child often has bad dreams, this was comforting to him.   The book was cute, with an easy to follow story and adorable illustrations.  I would recommend this to any parents with young children of either gender.

Fairy-tale Zoonicorns are enchanting creatures that pop up in the dreams of young zoo animals. Zoonicorns are unique, plush toys for children that a combine an exotic animal (zebra) and a mythical creature (unicorn). The Zoonicorn herd is ready for adventure in the enchanting world of your youngster’s imagination and keep them occupied for hours on end.

Super-soft Valeo is the leader of the Zoonicorn pack, who likes to pal around with animal friends like African giraffes. Shy and gentle Promithea is a good friend who can be trusted to keep your little one’s secrets. Playful Ene likes to catch forty winks before bouncing to life to rumble and tumble with. Outgoing Aliel loves to speed around and will challenge any kid to keep up with her.

Each Zoonicorn is $9.99 or you can get the entire family plus children’s book for $49.91

Scholastic Interactive Apps

Scholastic have long been makers of much loved children’s books. Today we are looking at 2 new apps by Scholastic each of which is based on a classic line of educational fun. One The Magic School bus and the other I-Spy.


The Magic School Bus: Field Trip Frenzy takes players on adventurous multiplayer games where they take trips into the human body, the Amazon rainforest, and outer space to name a few fun locations. Each game features competitive play and is mean to be played on a 10inch or bigger All in One or Two in One devices. The game gets kids interested in science and exploration. The game is set up in a game show type format with bright colors and seamless gameplay, which is both fun and exciting for kids of all ages. If you have a big screen tablet or touchscreen device, you owe it to yourself to grab this game for your little ones. Magic School Bus: Field Trip Frenzy retails on the Windows App Store for $1.49 and is available now.
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Educational Programs That Really Work

Love, love, love Little Pim. Perfect for my classroom, home, or a quick on-the-plane or in the airport language brush up- and the kids really look forward to “Pim Time”. Little Pim is a fun and unique edu-tainment line I wouldn’t be without.

little pimLittle Pim is perfect for my classroom, home, or a quick on-the-plane or in the airport language brush up- and the kids really look forward to “Pim Time”. Little Pim is a fun and unique edu-tainment line I wouldn’t be without. Little Pim teaches children a new language (or brushes up skills) through the usage of DVD’s CD’s, toys, books and games, with perhaps the most well known being the DVD’s. The way Pim DVD’s teach is through examples in short segments, each being 5 minutes long, which are part of a much larger theme, IE Spanish Disc 3 is Playtime. Throughout the disc, children are shown 60 words and phrases which work with the playing theme. This way of educating is called Entertaining Immersion Method. Each Pim disc is jam packed with learning by diagram, example action and most of all fun.

Not only does Pim teach Spanish, but also French, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. Little Pim is also adorable, with his short but sweet DVD’s, each of which clock in at 35 minutes long. This gives mom and dad a breather for a little bit, and the little ones a little language lesson at the same time- not turning the kiddos into brain-dead zombies. Afterward, follow up with your child to see what they learned- excellent diner conversation, and practice as well.

Not only does Pim have DVD’s but also music with languages in the form of CD’s. The French Bop CD (for example) has 15 well known French children songs, all of which will help your little ones further understand the language and French culture. Some of the songs are: Tap, Tap, Tap, and Les Petites Marionettes. To round out our French learning experience there are also word and phrase cards to quiz your kids with. Perhaps your child may not remember the words all the time, but both they and you will be thrilled as they get the words right and their vocabulary builds. With practice, patience, and Pim, I am sure in no time he will be our little tour guide through the fields of France.

little pim backpackLittle Pim has now made their award-winning language learning program available digitally. Sold in Spanish, French, Chinese, English/ESL and the newly [Read more…]